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  1. Triumph

    2020 Wild Card Weekend

  2. B

    Bucs vs WAS/NYG and CLE vs PIT the two prime time wild card games

    Interesting choice of prime time wild card games. The two games that are selected for the wild card prime time games are........... Bucs at Washington or NYG on SAT Night Browns at Steelers on Sunday Night It seems Tom Brady is still a HUGE draw as I can't help but think he is the sole...
  3. Ian


    This forum can be used for overflow discussions in addition to the main thread running in the main forum. Given the state of things and the fact he'll forever be a part of this team's history, I wanted to add an additional place so everything isn't locked in to just one thread for those who...
  4. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Discussion

    Maps are not out yet, but based on what games are on it should be somewhat easy to figure out what games will be broadcast in your area. Not sure about Canada and other countries as of yet either. This is the one time when there are two early games as well as two late games in all markets. CBS...
  5. Ian

    REISS: Patriots Add a Kicker to Practice Squad

    They added Roberto Aguayo, Per Reiss/Field Yates: He was a solid kicker at FSU Florida State and was the 59th overall pick by the Buccaneers in 2016. He had a rough season, finishing 22-of-31 (70.97), including just 4/10 from 40-49 yards and 0/1 from 50+ 2016 Stats 20/29 - 5/5 30/39 - 13/15...
  6. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 14 other games

    Let s discuss...
  7. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 12: Other NFL games discussion

    Wonder if Patricia's job is on the line today.
  8. M

    Whining Vs. Winning

    The Patriots have limited talent this season, so I'm not upset about being 4-6 as much as sad this divorce between Tom and Bill came to pass. Lots of people out there across the country wanted Brady to succeed while the Patriots struggled. And yes, the Bucs have been better in terms of wins and...
  9. oldrover

    MNF: Sacrificial Lambs vs. Wayward Goats

    MNF: Sacrificial Lambs vs. Wayward Goats Part of me wants the Bucs to blow them out, and part of me wants the opposite. And that is very bad...
  10. Triumph

    You wont believe this. AB in trouble

    AB was involved in some drama with a Tampa HOA throwing a bike at a security shack. AB is currently living with the Bradys.
  11. jmt57

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 10 NFL Games Discussion

    Some good games this week in the late time slot. Both networks will have a late game since CBS is broadcasting the Masters early. Early Games: 6-3 Bucs (-6) at 3-6 Panthers 2-6 Texans at 5-3 Browns (-4½) 3-4-1 Eagles (-4½) at 2-7 Giants 2-6...
  12. jmt57

    Week 10 TV Maps: TB @ Car, Buf @Ariz

    Week 10 NFL Maps are up. CBS is broadcasting all of their games in the late time slot, due to their coverage of the Masters continuing until 3:00 pm ET on Sunday. On a side note, this is the first time I have noticed that former Patriot Aqib Talib is working in the broadcast booth...
  13. jmt57


    Week 9 NFL Games & TV Maps: Dallas dominates yet again, w/ their 4th string QB Here is a look at this week's TV Maps. Lo and behold, the primary afternoon game includes the Dallas Cowboys yet again. This is a team that arguably has the worst defense in the history of the NFL, and may be the...
  14. Joker

    11/02/2020 MNF Tampa Bay at Giants

    Didn't see a thread yet so here it is....merge if I'm going blind mods.
  15. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other NFL games week 7 discussion

    Jest are 21 point underdogs to the Chiefs. :haha: Im sure it would be in the 30’s with a full Arrowhead! Edit: oops this is week 8 not 7 but still lol
  16. S

    PFT- Antonio Brown can return in 2 weeks (UPDATE: Signing w/Tampa) Getting in my opinion of "Absolutely not" on this before anyone says it.
  17. jmt57


    Early Games 4-1 Bears at 3-2 Panthers (-2) 1-3 Lions (-3) at 1-4 Jaguars 0-5 Falcons at 1-4 Vikings (-3½) 1-4 Texans at 4-0 Titans (-3½) 1-4 Washington at 0-5 Giants (-1) 4-1 Browns at 4-0 Steelers (-3) 4-1 Ravens (-10) at 1-3-1 Eagles 1-3-1 Bengals at 3-2 Colts (-7½) 1-3 Broncos at 2-2 Patriots...
  18. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 5 NFL games discussion

    Should be a good one tonight. mod edit: this week's NFL Maps are a mess thanks to postponements and cancellations. CBS Early Red: Raiders at Chiefs (Ian Eagle, Charles Davis) Blue: Bengals at Ravens (Greg Gumbel, Rich Gannon) Green: Jaguars at Texans (Andrew Catalon, James Lofton) Yellow: ...
  19. P

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week Three NFL - other games

    Is anyone watching TNF? Fitzmagic showed up tonight (usually it's Fitzpuff that shows up) and is playing out of his mind- probably the best game of his life so far. 11-11, 2 TD's and a full five minute left in the 2nd. How long does he ride puff the magic dragon?
  20. kmac14

    Gronk... Disturbing on so many levels!

    Watch "MANSCAPED: Gronk Can't Find His Balls" on YouTube