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  1. Arialgg

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time...

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time... I’m will be in Boston over Sept 22nd, and am planning on going to the Jets & Patriots game... I am a NFL live game virgin. You pros that have tips or wisdom to impart, I’m all ears. Here are some of my most pertinent...
  2. TBR

    Will ticket prices come down? And where should I buy tickets?

    I'm in Canada and I'd like to get tickets to a game at Gillette this season. Last time was in 2015 via StubHub, where I was able to get 50 yard line seats, 8 rows up behind Miami's bench, Thursday night game, for about $350 USD. They were purchased about 10-14 days before the game. Looking at...
  3. Darrone

    No Single Game Ticket Sale this Year?

    It seems like there will be no public sale of Pats tickets this year, at all. In years past they announce a sale date in April for some date in July. I only ever got tickets through it once (2 tickets in 08 or 09). They are gobbled up in seconds, and it's more like a lottery ticket for the...
  4. QuantumMechanic

    Ticket shenanigans? -- Same tickets for sale at both Ace and Stubhub

    I happened to be looking at tickets for the hell of it (not really planning to go) and I noticed the exact same tickets were listed on both Ace and Stubhub (Sec 109, Row 37, Seats 11-17, if you're interested.) So how the heck does that work? How does (say) Stubhub know to pull the tickets down...
  5. M

    Patriots vs Panthers (need ticket & getting to game advice)

    OT: Patriots vs Panthers Not sure if I am posting this in the right spot, but my wife has surprised me with a trip to Boston (live in KC of all places, not a great week to be here) for the weekend that the Patriots play the Panthers. I was wondering where/what is the best way to get tickets...
  6. N

    The Newest English New England Patriot Fan

    Hi there folks! I've signed up to this forum in the hope that some of you out there will be able to give me some hints and tips. We are spending some of our Summer holiday in Boston this year and my wife and I were thinking of taking our boys (11 and 8.5) to see a game. We took them to see...
  7. PatsGuy

    OT Seatgeek

    Has anyone used Seatgeek? R the tix agencies legit? I'm trying to get my daughter tix n went on site. I understand Seatgeek is a clearing house, but I don't recognize any of the tix agencies.