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Dec 6th

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  1. T

    Breer: Patriots have "interest" in Sam Darnold

  2. Mack Herron

    Report: Hightower, Cannon to retire

  3. S

    Will BB leave patriots at the end of this year?

    I say he will. There really is no point in his staying, because its likely going to be several years before they can compete for a SB again. Parcells and Coughlin both stopped coaching and took front office roles with other teams. Its probably the perfect time for BB to go given the long road...
  4. SammyBlueCat

    Bart Scott makes a bold prediction about Bill Belichick (out of thin air????)

    Bart Scott Casually Drops Bold Prediction About Bill Belichick's Future - NESN.com
  5. Triumph

    Report: JJ Watt led BOB mutiny in Houston

    Screw that job. Rumor is that McDamiels is on the short list. https://nesn.com/2020/10/nfl-rumors-j-j-watt-led-player-revolt-caused-bill-o-brien-firing/?fbclid=IwAR0qP9ndxm-prmc15maVsb0UiSUd_dXDt0IKRbpBgvU8IodTaqt4dAvCFjo
  6. S

    Report: Patriots team meeting at 7pm tonight

  7. patfanken

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands, but.....

    With all the talk about the Miles Garrett situation and how horrible the Cleveland operation is these days (from top to bottom), it got me thinking about a 2020 scenario that made me sad. I could see Josh McDaniels and Nick Cassario BOTH going home to Ohio and taking on the Cleveland Browns...
  8. Triumph

    Bedard does good job reading the tea leaves

    The part of young WRs is spot on. The part about AB is spot on too. NFL Notebook: Tom Brady's views on young WRs fits with his late-career Brady-centric arc, will it factor into his end with NE? | Boston Sports Journal

    Former Pats TE Jermaine Wiggins "97% Chance Gronk Returns later this year"

    Ex-Patriots TE insists Rob Gronkowski will return to team Lets hope he is right... I think certain factors might bring him back such as the team getting decimated at TE,The team having issues in the run game by losing Gronk as an extra body and the team having a less than normal record midway...
  10. P

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26

    Four Wednesday Patriots Thoughts For 6/26 Ian Logue Some midweek Patriots thoughts after an interesting couple of weeks. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  11. SBLIII

    Reports/Speculation: Texans will pursue Caserio AGAIN after 2020 Draft/UPDATE - Rumor: He wants out

    Patriots file tampering charges against Texans according to Adam Schefter
  12. T

    Mike Freeman - Gronk comeback?

    Take it for what it’s worth B/R's Mike Freeman: Sources Believe Rob Gronkowski Will Rejoin Patriots
  13. Ice_Ice_Brady

    TB12 on Instagram: “Treat my first like my last, and my last like my first!”

    TB12 just trolling everyone on social media? He seems to have developed a good appetite for this. I mean, he has to know how those words will be interpreted...lol
  14. robertweathers

    Adam Humphries: "Who knows how many (years) he’s got left?"

    Interesting little nugget today. Looks like one of the reason he didn't come here was we have the oldest QB in the NFL. TN actually has higher income taxes (6% to 5.05%) and sales tax (6.25% to 7%) than MA EDIT- they tax bonds, stocks, etc- not income tax His loss. Adam Humphries says he...
  15. DarrylS

    Bill Parcell's Son in Law return to NEP???

    Scott Pioli has left the Falcons and where will he wind up?? Maybe with his long time friend and mentor BB?? Would be an interesting move, but what will happen to loyal soldier Nick Caserio?? After the Watson and Collins signing there seems to be value in bringing NFL hardened folks back into...
  16. nowayback

    Malcolm Butler Mega Thread

    Just not having the kind of year I expected. Is it psychological ? Is he not getting the help with some WR's he used to? Anytime someone caught the ball Saturday I was looking for 21 trailing the play, ok sometimes it was Rowe . Can he turn it around for next games? What about his free agency...
  17. I

    Bill Going to move to GM only?

    I know he said he will not be coaching in his 70's but will he move GM full time? McDaniels takes over HC and bill moves back to handle GM duties etc.....thoughts?
  18. G

    Rapoport: Dolphins "focused" on Pats' DC Brian Flores

    Who would have guessed that Flores would have a Head Coaching job before Josh McDaniels?
  19. ChrisR2223

    Steelers to part with Tomlin if they Miss playoffs.

    According to local radio here in PA. The Steelers are ready to move on from Mike Tomlin if Pitt missed the playoffs. This would be the best head coaching Job in my opinion. 6 time Superbowl team strong fan base ridiculous toys on offense. Young improving defense. This could be a spot to lose...
  20. Bradyking12

    NFL Rumors: Patriots could see 'Mass Exodus' of Coaches, Executives, this offseason

    Doubt it when it comes to the article, but I do believe a lot players are gone, really depends on how we hit in the draft and offseason. NFL Rumors: Patriots Could See ‘Mass Exodus’ Of Coaches, Executives This Offseason