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  1. thecore762

    A blocking tight end.

    It’s been a while but I got a chance to rewatch this past super bowl between the chiefs and bucs and I gotta say Gronk was a game changer when it came down to blocking, he was man handling the KC defensive ends. The ply action passes were effective when Gronk stayed in and blocked. Also he was...
  2. M

    Will Our Running Game Be Better Than In 2020

    Will our running game be better. I think that the running game will be improved because of the expected improved blocking by the TE's. Of course, if we substitute ABC at QB, it is likely NOT to be better.
  3. S

    Blount: To this day I don't think the Patriots (and Eagles) have been able to replace me

    He is correct to this point - but not for much longer hopefully. Blount did tend to disappear in the playoffs though against defenses designed to stop the run. His postseason stats against teams not named the Colts or Patriots aren't the greatest. Even Sony showed up in the postseason.
  4. D

    Harris' Usage Against Texans

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but what happened with Harris against Houston? I think most assumed he got dinged or reaggravated an injury, but he recently made an Instagram post saying, "the bigger the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it" (or something along those lines)...
  5. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Burkhead's Season Appears to Be Over After Knee Injury vs Texans

    Burkhead's Season Appears to Be Over After Knee Injury vs Texans Ian Logue Anyone who watched Sunday's game likely had a tough time listening to Rex Burkhead scream out in pain late in the contest when the veteran suffered what ended up being a serious knee injury. Continue reading... (If you...
  6. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Ground Game Rains On Ravens Parade

    Patriots Ground Game Rains On Ravens Parade Bob George Yogi Berra, the baseball equivalent of the recently deceased Boston area comic Norm Crosby, once said this of baseball: “In baseball, you don’t know nuthin’.” Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  7. S

    Damien Harris

    Another 100+ rushing game today. Loved how he greeted his teammates after Cam scored. Love his postgame comments too. This kid is already showing leadership. This is not Jonas Gray II- I think we have something here. Gonna be a star.
  8. S

    Pats vs. Chiefs Rewatch Thread/Ben Muth (FO) on OL vs KC

    I didn't see anyone start this thread, but just wanted to post Word of Muth's column where he illustrates how the thrown together offensive line played pretty damn well in defeat.
  9. DropKickFlutie

    Silver Lining: Damien Harris looks very good

    RB Damien Harris looks excellent. He put up 101 yards on 17 carries. Big tough runner, hard to bring down. The OLine was missing David Andrews and Shaq Mason tonight. Michel just went on IR. The Patriot QBs were bad all night and Harris faced a stacked box all night. He's a load to bring...
  10. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - a last minute edition.

    Disclaimer: I wrote most of this on Saturday, and thought I wouldn't post it until the evening. Then I went out, heard the news about Cam and said to myself. "what a waste of time" and forgot all about it. Then while at work today I hear the game is on, the Pats are out on the field. So...
  11. J

    Running Backs (Five-Headed Monster)

    White, Michel, Burkhead, Harris and Taylor all need to be on the roster.
  12. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Monday Observations: Running Backs Key Patriots Big Win Over Mistake-Prone Raiders 36-20

    Monday Observations: Running Backs Key Patriots Big Win Over Mistake-Prone Raiders 36-20 Steve Balestrieri Observations From Sunday Afternoon’s Win Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  13. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Ground Raiders With Great Rush Attack

    Patriots Ground Raiders With Great Rush Attack Bob George Against the Las Vegas Raiders (the Las Vegas part will take some getting used to, just like the Los Angeles part in 1981) on Sunday afternoon at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots rode a massive rush attack to the tune of 250 team rushing...
  14. hypotherion

    Andrews to miss time with a broken thumb

  15. Double TE

    Wishbone offense

    Would Bill and Josh bring it back for the Seattle game? Would be fun to watch...
  16. SammyBlueCat

    Patriots Running Game?

    *IF* we run a variation of the "Wild Cat" will we call it the BLUE CAT????
  17. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Patriots Week 1 Report Card, Cam Newton Era Starts Off Strong

    Patriots Week 1 Report Card: Cam Newton Era Starts Off Strong Steve Balestrieri The Patriots offense rolled up 217 yards on the ground with Newton accounting for 75 of those yards and Julian Edelman 23 more. The running backs took the rest while chipping in four catches for 34 yards. Can the...
  18. Simpelton

    The Pounding Pats

    Looks like we're going to be pretty run heavy this year, with a premium rushing QB who's really good at RPO offense we're going to be abusing any team with a vulnerable D line. We're somewhat used to a finesse style offense, quick release surgical attack. Brady is the best in the world at that...
  19. P

    NEW ARTICLE: New Look Patriots Off To Good Start

    New Look Patriots Off To Good Start Bob George The new Patriot starting quarterback, who is trying to do what Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers and Jay Fiedler have done, took his first steps in taking over for the NFL GOAT quarterback. With Tom Brady way down yonder in New Orleans preparing to take...
  20. HailHydra

    James Develin on IR