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  1. P

    Jet sweeps - the new wrinkle in our offense?

    With the absence of Edelman, and the greatly diminished role of Amendola (due to injury) it's become a necessity to move away from the short game, the crossers and rub routes that have been our bread and butter. We should be doing this anyway because other teams are becoming adept at clogging up...
  2. P

    How Important is Rob Gronkowski? Third Down Numbers Don't Lie

    How Important is Rob Gronkowski? Third Down Numbers Don't Lie Ian Logue Rob Gronkowski's groin injury will likely be one of the biggest topics of discussion for this week, but if he's not on the field this Sunday against the Texans, Tom Brady and the offense may find themselves back in the...
  3. P

    Early Down Improvement Key In New England's Win

    Early Down Improvement Key In New England's Win Ian Logue One of the things the Patriots likely spent some time looking at leading up to their game against the Saints on Sunday likely centered around their early down issues they suffered against Kansas City, which put them in some tough...
  4. MrNathanDrake

    Random Thoughts and GIFS - Week 2

    - Deatrich Wise Jr came up big on 3rd downs. I cant believe we've struck gold TWICE now with DE's from Arkansas in the 4th rd. He looks like a legit force to be reckoned with. I was starting to think our Pass rush was toast and the only guy that would get pressure all season would be Flowers...
  5. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: The Pats got BBQed by KC

    Here we go: First and foremost, everyone needs to calm down. The first week of the season has a lot of aberration games. Remember how the Pats got smoked by Buffalo in 2003 and went onto a 14-2 season and a Super Bowl while Buffalo went 4-12. That said, the lack of fight in this team is very...
  6. S

    Dion Lewis usage last night vs KC

    Is the guy still recovering and not the same player? I thought he would be getting more snaps...guy was electric before the injury.
  7. P

    Patriots Curbstomped by the Chiefs 42-27 in NFL Opener

    Patriots Curbstomped by the Chiefs 42-27 in NFL Opener Steve Balestrieri Kareem Hunt had a fantastic night, rushing 17 times for 148 yards and catching five passes out of the backfield for 98 more and a pair of scores Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If...
  8. Soul_Survivor88

    Will our WRs make plays out of the slot? + Will Brady be able to adapt and master the vertical game?

    The loss of Edelman seems to have changed complexion of the Patriots offense. No matter how you spin it, a traditionally horizontal offense going heavy vertical is an adjustment that takes time. There were so many more vertical throws from Brady than I'm accustomed to seeing. The stats...
  9. K

    What went wrong in the Falcons first TD and how was it corrected schematically?

    On 2d and 1 on the Patriots 6 at Q2 12:15, Julio right after the snap and Freeman 24 runs left, taking a handoff and easily running in for the TD. No Patriot was close to him. What exactly did the Patriots do wrong there? How was it corrected later - you can see Belichick scheming something...
  10. AtomicDawg

    Chatham: How the Pats Can Put Brock-Hopkins on Ice

    Good stuff from Chatham about how the Pats can put the breaks on Brockweiler & Nuk.
  11. yukon cornelius

    Patricia & D play calling/scheme

    I understand one of the hallmarks of a BB defense is to take away your strength, make you beat them with your weakness, don't give up the big play, make you march the field with sustained drives, hoping to capitalize on a mistake, while tightening up in the defense......while (hopefully) scoring...
  12. neuronet

    One year anniversary of The Punt (Colts fake punt)

    If you remember, the game was actually a pretty close, competitive match. No acts of desperation were called for. Then, this.... (sorry it probably won't play embedded in this site b/c NFL)
  13. PatsWickedPissah

    Play By Play Analysis of THE SB Winning Drive Feb 2002

    Enjoy! A Legend is Born: Breaking down Tom Brady's final drive against the Rams
  14. PatsBoy12

    Question about Brady's QB Sneak

    Hi Everyone, So it's the down time in football and there is nothing really happening in terms of real news. And I certainly don't want to talk Defamegate, even with a decision presumably coming down the pike this week. So I turn my attention to something I've thought about and meant just to...