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2021 Dolphins vs Patriots pre game thread

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Oct 24th

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Just posted this in another thread:

I stand by my prediction Tua sees ghosts and gets outperformed by Mac next Sunday. Media starts to question whether Tua has what it takes. Pats 23-16.

You heard it here first.
I agree. And I think it'll be a fairly common prediction.

I mean I hope for 43-16 but 23 will do as long as it's a W and Mac flashes.


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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
First time ever that 2 Alabama NFL QBs face off mano a mano, no?
I don’t know, did Starr ever play against Namath after the NFL/AFL merger ? How about Namath vs Stabler ? I would be surprised if this was the 1st time for Bama QBs to face each other.


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The knuckle-draggers on the fins forum think it’s going to be an easy win for them. I don’t think they are as good as they think they are.
I think they are a VERY solid team. Tua in his 2nd year. I haven’t read up on their training camp, but I thought I read somewhere that he had a much better camp than last year (makes sense, a year out from his injury). Tough defense and some good weapons on offense. Well coached.

They were better than the Pats last year, but I think with the additions the Pats made, I think with our defense and running game, plus this being a home game, I could see the Pats winning a squeaker like 24-21 or 21-17.


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This will be a good one. Two closely matched teams in normal circumstances. Right now I really like the Patriots.

QB: Mac < Tua (for now). I think the difference in play here will decide things. How close can the rookie close the gap, or can he actually have a better day? I wouldn't expect it start 1, but it would certainly make things tough on Miami
RB: Pats Core >> Dolphins Core - Gaskin and Ahmed aren't bad, but they aren't a special duo. Gaskin can do a bit of everything so we need to be ready for anything when he's on the field. But the Pats win here in both top liners and depth.
WR: Pats Core > Dolphins Core - This would easily be the Dolphins if they had Fuller. Right now they are hurting. They have the best WR in Parker but not much else after him yet. Waddle in his first NFL start probably won't be a huge factor, next time they play though look out. One of the rare times I expect the Pats have the WR edge.
TE: Pats Core > Dolphins - Gesicki is a good TE. But he can't equal both Smith and Henry.
OL: Pats >> Dolphins - There won't be many times this year that the Pats don't win this match up if they stay healthy. Simply put. One of their better OL men from last year is now a back up for us (Karras). They also lost Ereck Flowers and have a lot of young guys trying to work their way in. Their OL is going through a bit of a transition right now as far as I know and it should have some issues.

The Pats on paper should be fielding a much better offense than Miami, the question is can their rookie QB take advantage?

DL Pats Core < Dolphins Core - The Pats did well adding to this group, but it still isn't the strength we'd like it to be, but it will be improved for sure. The Dolphins have the potential makings of a very good core going forward. Davis in his 2nd year could be very interesting. They also may have found something with Sieler. But in the end the foundation is Wilkins an Ogbah.
LB Pats Core >>> Dolphins Core - Simply put, the Dolphins lost their best LB and we signed him. Add in Judon and Hightower and this isn't even close. I had to look up the names of their LBs. A fair amount of former Pats cast offs and some guys I don't know. A tiny bit of digging didn't change my mind much. This egde is absolutely staggering. Not even on the same planet.
CB Pats Core < Dolphins Core - With no Gilmore this is an easy Dolphins win. They added the still fairly capable Jason McCourty for barely anything, a crime we didn't resign him for that contract looking at it now. Byron Jones has lost some luster from when he was one of the best young CBs in the league, but the dude can still ball and is among the better starting outside guys for sure. Add in their headliner Howards and some potentially nice depth and they look very solid here.
S Pats Core > Dolphins Core. The Dolphins lost their top Safety Bobby McCain and did nothing to replace him. It feels like they are hoping young unproven guys step up. IDK, You tell me if you know something i don't. Try transitioned Eric Rowe here who is okay, but not much behind him.

Looking at this game now, I'm surprised it ONLY has a 3 point spread. The Patriots have the much better 2-53 man roster. And the Dolphins QB situation doesn't give me much hope that any difference there can overcome that. Bottom line IMO. If Mac Jones plays it relatively safe and doesn't allow a pick 6 to Howard or we have a bunch of fumbles/penalties. I don't see how this game is all that close right now.

Pats 24 Dolphins 16


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Dolphins weren't great stopping the run last year either, and I'm not sure how many of their offseason moves have really addressed that. If nothing else, it's still a big question mark entering the season. If we can make some hay on the ground, it'll go a long way to hamstringing whatever schemes Flores will want to use to test Mac. Keep the 3rd downs short, make it easy on the kid. And the opposite goes for the Pats: Hopefully our improved front seven can keep Tua's 3rd downs long and let us play some fancy games with the safeties on him.


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Ross nixed going after Brady last year, citing the desire for a young QB in the draft. The Dolphins had similar assets as the Bucs…tons of young, rookie talent, draft picks to cash in for star players if needed.

The NFL is such a short window league…to be in that position and throw it away by listening to clowns assure you to draft a guy like Tua. Now the window quickly closes and the Dolphins blew it..
desperately looking to trade all their assets for Watson and pay him $40M annually when Brady cost no draft capital and was $25M.

Crash and burn, baby.


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I can see Mac outplaying Tua no problem. And then the anti Tua people out of Miami will intensify. That will be an interesting situation.


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Tua's in a tough spot.

He came out injured in a Covid year, and now the division looks stacked at QB.
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