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  1. jmt57

    Week 10: We Are On To The Ravens

    Baltimore is a 7½ point favorite in next Sunday's game at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens are 6-2, two games behind Pittsburgh in the AFC North. Last week they won 24-10 at Indianapolis despite a slew of injuries to key players.
  2. raduray

    Poll: Hoyer or Stidham vs Denver?

    Assuming Cam's not ready, who starts at QB against Denver?
  3. Simpelton

    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Straightforward enough
  4. Ross12

    Would you trade [more than] pick #23 for Deshaun Watson?

    Lots of rumors swirling around Watson right now, whether it's him tweeting Drake lyrics or liking other peoples' tweets that show him going to NE. Figured I'd make a poll since I'm curious. If O'Brien is willing to part with Watson for pick 23+, would you do it? I realize this thread is silly...
  5. F

    Covid-19 & the NFL 2020 Season

    There are an increasing number of reports from here and Europe that we may be in for serious social distancing for the long haul... many months, even a year. Your take on the upcoming ‘20 season
  6. M

    How Old Are You?

    The responses cannot be seen by the public.
  7. S

    Predict the Colts' 2019 Record With Luck Gone

    Just wondering how well people think the Colts will do without Luck. They've gotten general praise for team building and coaching last year and seemed to be building in the right way. But how will they weather this loss? How well do we think Jacoby will do? How well do they want to do this year?
  8. JayNM

    Poll: Which "Unknown" Player will be the best this year.

    Pre-season started with a fury. Many rookies and newer player showed a lot of promise. Heck, even Hoyer looked very good. So here is the question: Who, outside of our more well-known players, will be the Patriot this year? Im counting even some Players who were here last year but weren't...
  9. M

    POLL: Who is the "Deuce"?

    POLL: Who is the "Deuce"?
  10. M

    Poll: Over/Under for Gronk Games played 2019

    Over/Under for Gronk Games played 2019 Over/Under 12 Regular Season and Post season?
  11. SammyBlueCat

    Who will contribute: Rob Gronkowski or Josh Gordon or Demaryius Thomas?

    What do you say?
  12. D

    Favorite Game to Re-watch?

    Have been watching some of my favorite Patriots all time playoff victories of late and I find myself gravitating back to a certain set of games. Which ones do you like to re-watch the most? Mine in order: 2016 Falcons 2014 Ravens 2003 Panthers 2014 Seahawks 2017 Jaguars 2001 Raiders 2018...
  13. H

    Which Scott wins?

    Secules: or Zo?
  14. IcyPatriot

    Tom Curran: 2004 Patriots vs. 2014 Patriots who wins?

    Better Team: 2004 Patriots or 2014 Patriots? Good read ... Curran lays it out nice getting into match ups ... way to go Tom. Too much to quote there ...
  15. D

    Season Opener (Poll)

    Who do we get? Its the 2007 schedule. My guess is one of PIT/KC/DAL/NYG.
  16. SammyBlueCat

    *** Lobstahs ***

    Do Lobstahs deserve mercy?
  17. Pessimistic Pete

    Divisional playoff game thread: Colts @ Chiefs

    The fate us hosting an AFC Championship game now (and in my and many other's minds, going to a Super Bowl) rely on the Colts pulling an upset in Kansas City. Colts open as a 5 point underdog in Vegas, which isn't too shabby. Positives -Andrew Luck is a better QB than Jackson/Rivers -Colts are...
  18. B

    Poll: LAC at BAL, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick One
  19. B

    Poll: Indy at Houston, Who will win? Who do you want to win?

    Pick one
  20. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    (Poll): Preferred divisional opponent: Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM

    (Poll): Preferred divisional opponent, Texans, Chargers, or Ravens? edit: Sun Jan 13 @1:05 PM Can't be TN/IND winner, since if they beat HOU they'd go to KC.