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  1. edkk323

    Do the Patriots Suck at Drafting? (Data From 2012-2017)

    The topic of the Patriots being terrible at drafting comes up in almost every post. Whenever I stated my argument and reasoning, someone always typed “we were either average or below average” without giving any circumstantial evidence. I spent one hour gathering all the data of the 1st to...
  2. everlong

    Big 4 QBs when having to carry the load

    50+ pass attempts: Brady: 13-7 , 6-2 playoffs Brees: 4-13, 0-2 playoffs Rodgers: 1-4, 0-0 playoffs Manning: 4-13 , 0-0 playoffs 40-49 pass attempts: Brady: 32-16 (7-7 for 45-49 attempts), 5-5 playoffs Brees: 38-52 (12-25 for 45-49 attempts), 1-4 playoffs Rodgers: 12-20 (3-6 for...
  3. S

    Chiefs defensive rankings to date

    7th most points allowed in the league Most yards allowed in the league Most first downs allowed in the league 2nd most passing yards allowed in the league Highest rush yards allowed per attempt in the league Allowing the longest average drive in the league in yards and number of plays Top...
  4. Bruins29

    Patriots have the 12 ranked D 1/4 into the season - Discuss

    With KC scoring a TD just now - Pats rank is 12th best D in the NFL. I know its hard to believe, but its true. I also can't believe the season is 1/4 over already.
  5. P

    First Quarter Woes Have Plagued Brady So Far This Season

    First Quarter Woes Have Plagued Brady So Far This Season Ian Logue For some strange reason, the first quarter has been a big problem for Tom Brady this season. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  6. Brady6

    Last 5 Draft Classes

    These are the facts of how the last 5 draft classes currently stand. Players in red are not on the 53 man roster. Players in green are starters or starting caliber (IMO). What you make of these results are your own choice, I am only providing the information. 2018 1 Isaiah Wynn IR 2018 1...
  7. KontradictioN

    Keeping track of the defense.

    Figured it might be beneficial to put together some of the important statistical rankings of the defense that we discuss on here from week to week to gauge how they improve or don't improve throughout the season. As of Week 4: Points/Game - T19th YPG - 28th 3rd down % - 30th Net passing...
  8. P

    Compared to 2017, Patriots Current Passing Totals Are Eye-Opening

    Compared to 2017, Patriots Current Passing Totals Are Eye-Opening Ian Logue A look at how the Patriots passing game started last season is enough to raise the red flag when you look a this year's totals, which proves they're obviously playing nowhere close to what they're capable of...
  9. miloofcroton

    Let's talk defensive styles

    I just spent a little time with a couple sources for 2017 team stats (PFF and Football Outsiders) that gave me some team tendencies. We tend to categorize defenses fairly crudely, either solely by base defense formation, by generic terms like 'one-gap 3-4' vs 'two-gap 3-4' or something, or by...
  10. A

    The Reason Tom Brady is not a System Quarterback

    We all know how great Brady is but a lot of these Pat haters (and some Pats fans that only like Belichick) claim that Brady is a system. A friend showed me an article he saw that comprehensively broke down why the narrative exist (not being the most athletic coming into the league) and how he's...
  11. Nikolai

    F***ing With Stats: Breaking Down Pats vs Jags

    TL;DR New England 24 Jacksonville 14 So, this is the second time I've done this. The first was SBLI. I wouldn't mind turning it into a regular thing if I could streamline the process. Proof of concept: While I accurately projected a victory, TFB's pick six was unexpected and really skewed...

    Brady's Record in Playoffs vs Teams ranked #2 or Better

    Brady is 3-0 in the Playoffs vs a Team that was ranked #2 or better on defense The teams were - the 2004 Eagles,the 2004 Steelers,the 2014 Seahawks All 3 games net Brady a 100+ Passer rating Brady's Stats from these games.... vs. 2004 Steelers - 14-21 for 207 yds - 2 TDs - 0 INTs - 67%...
  13. R

    Interesting defensive comparison

    In another thread a poster suggested the patriots have the better defense in the afccg. Sounded interesting so I looked at some numbers. I randomly picked mid season. So the stats are game 9 through now, meaning 9 games for the patriots and 10 for Jacksonville and it is VERY interesting...
  14. P

    Stat most ignore, great indicator of success

    That is point differential. Happens every year: Regular season point differential: Patriots +162 Eagles +162 Rams +149 Jags +149 Vikings +130 Saints +122 These are the teams that were > +100 point differential. It does indicate that the Jags will be a...
  15. I

    Who wins the Super Bowl? The case for...

    Philadelphia - #1 seed in a very tough NFC. - #3 ranked offense, #4 ranked defense. - #1 point differential in the NFL this year. - Home field advantage in the NFCCG. - Points allowed at home this year: 24, 7, 24, 10, 23, 3, 10, 6, 10. Last four home games, they've allowed a total of 29 points...
  16. PatsBoy12

    A Few Brady Postseason Numbers

    I didn't link the article because it is ESPNFL. In my defense, however, it is Reiss. The numbers are astounding. Frankly, I have a hard time seeing some of them being overtaken by anyone. Anyway, here are some numbers that most of us know and maybe some we didn't already know . . . Here...
  17. P

    Myth: Patriots D benefits from great field position

    There is this take floating out there that a big reason for the Patriots defense's low points allowed total since week 5 of the season is due to having great field position. From a superficial look the point appears to have some merit. The average starting field position of the Patriots' defense...
  18. luuked

    Matt Chatham on the Patriots defense and pointlessness of cumulative stats in general

    I have already referred to it in this weeks rewatch thread but given all the soap opera drama that is going on thanks to our friends at ESPN I thought I should make a separate thread on it. This way we might actually have some intelligent football stuff to talk about. As many of the more...
  19. P

    23 Carries - 0 Yards

    That is the performance of the Seahawks' running game inside the 10-yard line this season. And 3 yards came from Wilson on 3 carries. That's right, their RBs combined for -3 yards on 20 carries. How is this even possible. :eek:
  20. P

    INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Third Down Totals Plummeted For Brady After Achilles Injury

    INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Third Down Totals Plummeted For Brady After Achilles Injury Ian Logue Some started predicting Brady's demise as Brady's totals dropped, but instead, the numbers essentially show that Brady simply wasn't himself while dealing with the injury. Continue reading... (If you...