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  1. shmessy

    HBO Films: BB and Saban Coming December 10, 2019

    Oh man!!!!!!
  2. dreighver

    Do Your Job Part III

    Exciting news -- very much looking forward to watching this!
  3. wizwor

    NFL Network on Pluto TV

    Just a heads up for all of you wondering how to watch the Pats replays... Pluto TV If you have a device that streams Pluto TV, you can watch on your television. Quality is lacking, but the price is right. Pats vs Jets from 12/21/14 is coming up tonight. For all of you cord cutters, take a...
  4. Patsfanin Philly

    Pre-season Pats games replay on NFL Network

    For those of us geographicaly impaired and not close to Boston, TV replays: Fri 8/9 NE @ Det 1 PM NFL Network Sat 8/17 NE @ TEN 4 am NFL Network Fri 8/23 CAR @ NE 4 PM NFL Network Fri 8/30 NYG @NE 4 PM NFL Network
  5. Patsfanin Philly

    Hard Knocks 2019- Raiders

    First episode Tues Aug 6th at 10 pm Some trailers........ Maybe it's me but when I see Gruden talking to the team, I think of the "observer effect" in physics, in which the mere act of observing a phenomenon changes it... i.e. he speaks differently when he knows the cameras are on.. We...
  6. Joey007

    NFL 100 All Time Team Special This Fall: (Features a special guest)

    Boy oh boy, I cannot wait for this.
  7. Wheelman

    NFL Top 100 players of 2019

    Edelman is going to be at 90-81 I think. The only other option is Nick Foles but I have my doubts due to his limited playing time. Airs tomorrow night @ 9 pm ET on NYJFL* Network.
  8. Wheelman

    2018 NFL Yearbook/Team Highlights on NFLN @ 2:30 PM ET Sat July 20

    Patriots highlights starting in a moment on nfl network. Enjoy! Only chance to see it unless you obtain it in non-legal ways or find it on youtube.
  9. ctpatsfan77

    Program alert: Edelman and GRONK to appear on "The $100,000 Pyramid" 7/14

    The episode airs at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. And if they don't have "Yo Soy Fiesta" as a category, what are they even doing? The only shame is it's hosted by Michael Strahan. *grrr*
  10. Tunescribe

    Program alert: Pats vs. Giants 2007 (regular season game) on NFLN now

    I was there in person. :cool: I remember getting into the stadium about an hour before kickoff and all the programs already were sold out.
  11. QuantumMechanic

    Ben Coates game on Thurs afternoon

    NFL Network, 3pm, 1994 NE @ MIA.
  12. Brewskies

    Edelman on Showtime: Friday, 6/28/19

    I don't know where to put this, so feel free to move it. I am not sure this was posted already. On Friday, June 28, 2019, from 9 PM until 10:15 PM DST in the East, on Showtime there will be a show about Edelman. It is called "100 Percent: Julian Edelman." It is an imaginative look inside...
  13. maust1013

    Edelman Showtime documentary

    Knowing Edelman there will probably some mockumentary to it as well. It's supposed to chronicle his injury rehab and through to the SB. File Under: Can never have enough Pats Porn Julian Edelman Using New Showtime Documentary To Launch Media Company
  14. G

    AAF suspends football operations

    I may be in a post-Super Bowl state of football euphoria, but I'm going to give the new league a shot. I'm interested to see some of the ideas they have for new rules in action, and they've got enough guys I've heard of where I think it might be worth a look. I know there's a handful of...
  15. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase Champ game weekend, 12PM ET on FOX

    NFL films presents NFL Championship Chase, recap/highlights of the 4 remaining playoff teams on FOX at 12 PM Eastern Time zone.
  16. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase Divisional Playoffs @ 2 PM ET on FOX

    NFL Championship Chase Divisional Playoffs @ 2 PM ET on FOX presented by NFL Films. Looks like NFL Films is doing a divisional week NFL Championship Chase again. I don't think they've done one in a few years. Should be one for the conference championship round and Super Bowl.
  17. Tunescribe

    Programming alert: Cheeves @ Patriots full-game replay, 8 p.m. NFLN

    I'll be watching this after having witnessed it live at Gillette.
  18. Wheelman

    Reminder: NFL Championship Chase WC Weekend, Saturday 2PM eastern time on ABC

    One hour highlight show of the playoff teams presented by NFL Films as usual. Saturday 2PM Eastern time on ABC Or Saturday 11 am Eastern time on BSPN 2 There will be one for the conference championships and Super Bowl as well. I don't think they do a divisional round.
  19. P

    VIDEO: Willie McGinest "A Football Life" To Air Friday

    VIDEO: Willie McGinest "A Football Life" To Air Friday Robert Alvarez On Friday Night, NFL Network will air its latest installment of the "A Football Life" documentary series that will profile McGinest's life and journey to the NFL along with the sustained success he would help bring to New...