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18th consecutive winning season

2021 Patriots Season:
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Dec 18th

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Could be ninth consecutive year with the first round playoff bye

In an era designed to keep anything more than even a few consecutive trips to the playoffs from happening, it's just so damn impressive. I don't think we will ever truly appreciate just how amazing we've had it here until it's 2051 or so.


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I remember back in 2003 when they looked like a SB favorite joking with some friends about them becoming a dynasty. I had no idea what was ahead. I would have been thrilled with half the success they would achieve over the next fifteen years. Absolutely amazing. We're lucky fans.


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Insane stat, especially for us old time fans. Been a fan since 1975, and I remember a 1-15 season and a 2-14 season. Think of the 18 year old Pat’s fans, whose worst seasons were a 9-7 non playoff season (tied for the division lead, but lost the tie breaker) in 2002, and an 11-5 non playoff season when Brady missed the season in 2008. Another weird stat, Pats were the only other team besides the Bears to win 10+ games and NOT make the playoffs, in NFL history. Bears did it in a different season though.

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Does Roger know about this???

BTW interesting stat, BTW yesterday was BB's 300th regular season game as the HC of the NEP.. his record is 223 wins and 77 losses... for a winning percentage of 74%+... not to shabby, we are very lucky fans..


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It was also BB’s 380th overall regular season game, tying him with Curly Lambeau for #4 all time.

Next up is Landry at 418.

(Closest active coach is Reid at 316.)

(And he needs 60 wins to pass Halas and 70 wins to pass Shula for #1. Not impossible, but at this point I view it as pretty unlikely.)


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Some of us don’t know how good we have it. When we lose some want people fired or traded and when we win there is just as much complaining.
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