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2019 training camp green bar issue

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Green bar is breaking the website for me, in particular the Patriots Local News ticker for me on Windows 7, Firefox 68.0.1

When I use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down, or click on the scroll bar to move up or down it jerks up and down at a very high frequency. I don't have any capture software but it's like it's vibrating/shaking vertically? Sometimes it makes nothing clickable on the forum with the mouse. The browser itself responds to clicks, but nothing is clickable on the page.

I'm 90% sure it's due to the new 2019 training camp green bar at the top. When I scroll all the way to the top it stops vibrating when the green bar shows up.

Edit: Just now it wouldn't let me scroll up to get to the green bar to get it to stop. I was trying to edit my post when the edit post window started shaking/vibrating too. It would allow me to write in it but I couldn't click save changes.

Edit 2: The reason the click is not working is because where I need to click is not where my mouse pointer is showing. so if I hover my mouse up slowly eventually I'll find something clickable, a thread for example. Except that thread will be like 10 threads down from where I clicked.
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I was already experiencing what you were and was working on that when you posted. I believe I just corrected it, so hopefully it's all set. It was definitely annoying :)
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