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  1. P

    The Inconsistency of the Defense in Numbers

    Digging a bit deeper into the splits of the defense in the first four week it's extremely startling just how inconsistent the defense has been. Not from a game-to-game basis but from a half-to-half basis within a single game. If you take the best halves of each game the defense looks like a...
  2. P

    Patriots By the Numbers, Fun Facts Before the Cleveland Game

    Patriots By the Numbers, Fun Facts Before the Cleveland Game Steve Balestrieri Bill Belichick Continue reading...
  3. patfanken

    Some Stats that will make you go...hmmm

    I was never a Drew Bledsoe pimper. And I would NEVER contend that he is better than Brady. No one would. But in the 15 odd years since Drew left NE, I think, as a fan base, we have forgotten just how good Drew Bledsoe WAS, especially when you think back and remember most of his yards were...
  4. IllegalContact

    Pats lead the league in rushing yards per game

    NFL - Statistics by Team - Yahoo Sports
  5. ctpatsfan77

    Football Outsiders' take on Garoppolo and Brissett

    FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | QUARTERBACKS 2016 They see Garoppolo as one of the five best passing QBs of the season so far on both of their key metrics, DYAR (which is a volume-based stat) and DVOA (which is adjusted for the number of plays). In particular...
  6. aluminum seats

    Thanks Roger! Stat guys at 538 conclude Brady's break has helped the Pats

    Even Down Two QBs, The Patriots Are Playing With House Money Fun, short read. Money quote: "In fact, it’s now likely that they’ll make it through Brady’s suspension with a better record than we’d have expected if Brady had played all along." Hee.
  7. RecoveringCowboy

    The 1st 4 Games and the playoff chances

    A few years ago, a sports writer commented on a team's start and the odds of making the playoffs. 1st game - every other team loses, so it's usually not big deal, unless a key player is injured or you get beat by a team you should have owned. 2nd game - If you are 0-2, it's time to worry. Note...
  8. S

    Blount has Highest YPC in Pats Franchise History (min 400 carries)

    Good article that reveals the following surprising statistic: ... nobody in Patriots history has ever averaged more yards per carry than LeGarrette Blount. He’s carried the ball an even 400 times, and he’s averaged 4.57 yards per carry. Corey Dillon averaged 4.2. So did Kevin Faulk and Shane...
  9. P

    BREAKDOWN: Jimmy Garoppolo's Passing Chart vs Arizona

    BREAKDOWN: Jimmy Garoppolo's Passing Chart vs Arizona Ian Logue Here's a statistical look at Jimmy Garoppolo's throws on Sunday night, including a passing chart showing where he had the most success. Continue reading...
  10. P

    By The Numbers: Patriots 23, Arizona 21

    By The Numbers: Patriots 23, Arizona 21 John Morgan While we are all still basking in the after glow of a hard fought upset road victory against a quality team, here are some numbers from Sunday night's game at Phoenix. Continue reading...
  11. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Jimmy G is 1-0 as a starter

    YEAH! This win felt great! 2016 Stats: Jimmy G - 1-0 Andrew Luck - 0-1
  12. P

    Patriots By the Numbers, Fun Facts Before the Cardinals Kickoff

    Patriots By the Numbers, Fun Facts Before the Cardinals Kickoff Steve Balestrieri The Patriots open up the season in Arizona on Sunday. So with the wait before the game on Sunday night, here are some interesting numbers to pore over. Continue reading...
  13. I.M. Fletcher

    season stat projections: offense

    Alright, everyone's favourite game. Only rules I am using are that injuries are not accounted for, and only players on the current roster/practice squad are eligible. Both of those two things means none of this will be accurate, but helps to keep things easier to navigate. With those...
  14. long distance

    UDFAs beat 1st+2nd rounders

    This stat is both unbelievable and encouraging. And heartwarming if your thing are the underdogs. (I wonder if they're crediting Bill for the trend)
  15. ctpatsfan77

    2016 Brissett v. 2014 Garoppolo

    Some food for thought, through two preseason games in each case: Brissett: 16/26, 150 yards, 0/0, 5.77 YPA, 9.4 YPC Garoppolo: 15/25, 229 yards, 3/0, 9.2 YPA, 15.3 YPC
  16. P

    Patscap - 4th of July weekend thoughts

    Patscap - 4th of July weekend thoughts Miguel Benzan A mish-mash of salary cap tidbits this Fourth of July weekend Continue reading...
  17. Fencer

    Blitzing stats

    Five quarterbacks who thrived -- and five who stunk -- vs. the blitz in 2015 Solid reporting and analysis from, yes, ESPN. th;dr (Too hating; didn't read): Blitzing a lot generally seems like an unsuccessful strategy. The Patriots are a leading example of that, on both sides of the ball.