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  1. D

    2020 Patriots QB Coach: Jedd Fisch I think Josh McDaniels needs to go too for 15 years of never knowing how to develop TEs or WRs, but at bare minimum Jedd Fisch has got to be on the hot...
  2. Triumph

    Report: JJ Watt led BOB mutiny in Houston

    Screw that job. Rumor is that McDamiels is on the short list.
  3. thecore762

    Hogan should get cut this year...

    He has regressed so much this year it’s not even funny. Even Dorsett deserves to be moved ahead of Hogan IMO. We really miss Amendola, the guy along Julian has been rock solid for us when not injured. Just been a disappointing performance this week.
  4. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 10 Pats @ Titans

    Let's go Pats!!!! A win today gets us to 8-2 with the bye. No injuries please !!!!! Lets discuss
  5. DaBruinz

    Landon Collins calls Eli Apple "Cancer" during Radio Interview.

    Wow.. Just.. Wow.. During a Radio Interview, Landon Collins threw teammate Eli Apple under the bus: Collins on Giants teammate Apple: 'a cancer' "There's only just one corner that ... needs to grow, and we all know who that is," said Collins, one of the more popular players in the locker...
  6. convertedpatsfan

    Tomlin is a joke

    Is he really questioning how a timeout is granted to a player? Does he honestly not know all timeouts don't have to originate from the bench? Tomlin is worse than a cheerleader, as Bradshaw accused. He's a total ****ing idiot. And as bad as it was to see Ben throw his OC/HC under the bus, I...
  7. convertedpatsfan

    Ben blames the sidelines for botched fake spike

    Ben Roethlisberger says he and Steelers sideline disagreed with fake-spike play What a putz. No way Brady would ever try to deflect blame for something like this.
  8. NE-VT

    Jim Irsay said Andrew Luck's injury 'inside his head'

    Dungy: Irsay said Luck injury 'inside his head' Nice way to alienate your franchise QB. What an owner. -------------- Edit 1: The level of incompetence of the Colts is comical. Yet Colts' handling of the Luck situation is also tragic. There is even talk that Luck might retire...
  9. D

    Ty Hilton throws teammates under the bus

    Ty Hilton throws teammates under the bus Jacoby sacked 10 times today! Indianapolis has a proud tradition of throwing Offensive Linemen under the bus. Usually it happens after a playoff loss, but since the Colts aren't going to the playoffs, TY decided to get it out of the way in the regular...
  10. M

    Jimmy G throwing guys under the bus? (And INTs)

    What’s Behind Jimmy Garoppolo’s Interception Issues? Patriots QB Explains I get what he is saying as his excuse for the INTs, but it just feels a bit like he is throwing "new" receivers under the bus.
  11. N

    Super Bowl loss destroyed the Seahawks

    Richard Sherman won't let go, and it's a problem
  12. Froob

    Triplin blames team lol

    Great piece Mike Tomlin Blames Everyone But Himself For Steelers' Loss To Patriots like school on Sunday....We're lucky to have Bill. He never takes any credit and takes the blame when they lose.
  13. long distance

    Dolphins cut 3 Guards .. any reclamation project?

    So .. any reclamation project here?
  14. ViperGTS

    The Butthurt Ensues: This time it is Bruce Arians

    I've never really seen anything quite like this. First it's the GM, wailing in public, now BA is calling out players etc. What, exactly did the Patriots do to them? Watch them implode :D I guess that's what happens with the Rodgah effect. Teams have already won because the Commish basically...