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  1. R

    Post Game Thread - Pats @ Steelers

  2. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread - Pats beat Vikings

    Great win, we're now 9-3!!! One step closer to the AFC East title. Adam Thielen I hate you!! Glad there were no major injuries for us. Let's discuss!!!!!
  3. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

    I hate the Jets so whenever we beat them is good. We're now 8-3 and their 3-8. Another division title is getting closer. We can play better but a win is a win and I'll take a division win on the road any day. Let's discuss!!!
  4. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread: Titans beat the Pats

    Bad game all around...our offense was bad, our defense was bad and our special teams play was bad. We deserved to lose the game. A week off, hope we can get healthy and back on track. Lets discuss
  5. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Packers

    -Great 7-2... I love it. Let's discuss
  6. Ian

    OFFICIAL POST GAME THREAD - Patriots Beat Bills

    We're on to the Packers :cool:
  7. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Bears

    What a game....White, Gordon Edleman played well!!!! The defense had some big turnovers...5-2 really sounds good...Waiting to hear the news on Sony!!! Let's discuss!!!! First place in the AFC East!!!!
  8. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Chiefs

    What a crazy game...not sure if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.... Our offense was great, Sony, Tom and our receivers!!!!! Big win for us and 4-2 is really big... Let's discuss!!!
  9. ashley1992

    Week 5 Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Colts

    Nice to get a win and an extra few days off. Glad to see Gordon score a TD and nice to have Edleman back!!!! Michel had another really good game as well. McCourty had a rough game and the defense struggled in the 2nd half, but a win is a win Let's discuss.
  10. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread - Pats beat the Texans

    Nice to get off to a 1-0 start. Good performance by the Defense in whole, Dorsett and Gronk. Let's discuss!!! Mike Reiss‏Verified account @MikeReiss 1m1 minute ago Patriots 27, Texans 20 (final): Phillip Dorsett emerges in big way (69th different player to catch a TD pass from Tom...
  11. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread - Pats beat Jets on New Years Eve

    We wrap up the season 13-3 with the number 1 seed. We did what we had to do and what we do best, win!!!! Great game by Lewis, I thought our defense played well, especially Guy and Harrison showed some flashes. Mike Loyko‏ @NEPD_Loyko 3m3 minutes ago It's a complete afterthought now, but being...
  12. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Bills!!!!

    Great 2nd half by the team...Dion was great, Gronk was really good and the D came to play in the 2nd half!!!! Happy Holidays to everyone.........12th win is ours...let's root against the Jags today and the Steelers tomorrow!!!! Let's discuss
  13. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats with a crazy win against Pitt

    I am, just wow....What a win. Great game....Division champs again!!!!! Gronk...great game!!!!!!!! I love this team, they never give up...let's discuss!!!!
  14. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread -Pats @ Dolphins

    Tough game for both the Offense and Defense. I thought the D played better in the 2nd half. Brady had a tough game, the biggest play of the game I thought was the Richards missed sack. Offensively, we really looked sluggish. Short week against the Steelers. Have to play better next week...
  15. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Bills

    Very good win, glad to get number 10 on the year. Great running game today, Rex and Dion were very good. I thought Fleming did well also. Our defense showed up and did what they had to do. Our 14th consecutive road victory!!!! A divisional road win is always nice... Let's discuss
  16. reamer

    Post Game Thread Dolphins @ Pats

    All aboard! :cool:
  17. ashley1992

    Official Post Game Thread - Pats destroy Raiders!!!!!!

    One of our best overall performances of the year so far. Great win and it's nice to be 8-2 and in complete control of the AFC East. Cooks, Amendola, Dion and Dwayne Allen all played well and I thought Brady was excellent. Defensively, we keep improving as well. Thankfully, it seems no...
  18. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread..... Chargers @ Pats

    Not the prettiest, but I'll take 6-2 heading into the bye... Let's discuss
  19. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread Falcons @ Pats

    Great win, 5-2 sounds nice and in sole possession of 1st place!!!! Defense came up big tonight and after a rough start, the O-line played better, especially run blocking. Let's discuss. Mike Loyko‏ @NEPD_Loyko 1m1 minute ago #Patriots about to move to 5-2 and could be tied for best record...
  20. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread Pats @ Jets

    Wow, that was close!!! I'll take a road win in the division...we're 4-2 now. Need to keep improving!!!!! We are in 1st place. Let's discuss