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  1. M

    Poll: How much $ to have not had Brady/BB or any SB wins?

    Poll: How much $ to have not had Brady/BB or any SB wins? In other words you trade the winning history (it magically vanishes) but you get the cash... What is your price?
  2. Joey007

    POLL: If Wentz is out, who is the new NFC Favorite?

    Hard to really pick a favorite now. Eagles: unless they get Wentz back, hard to see them going to the SB. Still have a very stout roster and a good backup QB, so I don't think they'll be like Oakland in the playoffs last year. Wouldn't be shocked if they win a playoff game. Vikings: They need...
  3. B

    One last Gronk Suspension Question

    First and foremost, if you read any of my messages this past week I 100% agree with Gronk being suspended. It was an awful play. It was well after the play was over, was on a defenseless player who wasn't even looking, and resulted in an injury. So that's not up for the debate, but the...
  4. VJCPatriot

    Brady for MVP this year or is there someone more deserving?

    Vote now. To me, Brady is the top choice, not just because of my Pats fan bias, but because of what he has accomplished all year. Brady currently leads the NFL in passing yards with 3,632. Second in Touchdown passes with a 26 TD to 4 INT ratio. Second in Completion percentage with 68.5%. Best...
  5. Bradyking12

    1985 Patriots Or 1996 Patriots

    If you could choose which one wins the Super Bowl in their respective seasons instead of losing to who they lost to which team would you pick and why 1985 Patriots 11-5 Road to Super Bowl XX HC Raymond Berry/GM Billy Sullivan (QB Tony Eason/QB Steve Grogan) Wild Card Patriots Defeat Jets 26-14...
  6. B

    Good to NOT be undefeated at this point?

    For a 10-2 season I almost feel like the Pats have been a little under the radar. People remember the 2-2 start and the terrible defensive performances early on in which the media cooled on New England. Brady and the Pats have since just 'gotten the job done'. Not always in spectacular...
  7. C

    Who Can Challenge Pats in the AFC?

    Vote for you think the Patriot's biggest challenge could/would be.
  8. M

    Poll: Gronk or Brown which loss worse

    Hypothetically if both Gronk and AB miss Dec 17.. which is worse?
  9. TennisBallHead

    Tommy's temper tantrum - sit him a game

    We can't have that kind of lawlessness, even from the best. Even Brian Hodor can beat whatever crappy AFC East team they play next.
  10. QuantumMechanic

    Poll: What punishment will the NFL give to Gronk?

    Put your hats in the ring on what the NFL hands down to Gronk. My own expectation is a one-game suspension.
  11. One-Be-Lo

    Sunday Poll: What fans do you have to deal with most in real life?

    At work I deal with an assortment of football fans, combatted equally by our Patriot contingent. It made me curious what kind of fans everyone else has to deal with in their own lives. In my experience it's Giants and Steelers, followed by Cowboys and Dolphins. It's funny to hear their...
  12. oldrover

    What's your favorite Pats game time?

    For me, as I look forward to the Raiders game, I think it might be 4:30. You get to see the lay of the land after the 1pm games... but you're not staying up late Sunday or Monday night. I like 1pm as well, though. Man, Thursday night is an odd duck...I'm ready for football... but the games are...
  13. long distance

    Poll: “JAGs“ to sell

    Yes, the trade deadline has expired. But with half of the season played (playoff expected) and most Pats rotational/situational/ST/backup players getting some playing time I wonder who of the “JAGs“ you would still trade away (if it would be possible) for let's say a minimum gain of 7th round...
  14. long distance

    Dwayne Allen to the moon?

    One of the most popular posts last week was Pats should send useless Allen to the moon once they claimed Bennett. I wonder if that disposition changed somewhat a game day later? For some help first an illustration what he is doing all season long. A decisive double block for Burkhead's 4th...
  15. Off The Grid

    *Jameis Winston's School of Motivational Speech!! *

    Oh....my God. :eek: This is before the 30-10 shellacking he led them to at the hands of the Saints, Sunday. And it's one of those times, I think, when the responses on the Twitter Feed ~ just the pictorial responses ~ are even funnier then the original Tweet. Jameis done lost'is ****, methinks.
  16. S

    How Will Jimmy Do?

    So let's get our predictions in now!
  17. BobDigital

    Current MVP standings

    So the NFL is just under half the way over and we have a good idea of who the contenders for MVP will likely be at this point Here are my current standings and why #1 Alex Smith #2 Tom Brady #3 Kareem Hunt #4 Le'veon Bell #5 Antonio Brown HMs Todd Gurley, Kirk Cousins To me until Alex Smith...
  18. P

    Patriots QB Brady Sees His Peers Show Him Serious Respect

    Patriots QB Brady Sees His Peers Show Him Serious Respect Ian Logue It's one thing when your fans believe you're the best in the game. It's probably quite another when you find out that a group of your peers apparently agrees. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs...
  19. nowayback

    Would you trade the Patriots roster straight up

    Would you trade the Patriots roster straight up for any team in the AFC for just this year? Would feel good with alex smith and co against Brady Belichick at arrowhead in playoffs? Even the NFC, no team so far is scary. Pats can only get better barring anymore injuries . We are all disappointed...
  20. Gumby

    Steelers +4.5 at Chiefs -who you like? Bye-week implications?

    Steelers +4.5 at Chiefs -who you like? Bye-week implications? So, to me the most intriguing matchup this weekend is the squeelers visiting the cook schoolhouse (chefs). Jete week great for the suck thread; but this game actually has some competitive balance and IMPLICATIONs for the Patriots at...