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  1. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots 2021 Draft Profile, TE Pat Freiermuth, Penn State

    Patriots 2021 Draft Profile, TE Pat Freiermuth, Penn State Steve Balestrieri Freiermuth possesses a very high football I.Q., the ability to threaten the seams of the defense and be an integral part of any offense. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  2. yukon cornelius

    TE Zach Ertz wants out of Philadelphia

    https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2021/1/28/22253929/nfl-trade-rumors-zach-ertz-eagles-2021-nfl-philadelphia-tight-end-free-agency-contract-goedert-bills what do we think of that option? 3rd or 4th sounds a little high considering his injury history......
  3. J

    The return of the Gronk-ish TE

    I don't think we'll land Pitts in the 1st round. Hunter Henry is a long shot with the money that will be thrown at him. Lacosse can keep opting out for the rest of his career. Izzo has value, but more of a blocking TE / ST player Asiasi has a lot to prove. Keene is positional oddity. But not...
  4. S

    Jordan Thomas released

    That’s harsh. On the COVID list and then cut. Down to 2 on the roster at that position. If you can call it a position on this year’s team.
  5. S

    How about a new look 2- TE set against Chargers this weekend with Asiasi and Keene to help out the run game?

    Time for a shift in offensive philosophy. Let's get BOTH rookies some experience and at the same time throw new looks at the Chargers. This might take some of the stacking the box against the run philosophy away and open things up for the run. At the same time maybe gives Cam some easy middle...
  6. M

    I Suspect The Offense Would NOT be Better With A Better Passing QB

    I don't think that the issue is Newton. Against Seattle, he showed that he could pass; as he did yesterday. We have always wanted a great downfield threat. That isn't the key now either. The issue is that an Offense, especially our offense needs slot receivers and TE's. We don't even make...
  7. Brotherblues

    Anyone got a Ryan Izzo film review?

    It seems to me that every time I've seen him targeted, he makes a very clean catch regardless of if it's a perfect pass or if he has to stretch a bit. Has Lazar or anyone at all done any film review on him? Not saying we have a star on our hands but perhaps a TE who brings more to the table than...
  8. S

    Midseason grades and MVP

    Passing offense: D Rushing offense: A- Pass defense: B- Run defense: C- Special Teams: B Coaching: C+ MVP: Michael Onwenu. He's right in the mix for OROTY.
  9. jmt57

    Week 9: We Are On To The Jets

    Too soon? More venting needed first? Early odds have the Patriots favored by either 7 or 7½, depending on where you shop. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/84756/jets-pursuit-of-0-16-and-top-pick-could-be-ruined-by-bill-belichick The New York Jets are halfway there. They are...
  10. 203Pat

    Asiasi on IR

    What a complete disaster
  11. NG Pats Fan

    Is it Cam’s fault or the WRs and TEs?

    I see everyone blaming Cam for his disastrous passing numbers through 7 weeks....however shouldn’t the blame be placed on the WRs and TES? We know cam has talent. The current WRs are the worst in the nfl, and maybe worst in franchise history. The tight ends are equally as bad. The rookies we...
  12. S

    Belichick: "We need more production offensively, period"

    https://nesn.com/2020/10/this-bill-belichick-quote-underscores-one-of-patriots-biggest-problems He also called out the TE position in particular. If he's saying this in public... then I'd like to think the trade wheels are already in motion. Looking forward to seeing what happens.
  13. DropKickFlutie

    Article: The Patriots' Tight End Problem is Becoming Critical

    https://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2020/10/18/the-patriots-tight-end-problem-is-becoming-critical-after-loss-to-broncos/ "With the New England Patriots’ 18-12 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, one thing was made clear — the Patriots need to have more production at the tight end position. For...
  14. P

    Would you trade Thuney to improve WR/TE?

    Through a quarter of the season the Pats appear to have a rare commodity in the NFL with 6 starting quality OL: LT Isaiah Wynn LG Joe Thuney C David Andrews RG Shaq Mason RT Jermaine Eluemunor G/T Michael Onwenu They have played a big part in the team's 2nd ranked rushing offense. They are...
  15. vuudu

    What is going on at the TE position?

    I don't understand it, do we just have horrible Tight Ends or is there a plan I can't see? Asiasi? Keene? Are they just too inexperienced or are they not good enough at this level? I was hoping to see something from a TE by now, any TE. I think they collectively just have one catch in four...
  16. Simpelton

    Wouldn't mind a trade for Jack Doyle

    Maybe I'm alone in this but I've always loved Doyle's attitude, and he's one of those "pretty good at everything" TEs who's not a super star but great to have and easy to build around. He'd be an instant upgrade over Izzo and a great mentor type to take our two rookie TEs under his wing. He's...
  17. C

    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    Cam is being set up to fail without credible WR and TE threats. It will be easy for defenses to stack the box and give minimal attention to passing games. No double teams on WRS. I understand that until outputs, BB thought he had no cap to work with. But now there is 35 million available...
  18. ChrisR2223

    Go get him Bill

    Zach Ertz saying he wants to remain a Eagle. However talks are going south so he doesn’t feel wanted. https://bleacherreport.com/post/philadelphia-eagles/12a59309-88c4-4198-8025-b526687e2eaa
  19. BaconGrundleCandy

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    I'll use this thread to discuss & breakdown the upcoming 2021 TE/PTP class. It looks like a great class. Top heavy with talent and at least rn looks pretty deep. That'll play out how it'll play out but after doing a quick look there's 7-10 really intriguing prospects. Classic Y-types that can...
  20. Mack Herron

    TE Lance Kendricks suspended 1 game

    Not a position of strength.