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  1. S

    OT: Saints facing more COVID related penalties And if you’re the Ratbirds and actually caused a major disruption to the schedule? A pat on the head from 345 Park Avenue. :mad:
  2. N

    Losing our 3rd rounder... another farcical punishment for a non-football operation misstep...
  3. S

    Pats fined $350K for Covid protocol violations based on Cam/Gilmore positives LOL. Expensive dinner. Next announcement is Ravens to be fined $1.99 for their outbreak...and an apology from 345 Park Avenue for that fine. :thumbsup:
  4. S

    Looks like no punishment for the Titans

    Not that there should be here but we all know what would happen if it was us.
  5. KDPPatsfan85

    Titans could be hammered by league

    "NFL could soon make past punishment imposed on the Patriots seem like parking tickets" Titans players caught practicing at local high school field. I expect loss of high draft picks, suspensions, and fines...
  6. S

    NFL threatens to take draft picks away from teams who break covid protocols (like masks)

    Be careful Bill. 345 Park Avenue is getting restless.
  7. S

    NFL investigating Raiders for COVID protocol violation

    I think a forfeit today is a suitable punishment :D
  8. Froob

    Schefter: Steelers busted cheating (again)

    1-0 when cheating 0-3 without Update: 0-4 without illegal electronic devices

    Reports/Speculation: Texans will pursue Caserio AGAIN after 2020 Draft/UPDATE - Rumor: He wants out

    Patriots file tampering charges against Texans according to Adam Schefter
  10. KDPPatsfan85

    Cowboys caught cheating?

    Cowboys employee on Saints sideline with a cell phone out. Hmmm... Cowboys Coach Caught Using Cellphone On Saints Sideline During TNF (PICS)
  11. dannydyn

    Steelers cheating? Nah, can't be

    If it doesn't hurt, it's not cheating... :rolleyes:
  12. Y

    Aaron Rodgers on IR - Teams complain

    The story about teams saying rodgers should have to be cut due to being placed on IR without a new injury. My question is what did they gain by putting him on IR and possibly breaking a rule, could they have just not played him and let his back up play. They still have to pay him dont they? thx
  13. S

    Colts cheated and still lost

    Link: Colts sent non-players on field to clear snow, violating NFL policy Get Ted Wells on the line.
  14. J

    Broncos caught cheating; media says nothing

    Broncos caught cheating
  15. jv320i

    Chris Simms was paid by boosters at Texas...

    Says it was no big deal, happens everywhere. Chris Simms says he was paid by boosters while at Texas You're a true beacon of morality there Simms.
  16. S

    Brady: My medical (concussion) history isn't anyone's business

    Link: Tom Brady: Whether I had a concussion isn’t anybody’s business Right on Tom. And the last paragraph of this article is completely wrong.
  17. DarrylS

    Freeze investigated for NCAA violations, Miss. stands by their coach; he calls an escort he is gone

    Mondo Bizarro, Miss. Football Coach Freeze under investigation for 21 recruiting violations and Ole Miss Administrators voice their support.. he calls an escort on an Ole Miss phone he has to resign.. of course his defense is he misdialed and got area codes mixed up. Guess that happens all of...
  18. patfanken

    REAL the Colts... of course.

    If you go to PFT this today you will find this mention on the post career life of former Colts LT Tarik Glenn in their "one liners: section. Glenn was the LT for the Colts during most of the early 2000's and suddenly retired after the Colts superbowl win in 2006 after a very good, multi...
  19. aluminum seats

    Florio's Great Take on Steelers Hiding Bell's Injury

    The last line of this earns Florio major points for awhile.... Le’Veon Bell continues to admit to hidden injury
  20. convertedpatsfan

    Goodell's middle name is Hypocrisy

    Florio knocks this one out of the park. NFL has no comment on Revis tampering investigation The Jets might end up paying out Revis his $6M even though they could potentially pursue it due to the legal issues. Maybe it will count as hush money. Meanwhile, this league is a ****ing joke.