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  1. Ice_Ice_Brady

    MVP is Mahomes or Brees. Who gets your vote? (Poll)

    No write-ins, not even a Ray Lewis option. There is a zero chance of someone else winning. All the Vegas books have these two neck and neck with no other competition, despite clueless blurbs from writers with their tunnel vision (Russell Wilson, Philip Rivers, etc probably will each get less...
  2. long distance

    Poll: Health or Bye?

    For those who are still looking forward to Pats playoffs.. ;) There are two weeks to playoffs that will define Pats playoffs starting position. At the moment Pats are 3rd seed meaning hosting wildcard and roading divisionals. At the moment Pats are the healthiest current roster. There is a...
  3. M

    The Lost GOAT in GB... POLL Added.

    No More Calling Rodgers A Diva, It's Silly @reflexblue
  4. P

    HC Mike McCarthy fired after Packers lose at home to Arizona

    McCarthy fired After a loss to Arizona, the Packers fired Mike McCarthy as head coach. Possibly Josh McDaniels to be considered?
  5. ctpatsfan77

    What position(s) will BB address before the trade deadline?

    You can choose two options, so you can have your RLKAG and make another selection.
  6. Bleedthrough

    2014 Patriots vs 2016 Patriots

    Which team do you think was better?
  7. Froob

    Are we sure the Rams defense is good?

    Seen quite a few of their games, their defense hasn’t been all that impressive. I think the Chiefs will light them up next month.
  8. patriot1136

    Do you like Thursday Night Football?

    I'm curious if the majority of football fans like or dislike Thursday night football. My dad is adamant that he does not like it, but I've heard a lot of mixed feelings on it. Just curious everyone's opinion overall.
  9. KontradictioN

    Friend of mine thinks New York pizza is better than Chicago pizza.

    How high is he? Ridiculous. Chicago style is way better.
  10. Ice_Ice_Brady

    Poll: Who will be the 71st player to catch a TD pass from Brady?

    We have some pretty compelling choices here. It's really remarkable that Brady has tied Testaverde. Testaverde played at least a full season for six different teams. With NFL teams typically locking up franchise QBs long-term, especially elite ones that will get a lot of career passing...
  11. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Go on the record: What is your assessment of the Gordon acquisition (poll)

    This should cover the bases, but if you have a more nuanced position, state it please
  12. Bradyking12

    Whose return are you more excited for?

    Julian Edelman or Dont'a Hightower? Either or and we win SBLII, especially if Hightower played. I wanna say Edelman but Hightower is a desperately needed return for our defense.
  13. AtomicDawg

    Question: Would you ever root for an AFC East rival if they were in the SB?

    I think this is an interesting hypothetical discussion to have during another Pats SB bye week. Michael Irvin, he of the Dallas Cowboys, has said that he is going to be rooting for the EAGLES in the Super Bowl. Not only that but he added the hashtag #FlyEaglesFly to his Tweet, which naturally...
  14. nabwong

    How many #1 picks would you trade BB for?

    It’s the bye week. I’m bored. So picking up where the “trade Brady instead of Jimmy” threads left off. BB is 65. How many more years is he realistically going to coach for? Imagine a team like Arizona and their owner just went mad and is willing to offer any amount of #1 draft picks in...
  15. ctpatsfan77

    A hypothetical trade question

    Saw this on Twitter and wondered: if you were BB, would you make this trade?
  16. fightingirish595

    Offensive rookie of the year

    I think Hunt should get it. He won the rushing title with an impressive YPC
  17. Horace's Ivories

    James Harrison Performance Poll

    I was expecting good but based on the "in coverage" play, the two sacks, and that additional pressure play they cut off before he got there.. very pleased.
  18. P

    Should Gronk Sit For Buffalo

    Would you sit Gronk on Sunday? Obviously there's a very small chance of winning a SB without Gronk and Edelman. Cooks is a one trick pony who won't take a big hit to make a play. Hogan and Amendola are banged up. They likely don't sit Gronk. But there are pundits who think he should sit.
  19. C

    Gilmore or Butler on Brown?

    Who will handle covering AB and who would you choose? Obviously there will be Safety help over the top.