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  1. QuantumMechanic

    Happy McGinest stop day!

    Happy McGinest stop day!
  2. S

    Video from Atlanta before SB, Michael Irvin and Willie Mac

    meant to post this forever. Was at the NFL network tent prior to the Super Bowl and saw Michael Irvin talking to fans. I know some here don’t like him, I think he is awesome. Was easily the most gracious to the fans. Mooch, Eisen, at least while I was there couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge...
  3. P

    VIDEO: Willie McGinest "A Football Life" To Air Friday

    VIDEO: Willie McGinest "A Football Life" To Air Friday Robert Alvarez On Friday Night, NFL Network will air its latest installment of the "A Football Life" documentary series that will profile McGinest's life and journey to the NFL along with the sustained success he would help bring to New...
  4. TomPatriot

    Pats D: Freelancing Upfront? Willie thinks so

    Most of you probably already saw this but I though it bears repeating. "In addition to the Patriots’ porous secondary, their pass-rush has been non-existent this season. They allowed Deshaun Watson and Cam Newton to move outside of the pocket with ease, allowing them to move down the field at...
  5. BadMoFo

    Early Pro Football HOF nominees list

    A few Pats on the list, not sure if any other than Randy will make it this year. Funniest thing about these nominees is that they confused the Panthers' Steve Smith with the Giants' Steve Smith. 108 Modern-Era Nominees For The Hall of Fame's Class of 2018 | Pro Football Hall of Fame Official...
  6. Froob

    Bill Simmons Pod with Willie Mac: Interesting bit on Super Bowl 31

    Willie McGinest on USC Celebrity, Snoop's Days in Long Beach, and His Best Career Win (Ep. 253) Great listen, this is painful but Willie Mac said Troy Brown was injured and would have otherwise covered the kickoff lane that Desmond Howard ran that kickoff back on..I mean we still won five super...
  7. ctpatsfan77

    Program alert: McGinest interviews Brady on NFLN in 12 PM hour

    It'll be rebroadcast at 7 PM ET.
  8. P

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 4/26

    Daily Notebook: Wednesday Patriots News and Notes 4/26 Ian Logue Here's a look at today's Patriots-related news for Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  9. scott99

    Who are your favorite players of the early part of the Dynasty ?

    Been watching a lot of Patriot's highlights since the PatS won SB 51 (sue me, I miss football and am still on a SB high). And I love seeing some of my favorite players from the early part of the Dynasty. Here are my favorites (top 5). 1) Brady (obviously). 2) Bruschi- just loved the way he...
  10. P

    Belichick takes headset at combine

    "And then they changed the rule" :D
  11. P

    Patriots Linebackers, Rated #4...With a Bullet

    Patriots Linebackers, Rated #4...With a Bullet Steve Balestrieri The Patriots defense in 2015 played well all season, this year they’re looking to make the jump from the ranks of the good to be among the best. And to go along with improved depth on the edge and the secondary is the play of...
  12. S

    You guys need to rebuild

    I can't believe all they key guys you guys have just lost......... Givins is such a big game receiver. Willie is huge in big games..... he causes so much havoc rushing the passer from just about any front 7 position. He is another big gamer. Adam V.......... This guy's big game...
  13. DaBruinz

    Why do sports writers insist on misinformation?

    A perfect example is John Tomase' article on McGinest in today's Herald. Tomase writes: This is blatant misinformation. Or proof that Tomase shouldn't be on the NFL beat because he's got no clue about the salary cap. Or both. (of course I am biased as I had to put up with Tomase' idiocy...