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  1. Triumph

    2020 Divisional round weekend

  2. everlong

    Root this weekend for...

    The Jets :yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck::yuck: Along with the 6-9 teams the Chargers, Cowboys, 49ers and Vikings so that Pats get to draft 11th which would get them as high as 5th trading that pick and their 2nd rounder if they really like one of the QBs. Maybe they could get to 4th if whoever ends up...
  3. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Kinda OT: Who would you rather win the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers?

    Who would you be able to stomach more winning the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers? Try not to say neither because I think its obvious we want our Patriots to win. I'm just curious on the opinions on everybody here and your view on both franchises. On one side, the dynasty talks for Chiefs...
  4. oldrover

    Poll: if the Pats do not make the playoffs...

    Will you still watch them? Sadly, I will... but not... ...super-intensely. ;)
  5. oldrover

    MNF: Squaws versus Kakapoos game thread... who are we rooting more against?

    Chiefs to win and get overconfident before next week? Ravens to win and beat the physical stuffing out of KC? I can’t decide. BTW, if you were not aware, the kakapoo is a kind of bird. I choose to use it in reference here to the Ravens, because, apparently, I have the mind of a third grade...
  6. Q

    NFCCG and superbowl matchups

    There are numerous threads and topics on the AFCCG but not one on the NFCCG (unless I missed it). Just wanted to start this to know what the thoughts are on Saints vs Rams match up and predictions rest of the way. My thoughts: While Saints are a very good home team, they can be contained...
  7. T

    Rams vs Saints: Who do we root for? (poll)

    I know we'll have our hands full with the Chiefs next week, but are we cheering for the Saints or Rams on the NFC side? I would think the Saints: -Rankins out for the year (he's there best run stopper) -shut down Michael Thomas and you can shut down their offense -Saints O has not looked great...
  8. P

    After a Crazy Weekend, Patriots Are on To The Chargers

    After a Crazy Weekend, Patriots Are on To The Chargers Bob George Bad news for Patriot fans: They won’t be facing the Houston Texans next week. Good news for Patriot fans: They won’t be facing the Baltimore Ravens, either. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  9. Ice_Ice_Brady

    If the Pats lose, would you root for Chargers/Chiefs in SB?

    For as long as I can remember a loss meant not only losing but having to watch the Steelers, Ravens, or a Manning team get a chance to walk away with the Lombardi. So essentially I’ve rooted hard for the NFC in each Super Bowl for the past 20 years. Obviously no one here can be a real fan...
  10. Pessimistic Pete

    Divisional playoff game thread: Colts @ Chiefs

    The fate us hosting an AFC Championship game now (and in my and many other's minds, going to a Super Bowl) rely on the Colts pulling an upset in Kansas City. Colts open as a 5 point underdog in Vegas, which isn't too shabby. Positives -Andrew Luck is a better QB than Jackson/Rivers -Colts are...
  11. B

    Poll: LAC at BAL, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick One
  12. B

    Poll: Indy at Houston, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick one
  13. M

    Colts look great but...

    we only face them if they knock off the Chiefs. So I welcome it! Be careful what you wish fir though...
  14. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    (Poll): Preferred divisional opponent: Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM

    (Poll): Preferred divisional opponent, Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM Can't be TN/IND winner, since if they beat HOU they'd go to KC.
  15. T

    Who poses biggest threat in Divisional round?

    Who poses biggest threat in Divisional round? Assuming Pats take care of business this week, and assuming San Diego advances to play KC... who poses greatest threat Baltimore Houson or Indy... I think playing Baltimore would present same challenge as Denver in AFCCG in '15... I'd like to avoid...
  16. FortressX

    Colts vs Titans Flexed to Sunday Night.

    Should be a good one. I have no team preference. Colts-Titans set for Week 17 Sunday Night Football Just curious what happens if this game ends in a tie ?

    Funny how things change in 10 months

    10 months ago we were screaming at the top of our lungs for the defense to take Nick Foles head off in the Super Bowl 10 months later the same fans screaming at the top of their lungs 'GO FOLES GO!!''FLY EAGLES FLY!"" never thought that day would ever occur...never say never
  18. Wheelman

    Ratbirds at Chargers

    Tucker missed his 1st FG of the season(that was not blocked)!:eek: He is no longer immortal!o_O
  19. 40yrpatsfan

    Realistic shot at home field throughout

    This way: Chargers win out, 13-3, #1 seed Pats win out, 11-5, #2 seed Houston loses to Eagles, 11-5, #3 seed Pitt wins the Central, #4 seed KC loses at Seattle, 12-4, #5 seed Indy wins out, 10-6, #6 seed Baltimore out by losing to Chargers, 9-7 #6 Indy at #3 Hou, #3 Hou wins #5 KC at #4 Pitt...
  20. Patjew

    Do we want the Titans to win or lose this game?

    I instinctively always root for the NFC vs AFC in regular season games (other than the Pats of course), though I’m thinking there could be some scenarios where it’s better for us for TN to win this game. Please educate me.