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  1. S

    Niners week discussion

    Mostert out for Sunday with a high ankle sprain. That helps.
  2. S

    Pats vs Broncos week 6 pre-game discussion

    Edit: didn’t notice the date on this one. I think that means Lock is certainly playing.
  3. maust1013

    We are on to Houston...

    ...and our ol' friend BOB
  4. maust1013

    We're on to the Giants

    After escaping the Skins game without major injury (fingers crossed on Dorsett) no thanks to Outhouse at LT, it is time to focus on handing out a TNF beatdown to that other team from the Jersey swamplands
  5. TommyBrady12

    We are on to Washington

    What an UGLY game if I ever saw one on offense. Great job by the defense, as usual. Time to bury it and move on to Washington. Yours truly will be at the game sitting on the 40 yard line right behind the Redskins bench. I expect the offense to put up big numbers after Bill kicks their rears...
  6. TommyBrady12

    AFC Championship: We are on to Kansas City!

    What a win! The most dominant playoff win I've seen since the 2014 AFCCG against Indy. Bring on Mahomes! And for a good laugh, here is the link to the Chiefs board... Chiefs **** Official Chiefs VS Patriots AFC Championship Game Thread **** - Page 28 - ChiefsPlanet Early weather reports say...
  7. TommyBrady12

    AFC Divisional: We're on to the Chargers (Beat LA!)

    This is not necessarily the game we wanted, but Chargers it is. I am hoping back-to-back weeks of travel to the east coast and cold weather (low 30s/high 20s) will help us. The Chargers are now 9-1 on the road, with their only loss being against the Rams, which really doesn't count as a road...
  8. TommyBrady12

    We are on to the JETE

    The Jete scored 38 points yesterday against Green Bay so we cannot take them lightly. Lots at stake in this one: -Pats win or Houston loss: 2 seed (and playoff bye) -Pats win and KC and LAC loss: 1 seed -Pats loss and Houston win: 3 seed I hope the passing game finally wakes up, but with...
  9. TommyBrady12

    We're onto Buffalo....

    Sick to my stomach right now about the past 2 weeks, but we have to move onto the next game. Luckily the next game is at home and against Buffalo. Honestly, if the Pats don't win against the Bills the whole team should be ashamed of itself. The Bills have the 10th best rush offense in the...
  10. P

    PHOTO: Tom Brady "We Keep Going"

    PHOTO: Tom Brady "We Keep Going" Robert Alvarez Although many Patriots fans are still trying to process just what went wrong during the teams stunning 34-33 "Miracle In Miami" loss Sunday, the quarterback has already moved onto the Pittsburgh Steelers. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed...
  11. Joey007

    Pittsburgh Next

    Really can’t even say “On to Pittsburgh” right now. It’s hard to move on from what we just saw. But I can say that ultimately I think the game will be a tell-all about this team. How they respond will say a lot about what direction this thing is headed.
  12. Pessimistic Pete

    We're on to Miami

    Patriots win and they clinch their 10th straight AFC East title and 16th of the Brady/BB era. I feel these next two road games (@ Dolphins, @ Steelers) will fully determine where we end up seeded as I'm seeing the Bills/Jets at home the final two weeks are locks, baring some truly wild stuff...
  13. goheels22002

    We're on to the Vikings - at Gillette

    You know I'm hoping for? Crappy weather at Gillette against the dome-team Vikings. They forfeited their late season advantage by becoming a climate controlled team. Let's kick their ass in the cold and the snow in December!
  14. Snooky97

    We’re onto the JETES

    We got two weeks to prepare for the Jetes. Two weeks for our guys to get healthy again and rest which will be a massive help to us.
  15. BobDigital

    We're On to Tennessee

    The Titans are truly a mixed bag of a team. This year they have been one of the elite defenses in the NFL. It's hard to find a defensive area they have been bad in. They do give up a nice chunk of rushing yards per game but their rushing yard average surrendered isn't high. It looks more...
  16. ctpatsfan77

    Humor: NFL.com goes trick-or-treating in Foxboro

    Look closely, and you'll see why this is Foxboro (hint: look at the houses). Edit: Post deleted, so using imgur backup.
  17. TommyBrady12

    We’re on to Green Bay

    Ugly win last night - I expected NE to coast. Green Bay is going to be one of those games where everyone needs to be clicking. The offense cannot do whatever it did against Buffalo. The defense has to be equally impressive as does the STs. This is a game I think we can win. Hopefully Michel...
  18. Ian

    OFFICIAL POST GAME THREAD - Patriots Beat Bills

    We're on to the Packers :cool:
  19. BobDigital

    We're on to Buffalo

    We're on to Buffalo The Bills. One of the worst teams in the NFL who we will face on MNF. Honestly, I don't know why it was scheduled for that slot when it has the potential to be so one sided. Is there anything worth looking at for this game? Obviously it be nice to see the defense have a...
  20. TommyBrady12

    Week 7: We’re on to Chicago

    Wow, what a win! Now we go from playing the best offense to playing one of the best defenses on the road. Bears are second in the league in points allowed behind baltimore. Should be another good game...