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  1. ctpatsfan77

    How do you feel after Pre-season Game 1? [a photo poll]

    Option A: Option B: Option C: Option D: Option E:
  2. A Defiant Goose

    If you needed to win just ONE game...

    I spend a lot of time on OrangeMane.com. They're a fun bunch. Either that or I'm suffering from self inflicted Stockholm syndrome. Anyway we were talking about the 2008 vs 2009 Pats and it got me to thinking: If you needed to win ONE game. Super Bowl vs the NFC rep. Would you go with the 2008...
  3. Joey007

    2018 Hypothetical offseason scenario: (Poll)

    Let's say that Jimmy tears it up every time he's on the field over the next two seasons, (meaning we don't trade him) and looks so good to the point that he looks like a future great. Tom also is still playing like Tom. Do you re up Jimmy, and move forward with him? Or do you give that up to...
  4. PatsBoy12

    Wes Welker: Is He Canton Bound

    Hi All, With the news that Welker is weighing his options and may not return for the upcoming season, I just wanted to pose the question whether or not he is deserving of the HOF? What do you all think? Should he make it, or would his astounding numbers be considered a product of Tom Brady...
  5. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Poll: Will you watch the opener if TB is suspended?

    I am curious how many people are planning to watch the opening game on Sunday Night on ESPN at Arizona if TB12 isn't playing.
  6. fightingirish595

    Poll - Do Broncos miss the playoffs if Manning starts all 16 games?

    Honestly I think the pats definitely hold on. I'm pretty sure cincinatti blew a 2 score lead against them. I don't see mannings offense leading that comeback. Not sure with how everything else played out if 10-6 would've been enough to keep them out. But it's very interesting. Although manning...
  7. Soul_Survivor88

    POLL: What is the next New England sports team to win a championship?

    Bruins need a defenseman, Celtics need a Big Man a la Kevin Garnette, Pats need a running game and an improved O-line, and the Red Sox have to get more from their bull pen. What's the next Boston team to win it all?
  8. Connecticut

    Broncos vs Steelers

    Well, who you got and why? Broncos eek it out somehow.
  9. PatsWickedPissah

    Who Should Brady's Next Relationship Be With...

    Now that Bridget is history, coincidently just in time to avoid having to spend bucks* on expensive holiday jewelry and gifts...who should be next? * Is Brady Scottish? Should be Lindsay Lohan - typo Should be Sharon Shenocca (pats1)
  10. BelichickFan

    When Will the Patriots Trade Cassel ?

    He's signed through the 2008 season. So there's the offseason after 2006 (early 2007) and the offseason after the 2007 season (early 2008). He's practically free but has to be worth something pretty good on the trade market - not withstanding the fact that we said the same thing about Davey :)
  11. ctpatsfan77

    Gostkowski v. Gramatica: who would you keep?

    I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet. Personally, I'm about 95% convinced that Gostkowski will stick, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if they both stay, at least initially.
  12. PATSNUTme

    Poll: Term for negitive Patriots media coverage

    The nominations are in for a term that discribes when the media, both written and electronic, has something negitive or disrespectful to say about the Patriots. Please vote for the term that you like the most and that will become the official, unoffcial, term to use.