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  1. P

    Would you trade Thuney to improve WR/TE?

    Through a quarter of the season the Pats appear to have a rare commodity in the NFL with 6 starting quality OL: LT Isaiah Wynn LG Joe Thuney C David Andrews RG Shaq Mason RT Jermaine Eluemunor G/T Michael Onwenu They have played a big part in the team's 2nd ranked rushing offense. They are...
  2. N

    Dream scenario for Lynch’s return

    Now that Lynch has signed to return with the Seahawks I’ve been thinking about a long-shot dream SB scenario... Fourth quarter, seconds left, Pats up by four with the ‘Hawks driving, time for one, maybe two plays, with goal to go inside the five. Sounds familiar? Except this time Pete learns...
  3. patfanken

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands, but.....

    With all the talk about the Miles Garrett situation and how horrible the Cleveland operation is these days (from top to bottom), it got me thinking about a 2020 scenario that made me sad. I could see Josh McDaniels and Nick Cassario BOTH going home to Ohio and taking on the Cleveland Browns...
  4. M

    Any Chance Colts offer Brady a brinks truck for one year after 2019??

    I keep hearing from Curan that Brady is technically a free agent for a brief minute at end of season.
  5. oldrover

    If a person were to sell their Three Games To Glory I-II-III DVD's on eBay...

    Would it matter? Are the discs merely metal encased in plastic, and not some larger symbolic totem? Just a routine financial transaction? Or... would that person now be considered less of a fan? Could they be shunned... stoned... even banned from PatsFans.com?
  6. patfanken

    What if.....

    Since we have a lot of time this next month to SPECULATE on this and that, a thought occurred to me the other day when I heard this in a podcast. Here's the scenario. Kyle Shanahan has always LOVED Kurt Cousins going back to his Washington days. Jimmy Garopolo's contract guarantees pretty...
  7. T

    Could Bill get through a baseball season with having the same stance towards the media?

    I'm listening to the NY media chew up the Mets manager and GM today over Callaway and Vargas blowing their lids on a reporter yesterday. It is like a reality TV show, the reporters want to know every detail. Such a dramatic circus, and they pathetically oblige their every whim. They are being...
  8. Patstastic

    Could the Patriots Win a SB With Hoyer as the Starting QB?

    First off, I by no means am suggesting the Pats chances of winning a SB without Brady wouldn't go down big time. Obviously Brady gives the team the best chance to win it all. Nor am I suggesting Brady is a system QB. He's the GOAT. But let's say Hoyer was the starting QB for the entire 2019...
  9. aluminum seats

    Can Boston win the championship grand slam?

    Can Boston win the grand slam of championships this year, winning the title of all four major sports in the same year? OK, probably not. But as the basketball and hockey playoffs about to start, it is a uniquely exciting possibility for the city of champions. At a minimum, both the Celtics and...
  10. HailHydra

    What IF: The Super Bowl was Chiefs + Patriots vs Saints + Rams

    In the scenario, both AFC teams had a combined roster and same for NFC teams. Who'd you take to win? Here's the AFC roster that I think would make sense. QB: Patrick Mahomes RB: Sony Michel, James White WR: Tyreek Hill, Julian Edelman, Sammy Watkins TE: Travis Kelce OL...
  11. I

    Bill Going to move to GM only?

    I know he said he will not be coaching in his 70's but will he move GM full time? McDaniels takes over HC and bill moves back to handle GM duties etc.....thoughts?
  12. S

    Be honest: Brady’s legacy and another SB loss

    I see some talk here and elsewhere that if the Pats lose on Sunday than it won’t be so bad because then Brady can’t get a 4th SB loss tying the record on this category. The haters (tm) will talk and yuk it up if it happens but I think there is zero impact to his legacy and GOAT status if he...
  13. B

    To me this is already a good season

    Just as the title states. Barring a 28-3 type choke job (Unlikely), they've exceeded my expectations. I am a happy fan. Obviously I'll be dissapointed for a day or two if they lose Sunday. But I'll realize they overcame alot this year. Your thoughts on this being a good season?
  14. Ice_Ice_Brady

    If the Pats lose, would you root for Chargers/Chiefs in SB?

    For as long as I can remember a loss meant not only losing but having to watch the Steelers, Ravens, or a Manning team get a chance to walk away with the Lombardi. So essentially I’ve rooted hard for the NFC in each Super Bowl for the past 20 years. Obviously no one here can be a real fan...
  15. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Antonio Brown Mega-Thread

    OT: Antonio Brown was benched for game 16 and was not injured Antonio Brown didn’t play in must-win Week 17 game because he skipped practice all week after “heated dispute” with teammate, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Report: Antonio Brown missed game for disciplinary reasons, not injury...
  16. M

    If every playoff team had to roll with their #2 QB for all the playoffs?

    Who you got? I got Pats over Philly SB 53.
  17. M

    Can Hoyer ball out if needed?

    or no?
  18. R

    Possible matchup with KC.

    How do you feel about our chances in a potential rematch with KC? We haven’t won in arrowhead since 2004 I believe and haven’t won a road playoff game since 2006. Despite all of this, KC seems to choke in playoff games in recent years. There’s a good possibility of this matchup assuming we take...
  19. UptownPatsFan

    Hypothetical Franchise Decision

    Hey guys and gals, Just saw this on Instagram and thought it’d make for an interesting discussion. Which decision (if any) would you make regarding the future of the NEP franchise? Oh, and just to make sure I haven’t left anyone out.... Option (D)- RLKAG For those of you who may not be able...
  20. R

    could we win the SB even if we made it there?

    Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself but best case scenario, we win the divisional playoff and somehow win the AFC championship, could we beat the rams or the saints?