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  1. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Bucs @ Football team

  2. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Rams @ Seahawks

    Sounds like Goff is active. Might not start though.
  3. B

    Major flaw in the playoff format

    OK, so I know my post isn't really 'anything new' as this will come up from time to time, but I think I have a perspective that will show just how bad it is...….. I HATE that every division winner gets a home game. Oftentimes the top wild card teams will have a better record than the worst...
  4. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    assume the NFL makes it to January... playoff bubble?

    Dallas and LA are being considered It seems a bit unwieldly to pull off for 14 NFL teams, but it would be way more doable than for 32 teams.
  5. 1960Pats

    Schedule & Playoffs

    Now that the NYFL teams are starting to show their strengths and weaknesses, I thought it would be a good time to delve into the topic of the unbalanced schedule and new playoff format. As it stands now, the team who gets the top seed and the only bye will probably get there due to a much...
  6. The Brandon Five

    Expert Picks for Wildcard Weekend

    Bleacher Report's Expert NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks & Predictions They pick three of the four underdogs (inlcuding the Titans). The only favorite they pick to advance is NO. Only two of eight pick the favored Pats against the Titans on CBS Sports. Only one of eight pick the favored Texans...
  7. goheels22002

    2019 Playoffs Seeding - unexpected outlook

    2019 NFL Standings & Team Stats | Interesting to wake up after the bye and see the AFC standings after 10 weeks. It's great to see the Patriots in control of their destiny atop to the AFC standings, but disconcerting to know they don't hold the tiebreaker over the...
  8. M

    Bruins asking advice from Patriots for long layoff

    Bruins to seek advice from Patriots on layoff before Stanley Cup Final Not sure what advice would be relevant other than score more than the other guys.
  9. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Interesting Trend: QBs who have thrown 43+ TDs are 0-8 in attempt to win SB

    Updated 1984 dolphins: Dan Marino - 48 Touchdowns 1986 Dolphins: Dan Marino - 44 Touchdowns 2004 Colts: Peyton Manning - 49 Touchdowns 2007 Patriots: Tom Brady - 50 Touchdowns 2011 Saints: Drew Brees - 46 Touchdowns 2011 Packers: Aaron Rodgers - 45 Touchdowns 2012 Saints: Drew Brees - 43...
  10. ZoisKing

    Julian Edelman-Greatest Playoffs Receiver Ever?

    I always appreciate how the Patriots continue to add to their postseason successes and accolades. Seeing a Patriot in the all time leaders of any category gives me pleasure. After JE11's monster game against LA, he put himself into some prime postseason company, and I wanted to reflect on his...

    Patriots AFC Road Championship stats (5 Games) from 2001-2018

    First of all its obvious that these stats are probably meaningless to figure out what is going to happen in sunday's game at Kansas City but nevertheless here are the stats and averages of the Patriots 5 Road AFC Championship games The Patriots have averaged ..6 points in the 1st quarter/8...
  12. everlong

    Not an NFL postseason record but...

    Brady now has more wins (28) than any other QB has starts, Manning (27, 14-13)
  13. S

    Adam Vinatieri

    That was tough. His contract is up yes? I wonder if we saw him for the last time.
  14. P

    VIDEO: All 77 Tom Brady Playoff Touchdowns

    VIDEO: All 77 Tom Brady Playoff Touchdowns Robert Alvarez Watch all 77 Tom Brady playoff touchdowns. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  15. Tunescribe

    The "trailblazer" will be on Sunday's officiating crew

    Link: Sarah Thomas To Be First Woman To Officiate NFL Playoff Game I recall when this woman started officiating NFL games she made some notably bad calls drawing BB's wrath. Apparently she has grown beyond being a Goodell PR stunt and working a playoff game is a landmark for her. Like any good...
  16. Biffins

    Esoteric question for the stat guy

    LA Chargers at Patriots (-4) Indianapolis at Kansas City (-5) Dallas at LA Rams (-7) Philadelphia at New Orleans (-8) I am not sure if the data is even available but anyone know when was the last time we had a home playoff game in the Divisional Round or Wild Card Weekend when we were the least...
  17. B

    Playoff receptions

    With 5 on Sunday, Julian Edelman will pass Reggie Wayne and move to 2nd all-time. Is only 11 sort of 100 - could get in a couple of games. Would still leave him 51 behind Jerry Rice though.
  18. Uncle Rico

    Brady's 77 (!) Post-Season TDs (so far)

    Givens was a beast.
  19. dikembe


  20. Pessimistic Pete

    Divisional playoff game thread: Colts @ Chiefs

    The fate us hosting an AFC Championship game now (and in my and many other's minds, going to a Super Bowl) rely on the Colts pulling an upset in Kansas City. Colts open as a 5 point underdog in Vegas, which isn't too shabby. Positives -Andrew Luck is a better QB than Jackson/Rivers -Colts are...