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  1. M

    Playoff Running Game

    We go into the 2018 playoffs with Michel replacing Lewis and Gillislie. We also have Patterson replacing Bolden. Returning are White, Burkhead and Develin. For me, the key is the health of the blockers, including Mason, Cannon, Brown, Gronk and Allen. We need to understand that the team has...
  2. M

    Time To Consider Contract Extensions

    The bye week is often the time to consider contract extensions. I could see one or two of the following being extended: K Gostkowski KR Patterson P Allen CB Jones CB J McCourty WR Gordon (he is ours anyway through 2019 with a top RFA tender) WR Dorsett I don't see Brown happening...
  3. everlong

    Roster Evaluation

    First off I threw this together quickly just to open the topic. I'm sure there will be major disagreements. I've taken a tiered approach when assigning a designation to players. This isn't where they fit into the Patriots but how they compare to peers around the league and if they were an FA...
  4. Mack Herron

    Rowe to IR

    We didn't acquire anyone but we did open a roster spot.
  5. L

    Kenjon Barner has Kenjon Barner as CUT on the Roster page. And the roster has 52 players. Don't know if it is accurate - but it could be interesting
  6. M

    Adding A Front 6 Player

    We will add a RB this week, likely in the next day. This will give us a RB corps of Michel, White, ???, Devein, Patterson as an occasional h-back, and Webb on the Practice Squad. I'm OK with that if the addition can be counted on to play if needed. =================== We still need a LB or a...
  7. tasmlab

    Only two running backs on the roster / Pats need a RB

    Only two running backs on the roster So, just two running backs on the roster. I've never seen this before. Both White and Michel are starters, and they don't even exactly play the same position really. They aren't each other's back ups in a practical sense. Big danger if somebody goes...
  8. Joey007

    Patriots work out former 1st rounder WR Breshad Perriman

    Patriots now working out Perriman. Per Schefty. This is just getting embarrassing
  9. Q

    Burkhead AND Bentley put on IR

    Burkhead didn't practice Wednesday because of a concussion? This guy cannot be counted on to play 2, just 2 games straight, let alone a full season. Rex Burkhead out of practice with a concussion
  10. M

    2018 Patriots Practice Squad

    Tracking PSquad additions and changes. Can also add notes about which players cut by the Pats get claimed/signed elsewhere.
  11. long distance

    2018 Free Agency -- Part 2

    With Draft and first UDFA wave over . and teams overloading . the second part of free agency starts. Still some interesting FAs left from the start of free agency . and some new being released. Here we can recalibrate the market / targets and follow new additions to FA market. __ From the NE...
  12. ForThoseAboutToRock

    Brady / Belichick Era All-Time Superbowl Roster

    I'd like to call attention to a fun exercise that's been started over on Reddit at r/Patriots, Ultimate Patriots Super Bowl Roster Go and vote for your all-time roster. Fun debate to be had. I felt like it's particularly hard to only select 3 LB and 3 WR because it forces you to leave off...
  13. IcyPatriot

    Practice / Playoff Roster Discussion Only!!!

    Somehow the other thread changed and was too many pages into a new area. So I made this one for this weeks practice news and the other members can discuss as they please.
  14. Mack Herron

    Mitchell returns.

  15. pheenix11

    Why do so many Pats receivers have low uniform numbers?

    My son asked me a good question tonight, how come so many of the Pats receivers have low uniform numbers? Edelman 11 Cooks 14 Hogan 15 Mitchell 19 Dorsett 13 Slater 18 Is there any particular reason?
  16. DaBruinz

    Ebner and Bennett to the IR

    Multiple reports out saying that the Pats have made the following moves: Bennett to the IR - Hamstring Ebner to the IR - Knee My guess is that Grissom will be back and the Pats will make a choice between Tye and either David Jones or Ryan Lewis for the other spot. I wouldn't be surprised...
  17. IcyPatriot

    99 ex-Patriots sit on active rosters, practice squads and IR lists around the league

    How many former Patriots reside around the NFL? ‘Whatever the number is, it’s a lot’
  18. nowayback

    Would you trade the Patriots roster straight up

    Would you trade the Patriots roster straight up for any team in the AFC for just this year? Would feel good with alex smith and co against Brady Belichick at arrowhead in playoffs? Even the NFC, no team so far is scary. Pats can only get better barring anymore injuries . We are all disappointed...
  19. M


    Hopefully, we'll have full time availability from Burkhead, Rowe, Gilmore, McClellan and Valentine. Belichick is likely to trade for someone. After all, he is always looking for players who could improve the team. OFFENSE Belichick might find someone. I suppose a backup TE is a need...
  20. long distance

    IR watch: McClellin & Valentine more likely to return than Mitchell (per Reiss)

    IR watch: McClellin & Valentine more likely to return than Mitchell . acc to Reiss Important insight (and not the best news) by Reiss about Pats IR eligible to return guys in his weekly quick-hits: Cassius Marsh makes subtle statement with USA flag mouth guard MM out of the season would...