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  1. Actual Pats Fan

    Roger Goodell has some kind words for Tom Brady Roger Goodell has some kind words for Tom Brady now that he is no longer with the Patriots Joe Biden has some kind words for Anita Hill and innocent incarcerated African-Americans Rand Paul...
  2. FreeTedWilliams

    Will Goodell screw the Saints again?

    Kamara is out today with the COVID, if he tests neg and remains asymptotic, he could play in the Wild Card round if the Saints play on Sunday, he can’t if they schedule the Saints to play on Saturday. Will Her Goodell screw he Saints once again?
  3. denverpatsfan

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wednesday Afternoon Football game thread: Bal @ Pitt

    Is this the last shot at some team beating the Steelers?
  4. G

    NFL is willing to “bubble” teams inside hotels for the rest of the season
  5. raduray

    Mike Tomlin handed James Harrison envelope after brutal hit

    I wonder what flexible level of justice Roger will hand out for this. I'm sure Saints fans are watching closely. James Harrison: Mike Tomlin "handed me an envelope" after hit that drew $75,000 fine - ProFootballTalk
  6. P


    Not sure who that is but Miguel retweeted him & he’s followed by Schefter/Reiss. Update: Confirmed by PFT
  7. T

    Goondell and NFCCG refs required to testify in Saints Lawsuit

    Court orders testimony of Roger Goodell in Rams-Saints lawsuit Dream Scenario: Goodell perjures himself and is incarcerated, resulting in the owners giving him the boot (unlikely, I know, but one can only dream). Discovery leads to evidence of league conspiracy to help the Rams and...
  8. 1960Pats

    Ezekiel Elliot Fined

    Apparently the NYFL decided to fine Elliot for a Salvation Army related celebration. Hopefully it will help increase donations to the charity...
  9. P

    Roger Goodell To Skip AFC Championship, Attend NFC Title Game In Philly

    Roger Goodell To Skip AFC Championship, Attend NFC Title Game In Philly Robert Alvarez Roger Goodell passes on attending AFC Championship game in Foxboro. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  10. BobDigital

    Roger Goodell gives terminally ill Pats fans Super Bowl tickets

    Roger Goodell Surprises Terminally Ill Patriots Fan With Super Bowl Tickets Roger gave a terminally ill NY fire department chief super bowl tickets. So yeah.... It isn't like we don't see through this. What a cheap stunt really. Who doesn't like terminally ill fire chiefs right? How about...
  11. Joey007

    So Goody says he'll be done as Commissioner after contract, but....

    Here's the bad news. Oh boy oh boy, I can only imagine who he will pick as a replacement. I'm sure they will be very competent and unbiased. :rolleyes:
  12. QuantumMechanic

    Goodell extended for five years :(

    News just came in. FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Commissioner Goodell Signs Five-Year Extension
  13. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Goodell's new contract is signed

    New contract for Roger Goodell has been signed what a mistake what an embarrassment what a lousy commissioner
  14. S

    WSJ Takes Goodell to the Woodshed

    What the NFL Teaches Corporate America The pressure is ramping up on Goodell. There must be a few owners that still read the Journal & this won't go over well. Amoung other things, the article says that any public company would have fired Goodell for poor performance years ago & characterizes...
  15. DarrylS

    Jerry Jones won't sue...

    This sad saga of NFL inner workings looks like it coming to an end, Jerry has decided to drop his promised law suit against Goodell and the league... he still is advocating for disbanding of the Competition Committee.. Jerry can fade to black and reserve his tantrumming in private.. And...
  16. Silver Blue&Red

    J. Kraft: Jones told us to "take your medicine"

    This hypocrite, POS. I really hate this guy. And , a big reason this burns me, is because I had Cowgirl fans trying to sell me this same BS. Patriots' Jonathan Kraft: Jerry Jones told us 'take your medicine' during deflate-gate
  17. cupofjoe1962

    Could Goodell flex the Week#15 Sunday night game & replace Dal vs Oak with NE vs Pit?

    I know there are some weird rules around how the Sunday night flex schedule works. What better way to really piss of Jerry Jones than to have Roger remove his Cowboys from the Sunday night game & replace them with ****y Krafts Patriots. After this week there is a good chance the Steelers &...
  18. T

    Jerry Jones to Goodell: Kraft is a P$$$Y Compared to what I will do to you

    War between Jerry and Goodell escalating *popcorn* OTL: NFL teeters on all-out, unprecedented civil war
  19. Jangles

    Goodell contract demands ($50m salary, private jet, health insurance for life)

    Roger Goodell is asking for a $50M salary, private plane and health insurance for life, per report lmao no wonder Jerry said hell no
  20. T

    Goodell getting drunk with a bunch of Seahawks fans

    VIDEO: Check Out A Drunk Roger Goodell Taking Shots With Seahawks Fans