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  1. Ian

    Gilmore’s House on the Market

    Interesting, hadn’t heard about this prior to now: Obviously his name has been thrown around as a possible trade option but Miguel’s numbers sort of show that given the dead money, it’s basically a split between the cap savings: Should be interesting to see how it plays out.
  2. TommyBrady12

    OBJ Rumor... Take it FWIW...
  3. S

    Dwayne Haskins

    If the Pats want to end the Stidham experiment and move on- get the beast? :D
  4. reflexblue

    Pats Explore trading Gilmore

    The first ive heard of this, has it already been posted? Report: Patriots engaged in trade talks involving CB Stephon Gilmore The New England Patriots engaged in trade talks involving cornerback Stephon Gilmore during...
  5. Joey007

    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Don’t think we’d be a landing spot for obvious reasons, but I can think of a lot of many teams that will make a run for him.
  6. F

    Jaguars Jalen Ramsey asks for trade..

    Interest? Do the chiefs try and acquire him?
  7. ChrisR2223

    Clowney meets with Phins [update: traded to Seattle]

    Very interesting move if a trade happens
  8. patfanken

    Trade week

    Historically THIS is the week when Bill goes to the market and sells his surpluses and grabs his needs. So since we have about 10 days before an even MORE meaningless game, I though its time to speculate on some trades that can benefit us while easing some of the positional pressures to the...
  9. DaBruinz

    Players we could see traded (speculation)

    With the plethora of talent that the Patriots have, we could see several trades before the start of the season. Whether it's to bring in a TE, a Swing Tackle or just future draft picks. Please note that I am NOT saying the Patriots should trade these guys. I'm stating that these players...
  10. IcyPatriot

    Tannenbaum Posits Hoyer as a Solution for Eagles.

    Tannenbaum: Hoyer could be viable option for Eagles
  11. J

    Jordan Reed Trade Speculation

    So I was just driving through DC on my way back from Florida and I happen to be dial surfing and I came across The Team 980 the Redskins sports radio station and they were talking about Jordan Reed and one of the hosts was talking about trading him to the Patriots for a 3rd rounder he later said...
  12. ChrisR2223

    Time to trade Caserio.

    We are going to lose Caserio before the draft next season. I hate to say it but it is time to trade him to Houston and promote Ossenfort. Houson has been playing with his junk under the table for a while now it's time to just accept Caserio is going to make sweet love with Bill O Brein. We need...
  13. patfanken

    What if.....

    Since we have a lot of time this next month to SPECULATE on this and that, a thought occurred to me the other day when I heard this in a podcast. Here's the scenario. Kyle Shanahan has always LOVED Kurt Cousins going back to his Washington days. Jimmy Garopolo's contract guarantees pretty...
  14. SBLIII

    Lakers/Celtics in trade talks with Pels for Anthony Davis

    Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: Lakers' No. 4 Pick Discussed; Celtics Also in Talks wow.
  15. UptownPatsFan

    Schefter Rumor: QB Josh Rosen “could be” traded?

    Interesting to say the least:
  16. KontradictioN

    THE official Patriots trade deadline thread.

    Figured I'd make this thread separate from the ideas thread as news begins to pour (or not pour) in today regarding the trade deadline. Don't like it? Too bad. You don't pay for the bandwidth. Unless you're Ian, in which case you DO pay for the bandwidth. Anyway, here's a Tweet to start off...
  17. S

    Rumor: Pats discussed reacquiring Jamie Collins

    Link: Patriots reportedly have discussed potentially trading for Jamie Collins He’s not what he was a few years ago. Can’t see it happening either.
  18. Joey007

    Glazer: Pats Interested in Trading For “Premium” WR

    Thought this deserved its own thread.
  19. ctpatsfan77

    What position(s) will BB address before the trade deadline?

    You can choose two options, so you can have your RLKAG and make another selection.
  20. KDPPatsfan85

    Patriots interested in CBs before the trade deadline

    Patriots have been linked to Patrick Peterson and now this tweet...