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FlyboyPatsFan Supporter Supporter
2019 Pats Training Camp - Day 1 (long!). Sorry, I just don't have time to edit these. Its well over an hour. If you get bored, skip to the 40 minute mark for endzone work.

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I prefer the raw footage over edited videos. I'm often able to get more insight and gauge whether I agree or disagree with the reporters reports. Thanks again! :)

FlyboyPatsFan Supporter Supporter
@FlyboyPatsFan Nice job on keeping the focus on the field. Do you know what happened with regards to someone calling for a medic?

A guy in his 20s fell or passed out as he climbed the stairs of the bleachers. He landed face first on the metal stairs and appeared out cold for quite some time. He was attended to police & EMTs and was able to sit up eventually. He was taken away by EMTs presumably for further attention on a stretcher.

FlyboyPatsFan Supporter Supporter
2019 Patriots Training Camp Day 5 - In stadium practice

I did not have my stabilization gear with me, so its a bit shaky and the auto focus was having fits with people walking in front of the camera. There is a some good red zone & hurry up offense material that makes it worth sitting through.
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