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  1. D

    Patriots v Dallas 11/24

    Hi , I’m coming over for this game from Scotland, staying in Boston.I’m looking for some advice on meeting up with some Patriot fans before the game. I’m travelling solo, as this was a birthday gift from my wife, and she can’t make it. I’ve booked the 1.30pm bus from Boston to Gillette on game...
  2. S

    Tailgate Oct 27th vs. Browns

    Hello everyone, I am new and from North Dakota. My wife and I are going to be at the Oct 27th game and would love to be able to tailgate with some fans. we of course do not have supplies as we are traveling but would love to share some cost to partake in the food and beverage. if anyone is...
  3. F

    Bucket List: Pats vs Browns Tailgate? (10/27)

    Hey Pats Fans! I’m more of a fan of the game of football than anything else. I’m embarking on a bucket list journey to see a pro football game in every stadium in the country, rooting for the home team. I’d love to chat with some real fans, learn some local stadium and team traditions, and...
  4. B

    OT: TVs & Tailgating at GILLETTE

    Hi guys, I'm not a tailgating veteran by any means so looking for some help here. We have a big group going to Gillette this weekend for a kids soccer day/Revolution outing. Before the REVS game we're hoping to be able to watch the Pats game in the parking lot. I'm thinking of renting a...
  5. R

    ISO of tickets VS the Jets and AB addition

    I’m not sure if this is the right place but I’m looking for two tickets together the the game vs the jets so if anyone is selling at a reasonable price I’d love for you to reach out. If this is the wrong place to be posting this. I’m sorry. I also wanted to add I’m super excited for the pats...
  6. Arialgg

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time...

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time... I’m will be in Boston over Sept 22nd, and am planning on going to the Jets & Patriots game... I am a NFL live game virgin. You pros that have tips or wisdom to impart, I’m all ears. Here are some of my most pertinent...
  7. Patriot's Eh!

    Hello from Manitoba!

    Hello from Winnipeg, Manitoba! A Winnipeg Jets fan and of course New England Patriots fan up here in the north! Attending my very first NFL game and super excited to see our awesome team the PATRIOTS on September 22nd. I have some questions that I'm hoping some folks can help me with. The...
  8. M

    Gametime Tailgating in Kansas City

    Gametime Tailgating in Kansas City What time is everyone getting to the stadium? I will be tailgating. Go pats!
  9. Triumph

    Anyone going to the KC game? Get advice from the horses mouth

    Hotels, BBQ, Attractions. 22 years experience. Youve come to the right place. Triumph travel wont steer you wrong.
  10. G

    KC Pep Rally?

    Anybody know if there is a Pats pre-game rally planned for Saturday night in KC? There was a good one in Nashville, but I'm not sure if they're a regular occurrence.
  11. J

    Top tips for U.K fans attending the divisional play-off game?

    Hi all, Hoping to get some advice on the best things to do pre-game/day before game please? Will be staying in downtown Boston for the days leading up to the game so any recommendations for the best Pats bars on the Fri or Sat night. Would like to get to Gillette early (roughly 9am). Not sure...
  12. Brady_to_Moss

    Who's headed down to Nashville?

    Who's headed down to Nashville? Flying out Friday and flying back home Monday. Going to be a Pats home game IMO as personally I know at least 10 people going from Boston
  13. ArchAngel007

    Packers @ Patriots Gillete questions

    Fellow Pats fans me and a few friends coming from the bay area to attend tomorrows game managed to get a tickets SEC 326 ROW 10. Was wondering if you had any tips? Specifically what time to leave Boston, any food joints recommended? What to bring etc Mods please merge to appropriate forum is...
  14. P

    Pittsburgh v Pats tailgate!?

    What's up anyone going to Pittsburgh next week!? Traveling from boston looking to find some fans!!
  15. B

    Monday night Week 14 Patriots in Miami

    Looking to meet up with some Pats fans for some tailgating fun! 2 Canadian girls coming down for a good time
  16. N

    Anyone Going To Mexico City?

    Hello to everyone! I’m starting my 7500 miles trip to Mexico (I’m from Europe) on Thursday. Unfortunately I don’t have a ticket for the game. If anyone is also going to the game and has a spare ticket or wants to buy one on secondary market sites, please let me know. Maybe we can team-up...
  17. TommyBrady12

    Goodell getting drunk with a bunch of Seahawks fans

    VIDEO: Check Out A Drunk Roger Goodell Taking Shots With Seahawks Fans
  18. Brady_to_Moss

    Who here is headed to the Pats-MIA MNF game in MIA

    I am flying down Sunday AM..staying in Ft Lauderdale (Grand Pelican I think?)...going to the game..maybe some beach (Nice little get away from Boston in the cold) and fly home Tuesday...anyone down to meet up while there? We are in 131
  19. Q

    Tips for going to Denver

    My son and I may fly from Texas to Denver Sunday morning for the game Sunday night. Tailgate info, lodging recs, do’s and dont’s and general tips appreciated. P.S, - was going to get tickets on StubHub.
  20. B

    First Patriots game!!!! Tips and suggestions appreciated

    Coming up from Providence on Sunday night. Want to come up, tailgate and drink a couple of adult beverages and wander around before game time. What time should I leave Providence to avoid the worst traffic? Should I follow Waze or does anyone have a good route? Where should I park (someone...