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  1. oldrover

    Pats are #1 in DVOA again... (updated through week 12)... but the Ratbirds are closing...

    So that's cool. :) Week 10 DVOA Ratings Must be a good thing. But to me, it sounds a little out there... a little unsettling... like... ...crazy Joe D'VOA. o_O
  2. Joey007

    OT: Has Logan Ryan Been Eating His Wheaties?

    Holy smokes. I’ve never seen such wild stats from a CB.
  3. I

    Brady, Brees, Manning

    Michael Hurley tweets: This is really crazy, if Pro Football Reference's indoor/outdoor split is accurate. Percentage of games played in dome/retractable roof: Brees: 52.7% Manning: 48.9% Brady: 8.2% So ok interesting topic. Here are their career passer ratings in domes, outdoors, and in...
  4. QuantumMechanic

    OTish: How did various pass routes work NFL-wide last season?

    "This year, we're looking at the 13 routes with at least 400 targets to wide receivers and tight ends -- curl, out, slant, dig, screen, drag, deep cross, go/fly, post, broken play, flat, corner, and fade routes. Readers of previous years' articles will remember us covering comeback and seam...
  5. oldrover

    An enhanced metric for kickers, possibly...

    With the Ghost discussion/argument on the other thread, I was prompted of a possible stat/series of stats on kick accuracy. Goalpost is 18’ 6”. Maybe the NFL starts keeping track of where kicks pass through that. Could be done technologically or by the eye. Anything in the center 8”... Dead...
  6. S

    Bleacher report top 25 QBs of all time

    LOL at this list. Look at #25 :confused: 7 and 19 are kind of hilarious too.
  7. M

    Brady is not a checkdown passer

    Great read and good ammo to thwart all the G.O.A.T. haters. This statistic proves that Tom Brady is not only a checkdown passer
  8. Hyped

    Check out PFF's Steve Palazzolo's tweets.

    Interesting tid bits:
  9. IcyPatriot

    2001 Patriots Own a Peculiar Record

    Worst Records Of Super Bowl Champions Through X Games
  10. patfanken

    Dead time thread debate: Pro Football Focus

    Because its such a dead time for the next month I though it MIGHT be interesting to revive an old debate. In this case it's about Pro Football Focus. Few topics evoke more passion from our fan base than discussing the power of analytics in general and PFF in particular. When PFF first...
  11. neuronet

    qb playoff passer ratings: Bart Starr #1 You'll never guess where Brady is (#14)

    Sorry I couldn't resist the clickbait title. NFL Passer Rating Career Playoffs Leaders | I think the following require minimum 10 playoff games [Edit no it doesn't -- not sure of minimum] I found this interesting, and thought Brady would be higher. In the GOAT...
  12. ctpatsfan77

    Adam Vinatieri, Stephen Gostkowski, and "clutchness"

    Just a data point. One of the things that has been said about Gostkowski is his relative lack of "clutchness" and "signature kicks" (as a result of the Patriots offense going into overdrive). But if you look at kicks in the fourth quarter and OT, in one-score games (Pats leading or trailing by...
  13. supafly

    Popular myth vs. reality article that addresses some widespread beliefs

    Saw this on ESPN while I was combing their homepage for scores. It covers a nice handful of popular fan theories like whether or not Brady gets more roughing the passer calls than other QBs, if sitting on the timeout in SB49 vs. SEA was on purpose, if Belichick’s choice to go with left footed...
  14. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Interesting Trend: QBs who have thrown 43+ TDs are 0-8 in attempt to win SB

    Updated 1984 dolphins: Dan Marino - 48 Touchdowns 1986 Dolphins: Dan Marino - 44 Touchdowns 2004 Colts: Peyton Manning - 49 Touchdowns 2007 Patriots: Tom Brady - 50 Touchdowns 2011 Saints: Drew Brees - 46 Touchdowns 2011 Packers: Aaron Rodgers - 45 Touchdowns 2012 Saints: Drew Brees - 43...
  15. Double TE

    Chiefs beat awesome QBs at home this yr.

    Case Keenum Jimmy G Blake Bortles Andy Dalton Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson Phil Rivers David Carr Andrew Luck I hope TB12 is up for the task...
  16. S

    300+ yards passing and 150+ yards rushing 0 turnovers in a playoff game

    300+ yards passing and 150+ yards rushing in a playoff game with 0 turnovers That has not happened in a playoff game until the Pats did it. Amazing...

    Patriots AFC Road Championship stats (5 Games) from 2001-2018

    First of all its obvious that these stats are probably meaningless to figure out what is going to happen in sunday's game at Kansas City but nevertheless here are the stats and averages of the Patriots 5 Road AFC Championship games The Patriots have averaged ..6 points in the 1st quarter/8...


    Thats the Patriots home record when they score first which is nearly at a 93% success rate -97 wins 8 losses is amazing. They are also 13-2 at home in the playoffs when they score first Whether its a FG or even a safety- History says the Pats chances increase if they get off to a good start...
  19. raduray

    If You Called a Run On First Down, You're Screwed

    You Called A Run On First Down. You’re Already Screwed.
  20. BobDigital

    The Patriots are the most balanced team left.

    The Patriots haven't look like themselves this year and that has a lot of fans as well as me concerned. But as we all know, it isn't just about how good you are. It is about how good the field is. What about the other teams in the NFL? I wouldn't call the Patriots the best team this year...