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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: April Edition

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Sep 26th

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Moses will start right away there and he wouldn't do that here; so I understand...However, couldn't Billy & the New Minions do better than RJ Fukcing Prince? The dude fukcing sucks; he's not even a JAG, he's a never-was...Look at this fukcing slob:

Ernie! Ernie! Come back!

And if he was a Dante suggestion, then what? OH.. You don't think of stuff like that.. You just rant and rave stupidly..


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The Fosters Idiot GIF by Good Trouble

Ha. We forgive you, brother.


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Nah, no one's an idiot for not knowing the specific contract status for every player on the team at all times. I feel like I keep tabs on things pretty regularly, always keeping up with threads here, news elsewhere, etc. And I still have a half dozen moments during the season where I'm watching a Pats game and go, "Wait... who is THIS guy playing linebacker..." or "Oh, I had no idea he was off the practice squad".

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I know you and some others are not that high on Wino. IMO I think he made good progress last season and the coaches are not so down on him as you and others claim. Let’s see what he does in season 3.
Agreed, though I only mentioned Wino because he was originally shown as an OLman with Onwenu...MGT has now made the correction...


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Turner may want a chance to start he doesn’t have as good of a shot of starting here.

One of Captain Crunch’s top 3 fav things to b*tch/whine about is that the Pats haven’t signed leftover vet free agents X and Y, in whom few, if any, teams are interested, to fill 3rd team spots…..even after a ridiculously aggressive and very successful free agency.


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Turner is going to want some decent guaranteed money. No thanks. I’d rather give those training camp and preseason snaps to a kid. With Wynn and Onwenu being able to play either tackle or guard and Karras being able to play guard or center, they are in good shape, for now.
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