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  1. P

    Kyle Van Noy Trolls Felger and Mazz Following Ron Burton Award Acceptance

    Kyle Van Noy Trolls Felger and Mazz Following Ron Burton Award Acceptance Robert Alvarez Kyle Van Noy Trolls Felger and Mazz on Twitter following 2019 Ron Burton Award honor. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  2. maust1013

    OT: Chung basher gets what he deserves, sues over it

    In a text a Rams office staffer called Chung a b!tch after he broke his arm in the SB. The guy that handles Chung's social media called him out on it and he ended up losing his naturally he is suing Chung. Such is the world we live in, smdh Report: Chung sued over SB trash talk
  3. nabwong

    OT: Pittsburgh tv producer fired for Brady “joke”

    Can I have stupid decisions for $1000 Please? TV station fires employee over Tom Brady 'known cheater' graphic
  4. Dr Pain

    OT:Deflategate Karma? Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'StarTalk' Shelved at Nat Geo Amid Misconduct Allegation

    Oh my Neil deGrasse Tyson's 'StarTalk' Shelved at Nat Geo Amid Misconduct Allegations Remember how he piled on with Bill Nye with their incorrect work "Other high-profile science communicators echoed Orzel’s sentiments as well. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, tweeted...
  5. S

    Ravens complaining about footballs used in Chargers game

    Here we go again?
  6. SammyBlueCat

    The beautiful thing about the Eagles is

    that they have fun. :eek:
  7. J

    But at least he is having fun

    Lane Johnson surrendered one sack, one hit and two hurries for a total of four quarterback pressures allowed, per Pro Football Focus. He’s allowed 23 pressures this season, tied for third highest in the NFL, including an NFL-worst five sacks.
  8. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Bob Kravitz FIRED

    more deflategate karma Kravitz fired Grigson fired Pagano fired Colts no playoffs for three years Ravens no playoffs for three years Former NFL supervisor of game day operations Mike Kensil assigned to field prep work in Siberia the beat goes on... WTHR releases sports columnist Bob Kravitz |...
  9. Bill Lee

    Suggs: Loss to Bengals 'most devastating' of my career

    Surprised there isn't more glee at the Ratbirds falling out of the nest and the playoff race yesterday. NFL.COM ( Suggs: Loss to Bengals 'most devastating' of my career ) has Suggs all over the crying towel: Good, ya ratbird! Flacco sucks and Ray Lewis killed two guys!
  10. goheels22002

    No AFC Dome Teams, Broncos, Ratbirds in 2018 playoffs

    Happy New Year, everybody. Interesting to me that most of the usual suspects are not in the AFC playoffs and we're looking a field that features new meat in the Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans. Those fans must be excited and can have a great week or two until they get...
  11. reamer

    Tomlin part of competition committee when catch rules were redefined

    I did not conduct this research, but I did think it was worth sharing. Look at the timeline of when Tomlin was elected and when the rules were changed. Can't make this up. Mike Tomlin named to NFL competition committee NFL tweaks catch rule; Bryant still incomplete The NFL Competition...
  12. Silver Blue&Red

    J. Kraft: Jones told us to "take your medicine"

    This hypocrite, POS. I really hate this guy. And , a big reason this burns me, is because I had Cowgirl fans trying to sell me this same BS. Patriots' Jonathan Kraft: Jerry Jones told us 'take your medicine' during deflate-gate
  13. lusdawg

    ESPN sinking Disney

    Love it: Disney's profit disappoints as TV unit struggles “The company’s media networks unit — whose crown jewel is ESPN — had a tough quarter, reporting segment operating income of $1.48 billion, a drop of 12% from a year earlier. Its operating income declined on a year-over-year basis for...
  14. NE-VT

    Jim Irsay said Andrew Luck's injury 'inside his head'

    Dungy: Irsay said Luck injury 'inside his head' Nice way to alienate your franchise QB. What an owner. -------------- Edit 1: The level of incompetence of the Colts is comical. Yet Colts' handling of the Luck situation is also tragic. There is even talk that Luck might retire...
  15. ScottishPatriots

    Owners including Kraft must turn over all cell phone records

    And Emails, better hope they weren't stupid enough to send texts :eek:
  16. IllegalContact

    destruction completed...Indy home dogs vs the Browns

    destruction completed...Indy home dogs vs the Browns Browns favored for first time since 2015
  17. R

    The Season Finale of Deflategate

    #10 - THE SERIES FINALE OF DEFLATEGATE [With Roger Goodell returning to New England on Thursday night for the opening game of the NFL season, a repost from February was certainly in order] I hold no grudge against Roger Goodell. If a man acts according to his heart and his principals, and does...
  18. T

    Odell Beckham Ankle Injury

    Odell Beckham Jr. breaks down on walk back to the locker room Reminds me of the cheap hit TJ Ward put on Gronk a few years ago.
  19. UptownPatsFan

    The Last Supper (bowl)

    ...Not really ;)
  20. P

    Patscap Podcast: Do I Care About The Patriots Possibly Going 19-0 This Season'

    Patscap Podcast: Do I Care About The Patriots Possibly Going 19-0 This Season' Russ Goldman In this episode, Miguel discussed if he cared about a possible 19-0 season for the Patriots. He also updated the current state of the cap for the Pats. Later on, he compared the Patriots 2007 team to...