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  1. BobDigital

    JC Jackson: To pay or not to pay, that is the question

    Something not bein brought up much with Gilmore's fresh injury is JC Jackson. Actually this is a thought I've had for a long time. If we want to rebuild holding on to Gilmore and his cap hit makes little sense. But what about Jackson? He has looked amazing in the #2 CB role. He is set to...
  2. Pape

    NFL eliminates the 62 player roster limit

    saw this on Florio's site... no more roster size limits for the remainder of the season... finally... this is one of the first things they should have done away with this season...
  3. M

    First Let's Sign Our Own (we have 22 UFA's)

    Every year folks want to spend big on free agents on other teams. The first priority is ALWAYS to look to our own first. Otherwise, we will create holes. As always, I pre-sume he ERFA's will be back, at least for camp. Jackson (RFA) will be tagged at the highest level. He'll be back or...
  4. S

    The roster: Looking ahead to 2021

    I wanted to take a look at what the team might look like going forward, at least to 2021. According to Spotrac, the Pats have $67.99 mil in cap space in 2021, which is 4th most in the league. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything I say as I'm no cap/transactions expert. 2021 Roster The 43...
  5. dreighver

    A Thought on Talent Evaluation

    Something I've found interesting is the strong play of J. Meyers and T. Hall, respectively. Both players were provided opportunities to play after injuries to the guys in front of them (Harry/Edelman, and Bentley). As far as I can tell, both have played well, and Hall in particular looks much...
  6. D

    Reminder: Pats Had $25M in Dead Cap Money in April.... then 8 Key Players Opted Out (Rebuild Year) This article does a nice job summarizing. Tom Brady leaving (he chose to leave, he put up his house on the market in Aug'18), and Brady's original cap hits all accelerated to hit the Pats with $14M in dead...
  7. M

    2021 Defense

    I think that the 2021 is in relatively good shape. Sure, they could be retirements and the use of the money for replacements (e.g. McCourty, McCourty, Chung and Hightower), . IMO, the only clear "need" is on the DL. We need a couple of additions from the draft or free agency. That isn't a...
  8. M

    2021 Offense

    Clearly, we need a lot on offense for 2021, curiously the same as we did this year: QB, WR, WR, TE, TE (we will also need a center). We will need to lots resources. If Thuney, Burkhead or White aren't part of the future, they could be traded now. After all, they are free agents after the...
  9. M

    The Key To 2021 and 2022 Success

    OK, we are a long shot for the playoffs, although I think that this team could win the last 4 if they are hot at the end of the season. ================= HOW TO BUILD FOR 2021 and 2022 Is the answer really 2-4 additional 2021 draft choices? SOME THOUGHTS 1) Adding the normal set of rookies...
  10. Triumph

    Reiss - NE has the highest rate of WR non separation in the NFL

    Boo ESPN. Not going to open it. They lie. Harry is ready to break out. Cams fault.
  11. J

    Running Backs (Five-Headed Monster)

    White, Michel, Burkhead, Harris and Taylor all need to be on the roster.
  12. PatsBoy12

    OT: Talib Hangs 'em Up

    I figured this is somewhat Pats related news. Mods, merge with a relevant thread if necessary. Aqib Talib has decided to hang up the cleats. Aqib Talib, former All-Pro CB, announces retirement after 12 seasons
  13. M

    It Is Belichick Time

    No one makes more transactions in the few days before and after the "final" cut to 53. he will make transactions all year. However, i expect lots between now and game time for Game 2. We could help at so many positions: WR, OT, TE, DT, LB, K.
  14. ctpatsfan77

    An important change to the NFL's practice squad policies

    In the past, the Patriots—and some other teams—have given salary bumps to players on their practice squad in order to keep them from being poached. In some cases, teams have paid players as if they were on the roster. The new CBA puts an end to that: all PS players must receive a fixed salary.*...
  15. shmessy

    Could Bailey Save Us a Roster Spot Next Year and Into the Future?

    Bailey is turning into the story of the year for the Patriots. What an incredible athlete! BB has always lauded Johnny Hekker as the greatest punting weapon in the NFL. He has uncharacteristically publicly drooled over the guy for years. Now he actually has Hekker 2.0!!!! He's already doing...
  16. Quest4SevenHomie

    Antonio Brown

    To me, I get the feeling that Brown is trolling everyone. Like how he did the the whole helmet fiasco and threatened to sit out. Brady and Belichick don't have the luxury of putting up that behavior. Everyone knows Belichick. Other teams suck, so they really don't have much going for them, so...
  17. Gumby

    WRs in lieu of TEs?

    so BB has finally found some tall WRs that he likes. At same time, he has lost all his experienced/trusted TEs. Harry =6'4" Thomas =6'3" Gordon =6'3" I was just wondering if he wouldn't see the opportunity to play some of these WRs as if they were tes. In the pats offense, all the players...
  18. Deus Irae

    Inspired by the FA thread: Rank the AFC by team talent, minus the QB

    I think this has the potential to be either an interesting topic, or a complete bomb, and I'm curious to see how it goes. So, quick ground rules that I'd like to go by, just so we can keep things orderly: Please first rate the teams based upon talent only. If you want to add in notions of...
  19. reamer

    Pats Pulpit: Belichick, Iowa State, and the future of defensive football

    Exceptional article. Well worth the read, although it's a bit long. Bill Belichick, Iowa State and the future of defensive football
  20. M

    Roster Allocation - Not A Discussion Of Players

    I think that we generally have our minimum numbers at the various positions and are having disagreements only with regard the very bottom of the roster. What are your priorities? In the end, especially for the last 3 positions, what matters is choosing the best player, independent of position...