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  1. BobDigital

    The Patriots are the most balanced team left.

    The Patriots haven't look like themselves this year and that has a lot of fans as well as me concerned. But as we all know, it isn't just about how good you are. It is about how good the field is. What about the other teams in the NFL? I wouldn't call the Patriots the best team this year...
  2. Quest4SevenHomie

    Pats win it all this year?

    I'm sure some of you who follow college football know that Alabama won last year and lost this year. In the past 5 years when Alabama lost, the Pats won, when Alabama wins we lose. According to that stat, the Pats are supposed to win it this year since Alabama lost. But I'm not entirely...
  3. S

    Rivers has not thrown for more than 181 yards in 3 games

    Vs Bal - 23-37 - 181 yards - 4.9 YPA - 0TD - 2 INT @ Den - 14-24 - 176 yards - 7.3 YPA - 1 TD - 2 INT @ Bal - 22-32 - 160 yards - 5.0 YPA - 0 TD - 0 INT Slump? Cliff? :p
  4. B

    The Brady Decline Myth

    I decided to compare Tom Brady's career post age 35 to his 2018 year. I averaged all his stats for 2012-2017 and it's remarkable that his 2018 season is bang in-line with the average of all those years including completions, attempts, completion percentage, yards, YPA and even TDs. He had a few...
  5. Pessimistic Pete

    Patriots have highest Strength of Victory (.494) of all playoff teams

    Patriots .494 Saints .488 Eagles .486 Colts .456 Ravens .450 Cowboys .444 Texans .435 Rams .428 Chargers .422 Bears .419 Chiefs .401 Seahawks .400 Also the most wins/highest winning percentage against fellow playoff teams. Patriots 4-0 Rams 4-3 Saints 3-1 Cowboys 3-3 Eagles 3-3 Bears 2-1...

    Patriots home/road split

    Found this interesting: home: 8-0 record points scored: 263 (32.9 per game) points allowed: 133 (16.6 per game) yards per game: 430.6 yards allowed per game: 319.4 road: 3-5 record points scored: 173 (21.6 per game) points allowed: 192 (24 per game) yards per game: 356.3 yards allowed per...
  7. M

    Pats 4th in scoring O, 7th in scoring D

    Essentially 12-4, should have had one seed (Miami debacle) 8-0 at home really not too shabby in actuality
  8. Joey007

    Patriots Against Other Playoff Teams This Year:

    Say what you will, but we’ve shown up against the best competition. Hopefully that trend continues.
  9. Wheelman

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East: The Definitive Guide

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East, the Definitive Guide | Patriots Dynasty
  10. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Annual AFC East Title Count: Jets still deadlocked with Oilers

    Time for the annual AFC East championship update. 1. New England Patriots - 21 2. Miami Dolphins - 13 3. Buffalo Bills - 11 4. Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts - 6* 5t. Houston Oilers - 4** 5t. New York Jets - 4*** *Colts left the AFC East in 2002, 16 years ago. **Oilers left the AFC East in 1969...
  11. everlong

    Best TE season ever

    Kelce, Kittle chase Gronkowski's record for best TE season Flawed to say the least. Gronk: 90 receptions, 1327 yards, 14.7 Y/R, 17 TD receptions, 1 rushing TD Kelce: 98 receptions, 1274 yards, 13.0 Y/R, 10 TD receptions, 0 rushing TD Kittle: 79 receptions, 1228 yards, 15.6 Y/R, 4 TD...
  12. Patsfanin Philly

    Stats that may only interest me.....

    1) Red zone defense this year is the worst in 12 years. The defense is allowing 61.4% red zone TD and only worse times were 2002 ( no rush defense that year) with 63% and 2006 with 66.7%. --------------------------- 2) Red zone offense is also down this year with 57.7% compared to 60% (2017)...
  13. ctpatsfan77

    JC Jackson has the best passer rating allowed in the NFL

  14. I

    Brady and Pass Distribution

    Got this idea from some comments in other threads about how Brady is locking on to just a couple of receivers. Looking at the last five seasons, trying to see how Brady is distributing the ball. The last five seasons featured two Super Bowl-winning seasons, a Super Bowl loss, and AFCCG loss...
  15. Pessimistic Pete

    Julien Edleman vs Danny Amendola

    Julien Edelman 2018 (10 Games) 63 Receptions 711 yards (11.3) 4TDs In 10 game's this season, Julien Edelman has already had a better regular season than Danny Amendola (+5 games) did last year with Brady: Danny Amendola 2017 (15 Games) 61 Catches 659 Yards (10.8) 2 TDs A better regular...
  16. PatsFanInVa

    Homer observations as we go into the last games...

    1. There is no way to think this D is good given any way of looking at it this season. So far. The Pats aren't the Rats. They find a way to win and disguise weaknesses. That said, this year it appears you really can just say "the defense" in general is a weakness. It is a relief that you can say...
  17. Hyped

    OT: The Patriots blocked two punts yesterday, right?

    Source: Albert McClellan blocks two punts for Patriots vs. Dolphins | Question, why does the official NFL game book only have us blocking 1 punt? See here: Asking because it could give me a 2 point edge in...
  18. P

    Patriots Blitz Percentage 2017 & 2018

    I assume the source of both stats are ESPN Stats & Info as Football Outsiders references them for their data in the article. Blitz defined as 5 or more rushers. Pressure by Number of Pass-Rushers 2017 | Football Outsiders 2018: 28.2%, 9th in NFL 2017: 21.2%, 21st in NFL I’d be curious to...
  19. Bleedthrough

    Amazing stats putting Brady's winning in perspective

    Tom Brady 205-58 Regular Season Record .779 113-18 Home Record .862 92-40 Road Record .697 27-10 Playoff Record 5 Super Bowl Wins Peyton Manning 186-79 Regular Season Record .702 101-31 Home Record .765 85-48 Road Record .639 14-13 Playoff Record 2 Super Bowl Wins Drew Brees...
  20. S

    Brady this year

    Brady has 3,342 pass yards after yesterday. If he averages 308 yards per game over his last 4 games (Mia, Pit, Buf, NYJ) he will have 4,574 yards for the season. Which is 2 yards ahead of last season when he won MVP. Unless the Pats clinch early and he rests...that sounds doable. 8 INTs right...