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  1. TheRainMaker

    Curran: Five bold predictions for the Patriots offseason

    I agree with with everything except Joe Thuney returning and Gilmore getting traded (unless he wants to). If Bill doesn't Franchise Tag Thuney, he won't waste much time negotiating with Bill as he and Sherreff are the best G's on the market. I agree the Pats better offensive skill players to...
  2. S

    Curran: Patriots now calling their own shots on how to handle COVID-19
  3. Boomer B

    Tom E Curran Podcast - Very Interesting Discussion With Dynasty Author If you got an hour I recommend giving this a listen. Curran, Michael Holley, and the author of the new Dynasty book, Jeff Benedict, discuss the Pats and the dynamic between Kraft, Brady, and Belichick. Benedict had in person interviews with Kraft and Brady...
  4. T

    Report: Brady almost left after SB 52 loss to Eagles... Things with Belichick got really bad, according to Jeff Benedict's new book...interesting stuff. I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did here...
  5. Family

    Best site for training camp updates/insights?

    What is your favorite website (free or pay) for Patriots training camp updates/insights? Obviously is #1, but other than here??? I would have designed a poll, but probably would have neglected to mention the best one. Reiss, Curran, Globe, Herald, Providence Journal, Boston Sports...
  6. IcyPatriot

    Tom Curran: 2004 Patriots vs. 2014 Patriots who wins?

    Better Team: 2004 Patriots or 2014 Patriots? Good read ... Curran lays it out nice getting into match ups ... way to go Tom. Too much to quote there ...
  7. QuantumMechanic

    Curran: Brady has "got a lot of peers this year"

    The Patriots are who we hoped they weren't
  8. S

    Run Defense

    Good article by Curran and some pointed remarks about M. Brown from Mayo which contradicts remarks by some players last week about Brown being one of the more underrated players. For all the talk about the last play of the game and mental mistakes. this is what concerned me most and those chunk...
  9. S

    Curran: Bills coming due for Patriots dynasty after this season

    Bill for Pats' dynasty comes due this offseason
  10. P

    6 Patriots Thoughts Coming Off the Bye Week

    6 Patriots Thoughts Coming Off the Bye Week Ian Logue With the Patriots season set to resume this week, here are some thoughts as we await the team's next contest down in New Jersey against the Jets this weekend. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not...
  11. S

    Curran:Mix of fear, hubris and disorganization led to Steelers' downfall

    Mix of fear, hubris and disorganization led to Steelers' downfall Fun read. Exactly how i felt after the interception.
  12. P

    Edelman Talks About Where the Title "Relentless" Came From For His Book

    Edelman Talks About Where the Title "Relentless" Came From For His Book Ian Logue Julian Edelman might be known for his success on the field, but he's also been having some success off of it after the release of his book "Relentless, which was co-written with NBC Boston reporter Tom E...
  13. B

    Another ******** article by Ron Borges

    Borges: Losing Dont’a Hightower brings up long-term issues for Patriots too I know we're all used to ******** articles by Ron Borges but this one takes the cake. On commenting on Hightower's injury he is criticizing Belichick for extending an injuring prone linebacker. That's such crap talk...
  14. luuked

    Go listen to the QuickSlants Podcast..

    Quick Slants The Podcast The best 30 minutes you can spend until the TNF game in terms of insight into the issues that are plaguing the defense right now. Curran and Mayo are going into a lot of topics and especially Mayo provides a ****ton of insight into basics of zone/man, defending...
  15. long distance

    Strong article by Curran . viewing FA: Pats way - the hard way - not for everyone

    Curran: Pats earn their success the hard way Good stuff in light of FA about decision-making elements other than money . noting Foxboro is not for everyone and not for all the time . thoughts on Hightower's decision-making, Ryan big payday, Gronk and Bennett.. "Me and Darrelle were driving...
  16. convertedpatsfan

    Quick Slants - The Podcast

    Quick Slants The Podcast I'm a bit late to the party, but haven't seen a post on this one. For those who haven't, you do need to start listening to this podcast. Quickly became one of my favs. Curran and Perry are excellent, they really know the game and the history of the team and do their...
  17. S

    Curran: Patriots success during brady suspension is deliciously ironic

    Curran: Patriots' success during Brady suspension is deliciously ironic
  18. DaBruinz


    I have to give Tom Curran credit. He just socked it to the NFL.. Curran: Sorry, NFL; the Patriots just keep on winning "What happened Sunday night in the desert is just the kind of thing that might put Roger Goodell in the mood to shove an underling. ( <---Link) All that time spent...
  19. Froob

    Curran adds some Mayo to "Quick Slants"

    Cool that Mayo isn't leaving the area.
  20. Clonamery

    Article: Miguel is NFL worthy (my judgement)

    How one Patriots fan made himself a salary cap guru Nice article...hope you get to live your passion, Miguel.