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  1. Soul_Survivor88

    POLL: The 2017 Patriots are not as dominant as we predicted. But how good CAN they be?

    The New England Patriots win ugly in Tampa: Puzzling over what to make of Bill Belichick's 3-2 team Hard to say. The Patriots are currently 3-2 and are still trying to address questions on both sides of the ball. On one hand, I'm encouraged by how the defense responded on a short week --...
  2. goheels22002

    Poll: Hypothetical Post Route Chad Ochocinco vs Stephon Gilmore

    This is the nightmare that woke Bill Belichick up on Sunday night covered in a cold sweat.
  3. M

    Poll:Bring Timmons in for a look?

    Once Miami jettisons him? Dolphins suspend LB Lawrence Timmons indefinitely
  4. B

    Were you rooting for another Atlanta meltdown on Sunday Night?

    I'm sure many of us were watching Sunday Night Football. For those of you who weren't, though, the Atlanta Falcons found themselves in a similar situation to the Super Bowl. The Falcons were up by 24 (34-10) late in the third quarter but allowed the Packers to get a score and capture momentum...
  5. Soul_Survivor88

    Mychal Kendricks: Trade for the Beast??? (Poll)

    Who says no to this trade: Eagles get Dion Lewis, Patriots get Mychal Kendricks? Kendrick played just 23 snaps for today, and expressed he wanted a trade this offseason. Patriots meanwhile, need help at LB. With Burkhead, Gillislee, and White in the backfield, along with DJ Foster on the PS...
  6. jmt57

    Who returns punts for the Patriots in 2017?

    Who returns punts for the Patriots in 2017? In particular many want to wrap Amendola in bubble wrap when it comes to the 2017 WR receiving corps, when punt returners face multiple opponents bearing down on them at full speed when they receive a punt. I'll add a poll once I get some suggestions...
  7. P

    2017 Patriots Breakout Player Predictions

    Seemingly every year this team has players that come out of nowhere. These players can be rookies, NFL JAGs & even Pats on their last chance. 2016 Trey Flowers goes from 4th pass rusher in the rotation to 1st over the course of the season. His breakout culminates with 2.5 sacks in the...
  8. Dagg

    Who will lead the patriots in rushing yards this season?

    So to me one of the biggest mystery is how we use these RBs this year. Interested to hear thoughts from around the forum.
  9. jmt57

    Poll: Who makes the roster at Tight End?

    Obviously Gronk and Dwayne Allen are roster locks. Who do you think (and who do you want) to make the 53-man roster? James O'Shaugnessy Jacob Hollister Matt Lengel Sam Cotton
  10. M

    Poll: Pats 2017 Regular Season Record

    What will our regular season record be?
  11. SalemPats

    Conor vs Floyd

    I know this is not football, but we do have a strong Irish community in Boston who love the Pats and all things irish I'm going with the upset Conor 4th round ko
  12. long distance

    The Brandon Bolden bubble case + Poll

    I hope @robertweathers doesn't mind using his quote here that sparked this little inquiry on pats fans & media playing bubble game w BB & BB . and can maybe spark another Bolden bubble debate with me playing his advocate a little bit. Im not his biggest fan but somebody has to stand for the...
  13. B

    Jacoby Brissett - any chance he doesn't make it

    Just checking is everyone in agreement that hell will freeze over before this guy is cut? I personally have gone from 100% to maybe 70%. I don't like how he's played. His mobile/run-option play isn't best suited with our receiver corps. Now his mechanics are a issue and he's going to reset and...
  14. Deus Irae

    Poll: Who will make it to the 3rd exhibition game?

    Roster cuts don't need to come before the game, so we're talking about guys just flat-out getting axed. I'd put up a "who won't" version, but it would require too many slots. So here are a few people that have been mentioned as cuts, just for a bit of conversation and a bit of an absolutely...
  15. BobDigital

    Does Rob Ninkovich make the Pats Hall of Fame?

    That is the question. I doubt anyone thinks if he does make it that it will be quickly but will he get in sooner or later? Career numbers with the Pats in 8 years. 46 sacks, 12 FF, 24 PD. More than his stats though were the amount of snaps he played which was the most in the league for any...
  16. Froob

    Is BB the GOAT GM?

    Most agree he's probably the GOAT coach but, in the salary cap era he's also managed to win five super bowls with final say on personal. Where's that put him all time?
  17. B

    OT - Who's the bigger underdog--Conor McGregor or Michael Phelps?

    Bovada currently has Phelps as the bigger underdog: Phelps +400/great white shark -700 vs. McGregor +350/Mayweather -500 Great Gold vs Great White Betting Odds Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing Odds i'm not so sure, since the conditions of the Phelps/shark race are unknown. is it a draw if the...
  18. Family

    What is more difficult? Undefeated in the NBA Playoffs or undefeated NFL season?

    I thought this was a relevant off season topic. Before these NBA playoffs I would have said it was more difficult to go undefeated during an entire NFL season. Now after seeing game 4 I am not so sure. No team would have beaten the Cavs that night. It seemed even the NBA (refereeing) made sure...
  19. Tony2046

    Football 101: Pass or Run Test { With Answers}

    Okay all you knowledgeable football fans, I'm going to post three short videos of three plays from a Patriots vs Ravens game. The video will include everything up until the snap. All you have to do is decide for each video whether the Pats ran the ball or passed the ball and choose the...
  20. ctpatsfan77

    What might have been: Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch as Patriots?

    NFL Rumors: Richard Sherman Eyed Reunion With Marshawn Lynch On Patriots