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  1. ctpatsfan77

    Get claimed by your 2017 rookie binkies here!

    As @ayjackson noted so presciently years ago, you don't pick binkies. Binkies pick you. So who has claimed you? [Note that more than one binky may have claimed you. ;) ]
  2. Soul_Survivor88

    The Patriots are the biggest "Evil Empire" in sports, according to Twitter

    Not all that surprising, but Golden State has done more to harm parity in the NBA than The Pats have in the NFL... way more. They literally signed a Top 3 player (KD) to a line up already responsible for winning 73 games last year!!!
  3. ctpatsfan77

    Will Garoppolo still be a Patriot when the draft ends?

    Figured it's worth a poll, since it's Draftmas Eve.
  4. S

    How well do you think the Pats draft?

    I did some spreadsheet tinkering with the data of the 17 drafts in the Belichick New England era. I used Pro Football Reference’s Career AV and Draft AV measures as a rough measure of a player’s quality. Career AV measures the amount of productivity a player accumulates in his career. Draft AV...
  5. B

    Poll: What will you be doing Draft Night?

    With no Patriots 1st rounder......how invested are you in this draft?
  6. pdangle

    OT: AH double murder trial What says you fine juror? POLL - Verdict Not Guilty

    What does everyone think? Might be hung jury. Remember NE has about 3M in cap room riding on this. Facts of the case: No verdict in ex-NFL star's murder trial after 3rd day
  7. p8ryts


    Time for annual nominations. I really hope Raymond Clayborn makes it this year. Other guys from the past are Julius Adams, one of our best pass rushers. We could use him now. Of the recent teams, I favor Willie McGinest, always made big plays and was the best team leader. On the negative...
  8. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Poll: If you were the Browns GM, would you trade #1 overall for Garopollo?

    The Browns are enamored with Garoppolo and clearly think he is a long-time franchise quarterback. They are making a big run for him and have made it public knowledge that they would like to pry him loose from the Patriots. Now the word is they wouldn't be willing to give up their #1 overall...
  9. BelichickFan

    Who Says No to This Brandon Cooks Contract

    When we pick up the 5th year option, we'll be obligated to pay Cooks a little under $10M the next two years. My proposal is to rip it up and sign him to a new 4 year, $44M contract. For the Patriots it locks in a top WR at $11M a year for the rest (or most) of Brady's career. It's a good...
  10. cstjohn17

    What do you want the Pats to do with Butler?

    Be the hoodie, I am sure this invalidates results... but I added an option, sign him long term
  11. Soul_Survivor88

    'The Malcolm Butler Watch' begins (awaiting results of his Restricted Free Agency)

    Hightower, Gilmore, Cooks, Ealy, Branch, Harmon, Allen and Burkhead. What an offseason the Patriots had so far. All that's left is Butler. I agree. Unless the Saints are willing to part with their #11 pick, I would want Butler to play out his contract im 2017 under the restricted tender...
  12. Deus Irae

    Poll: IF disaster strikes, where do the Patriots end up?

    What if JAG gets shipped out this offseason Brady gets injured week 1 and is lost for the season Jacoby is forced to start the full season A stiff of a veteran brought in as backup All players currently here, and all veteran additions, play within reason, better or worse, compared to last...
  13. Soul_Survivor88

    Mary Cabot: The Browns will not give up their number one pick or multiple first rounders for Jimmy

    Fine......in the words of one Italian gentleman... "Fuh get Bout it!!!" :cool::D
  14. Soul_Survivor88

    The other trade chip no one wants to talk about....Macolm Butler, how much is he worth in a trade?

    I think most of us are pretty surprised how unproductive these extension talks have been... or at least, the reported tone of them. I mean, who could blame Butler for being a little upset. He's been underpaid for two seasons, and has to deal with the "insult" of seeing someone outside the team...
  15. long distance

    Best Day 1 FA in Pats history?

    Or should we say Best first FA hour? Its more like BB&co appreciation thread really.. Branch Harmon Gilmore and good signs of Hightower coming back What a D haul on a single day! If High comes back this D will rock .. and we're not even to Day 9 or so where BB gets really creative! And a...
  16. BobDigital

    Poll: Butler for pick or for Cooks?

    It looks like Butler is moving. Whispers are for Cooks but I am curious what you think is better value?
  17. R

    Jimmy g better than tb12?

    Please vote on this point that was raised on this forum
  18. Tunescribe

    *** Annual Patriots Bye-Week Thread (Official) ***

    This is the annual Patriots bye-week thread. We might consider honoring other sports. Perhaps we'll start this off with ... surfing!
  19. M

    Prevent Defense

    Hey all, another thrilling win for the Pats today. I decided to post to see if anyone else finds that the Pats resort to the prevent far too early. I've been watching football my whole life and I can't recall any other teams going into prevent mode with six minutes left in the 3rd quarter. I get...