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  1. P

    Daily Notebook: Tuesday Patriots News and Notes 5/9

    Daily Notebook: Tuesday Patriots News and Notes 5/9 Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's Patriots related news for Tuesday May 9th, 2017. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  2. irishfanatic

    Cutler to Retire and work with Fox

    Did not see that coming, Jay Cutler to retire from playing, work as FOX commentator
  3. Joey007

    NFL Hard Knocks 2017:

    Good choice. Young team with playoff aspirations. Much better than watching the Rams clown show last year.
  4. jboston19

    Dishonest Dean Blandino leaving NFL, going in to television

    Dishonest Dean going in to television After helping frame the Pats, he's heading in to television.
  5. Sicilian

    OT: Sports Fans without Cable

    Hi guys, Looking for some insight from some fellow sports fans. I've recently made the decision to cut the cord, and go without cable. I don't think I've watched live TV (outside of sports) in over a month. Almost all of my media is streaming nowadays. This causes a conundrum with sports...
  6. DaBruinz

    Competition proposes Shortening OT by 5 min..

    So, the Competition Committee has come up with a brilliant plan to shorten OT by 5 Minutes.. Why? Because that extra time puts such a hardship on teams that may play on a Thursday night.. Competition committee to propose 10-min overtimes I have news for the NFL.. Any game played on Sunday is...
  7. Wrath Mania

    Brady, Gronk, Blount, Dwight Freeney, Marshawn Lynch on Clueless Gamer (Conan)

    Brady and co. on Clueless Gamer (Conan) Clear lack of focus before the SB. Discuss.
  8. Uncle Rico

    Schefter: League considers more Sunday night playoff games

    From the story: Can't say I love this idea. First, I just love day games better in general. Really wishing there was a game coming right up at 1. Second, I disagree with the second part of the quote above, comparing playoffs to regular season. Especially in the Divisional Round: It's...
  9. P

    NFL Week 16 Early Advanced 'Look-Ahead' Betting Lines: Pats 13.5 point favorites

    NFL Week 16 Early Advanced 'Look-Ahead' Betting Lines: Pats 13.5 point favorites John Morgan The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has published their Advanced Lines for NFL Week 16. Once again the New England Patriots are listed as the heaviest favorite of the week. Continue reading... (If you...
  10. S

    Week 12 NFL Games: Thanksgiving edition

    Happy Thanksgiving all!
  11. QuantumMechanic

    Boston TV transmission problems continue

    Saw this and though I'd pass it along for those of you who watch OTA.... Several TV stations still have antenna problems
  12. BaconGrundleCandy

    Game Of Thrones Season 7 (*Spoilers*)

    Potential HUGE SPOILERS below. Please do NOT read if you dont want to know about GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7. Between, casting, filming dates, pictures, directors pictures and leaks the season is coming together. Now remember that we don't have the advantage of "context" , so there's a ton of...
  13. BaconGrundleCandy

    Walking Dead Season 7 (Spoilers)

    Hey whats going Pats fans! Along with be an obsessed sports geek/Pats fan, Im a crazy WD and GoTs fan, comic and book reader as well. I embrace and love spoilers! Please do NOT read this thread if you dont want to know what happens. Their filming the finale now and probably finishing up early...
  14. P

    NFL Week 10 Odds, Television Coverage and Distribution

    NFL Week 10 Odds, Television Coverage and Distribution John Morgan Best games of NFL Week 10 are Seahawks at Patriots, Cowboys at Steelers and Broncos at Saints. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  15. neuronet

    Article claims poll shows nat'l anthem protest is reason for rating drops

    Poll: National Anthem Protests Leading Cause For NFL Ratings Drop Pollsters asks respondents if they thought X was a reason for NFL rating drop, and 56% of people said 'Yes' in response to national anthem protests. This was higher than any other factor polled. This does not actually show that...
  16. nabwong

    OT: New streaming option by Directv

    AT&T's streaming DirecTV service will cost $35 a month After cutting the cord about 4 years ago and just using Roku and Amazon fire, this has my interest. I wonder if there are hidden fees.
  17. P

    NFL Week 8 TV & Odds: Patriots at Bills gets primary early distribution on CBS

    NFL Week 8 TV & Odds: Patriots at Bills gets primary early distribution on CBS John Morgan The 6-1 New England Patriots and 4-3 Buffalo Bills renew their rivalry in Week 8. The AFC East clubs meet for the 114th time since the American Football League's inception in 1960. The Patriots lead...
  18. N

    Best way to find untelevised Pats games

    As a Pats fan who has always lived outside of the New England area I struggled for a couple years to find Pats games that weren't televised locally. Until I found Reddit/r/nflstreams Just turn on adblocker, click the Pats game from their list of games and choose one of the several links (the...
  19. Bill Lee

    WBZ-TV4 Signal Problems: No Game Over The Air Or Satellite?

    Last night I was watching Alabama - Texas A&M on channel 4 and the over-the-air signal just stopped. I jumped to the conclusion it must be my gear since both channel 4 and 5 were out. But then I figured out the rest of the channels were good. I figured it was just a glitch but that doesn't...
  20. P

    NFL Week 7 Advanced Betting Lines - Pats at Steelers listed as a Pick'em

    NFL Week 7 Early Advanced 'Look-Ahead' Betting Lines - Patriots at Steelers a Pick'em John Morgan Week 7 features a highly anticipated game between two of the NFL's best teams. The New England Patriots travel to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in a battle for supremacy in the AFC. Although...