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  1. P

    Extended Season Soon

    NFL preseason expected to be shortened, with expanded playoffs likely | Expanded season but likely in Post Season Games. Getting closer to Multiple Super Bowl Games.
  2. P

    New England Patriots News 8-25, AFC East Notes

    New England Patriots News 8-25, AFC East Notes Steve Balestrieri This is another example of how the Patriots approach things, They don’t concern themselves with what he can’t do, they focus on the things that he does well Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  3. QuantumMechanic

    NFL considering de facto or de jure Hail Mary replay exemption

    Here we go... Competition Committee wants Hail Mary to be “survival of the fittest” A Hail Mary exemption from replay review could make for strange late-game scenarios
  4. Bleedthrough

    When ranking the greatest quarterbacks..

    Does your top 10 include all time? Or just Super Bowl era? Trying to decide which way I should go.
  5. Belichick8384

    The NFL vs The Game Itself (Rule Changes in the 21st Century)

    I used to generally agree with the rule changes coming out of the 1990s. And even then, the bad rule changes - while outrageous - seemed far and few in between; like the excessive celebration rule change in 2000 or the crackdowns on taunting and roughing the passer the next year after. But imo...
  6. everlong

    Best TE season ever

    Kelce, Kittle chase Gronkowski's record for best TE season Flawed to say the least. Gronk: 90 receptions, 1327 yards, 14.7 Y/R, 17 TD receptions, 1 rushing TD Kelce: 98 receptions, 1274 yards, 13.0 Y/R, 10 TD receptions, 0 rushing TD Kittle: 79 receptions, 1228 yards, 15.6 Y/R, 4 TD...
  7. S

    Eliminating the kickoff - NFL can't be serious can they?

    Link Focus on making the punt safer could be a precursor to a bigger change Does he mean that instead of kicking off you could choose to retain possession by a "4th down" play where you must gain 15 yards? Why on earth would you not go for that option every time? Especially if you have a Jump...
  8. I

    NFL scoring discussion

    In 1980, teams averaged 20.5 points a game. This year they're averaging 24.2 points a game, an increase of 3.7 points a game per team over a 38 year period, and increase of 18.0% over that time frame. Why is scoring up so much? Well, clearly yards are easier to gain, especially by way of...
  9. V

    I'm seeing people saying last night (Rams-Chiefs) was an awesome game. It sucked

    Why even have a defense out there.
  10. W

    e-mail to NFL*

    The wife wants to e-mail the NFL* to show displeasure about SB half time shows. Does anyone have a reliable e-mail address? Thanks in advance. Wrangler
  11. Ice_Ice_Brady

    A Modest Proposal: Removing the Defense from the field

    Now that the league is almost there already, how would fans feel about removing the entire defense from the football field? It would an amazing spectacle (though not much different from what we’re seeing anyway) to see these quarterbacks throw hundreds of touchdowns per game. Fans would get...
  12. B

    Remember when 300 passing yards was considered a good day?

    I know, I know, there are rules favoring offenses and the protection of quarterbacks that extend drives........but still.......isn't it crazy to think that 17 quarterbacks threw for 295+ yards this past weekend? Five of them went over 400 yards (Goff, Luck, Carr, Cousins, Ryan). Due to bye...
  13. maust1013

    2018 NFL Proposed Rule Changes

    Ten proposed rule changes for 2018 NFL season Per the following 10 rule changes are up for consideration at the owner's meetings. 1. By Competition Committee: Makes permanent the playing rule that changes the spot of the next snap after a touchback resulting from a free kick to the...