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  1. DropKickFlutie

    Can we agree to retire the pass-play to Brady? (Memo to McDaniels)

    This is the opposite of those cool trick plays like Vrabel at tight end, or Seymour as fullback, or Faulk direct snap, or Patton passing to Troy Brown. Those plays almost always worked. The pass play to Tom Brady does not work. Brady dropped it in the super bowl and today he tripped over his...
  2. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the "GOAT" edition

    God I hate these Sunday Night games. By the time I listen to all the post game pressers, check out the box score, and think about what I'm going to talk about; it's always past 1am before I even start. Bill would say, "Just suck it up, DO YOUR JOB, and stop whining". So I will. ;) This...
  3. HailHydra

    An Interesting Article [Are we seeing Brady's inevitable decline?]

    Are we finally seeing the start of Tom Brady’s inevitable decline? By no means am I saying that Brady is becoming noticeably worse or poorer. It's just interesting to analyze the statistics since this article does provide a relatively comprenehsive review of his passing accuracy. Just from...
  4. P

    Patriots Survive Monday Night Slugfest, Down Buffalo 25-6: 3 Up, 3 Down

    Patriots Survive Monday Night Slugfest, Down Buffalo 25-6, 3 Up, 3 Down Steve Balestrieri Tom Brady was under duress for much of the night. The Bills deep zones frustrated the Patriots ability to get vertical for much of the night Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the...
  5. patfanken

    idle thoughts - The Ugly edition.

    OK this is going to be a quick one since it's already 12:30 and I have a 7:15am Doctor's appointment and I want to look good for the receptionist. ;) Besides there is really nothing much to learn from this game except that the Bills have a pretty good defense and ZERO offense outside of...
  6. long distance

    Two new plays that make NE really hard to stop

    IND game provided two plays that bring two BIG NEW moments in NE offense & can scare the league thinking stopping it. They were made by two new players added - Edelman and Gordon. Incidentally they came back to back and in the most “critical“ moment of the game. 1. Edelman of course brings...
  7. P

    First Quarter Woes Have Plagued Brady So Far This Season

    First Quarter Woes Have Plagued Brady So Far This Season Ian Logue For some strange reason, the first quarter has been a big problem for Tom Brady this season. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  8. K

    Fake reverse play in Titans game

    This fake reverse was my favorite of the Titans game. Presnap Gronk is in motion left to right. Brady fakes handoff to Lewis, fakes another handoff to Cooks who had run backwards from the outside right on the line. Gronk pulls to the left to block from the left. Brady then passes to Lewis on the...
  9. mgcolby

    Titan defensive breakdown (vs KC)

    Haven't broke down film since the end of the school season, haven't had much time to do any NFL film lately do to work and my deciding we should open two restaurants. With some down time this evening I figured I would see how much I can get through. I'm focusing on the Titans D, I will cherry...
  10. PatsBoy12

    Question About the Screen Play

    No, I don't mean Good Will Hunting 2. :D Seriously . . . I have watched quite a few Saints games this season because I was interested in what the turnaround was for them. In so doing, I realized that they are great at running the screen plays to their backs. NE hasn't been as consistently...
  11. P

    Short-Yardage Remains a Work In Progress For Gillislee

    Short-Yardage Remains a Work In Progress For Gillislee Ian Logue Newcomer Mike Gillislee is still growing in New England's offense, but he's got one growing pain that still seemingly remains a challenge for him. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  12. P

    Re-watch thread ATL @ NE

    An early glimpse at the all-22 soon to come. Not sure what I'm seeing here- I think I see us in 2 x 2, maybe we'll run a double concept here, maybe slant/smash?... thoughts?
  13. ashley1992

    Post Game Thread Falcons @ Pats

    Great win, 5-2 sounds nice and in sole possession of 1st place!!!! Defense came up big tonight and after a rough start, the O-line played better, especially run blocking. Let's discuss. Mike Loyko‏ @NEPD_Loyko 1m1 minute ago #Patriots about to move to 5-2 and could be tied for best record...
  14. NE-VT

    Re-watch Thread NE @ NYJ

    I am kicking off the Re-watch thread, our weekly place for film based discussion and play breakdowns. Below are a couple of sources of tape until the all 22's come out: You might be able to find a highlight of a particular play on the r/nfl highlight page: Picture/GIF/Video highlights thread...
  15. ForThoseAboutToRock

    2 Really Good Short Yardage Plays From Around The League

    I'd love to see the Patriots take some inspiration from a couple of these plays to utilize in a short yardage "gotta have it" #1. This combo 1-2-3 punch to score a game tying 2 point conversion #2. This RPO (which may have featured an illegal man downfield...) Both feature a ton of...
  16. NE-VT

    Re-watch Thread NE @ TB

    So I thought I would kick off the rewatch thread, our weekly thread centered on film based discussion and tape breakdowns. Below are a couple of sources of tape until the all 22's come out. You might be able to find a clip of play you are looking for on r/nfls highlight page...
  17. M

    Can The Offense Continue To Be The Best In The NFL?

    The offense is awesome. The running game looks fine, especially when Develin's in there. There is one obvious problem. Shifting the focus of the passing game downfield has its very obvious cost: more sacks and hits. IMHO, the OL is playing at least as well as last year. If Brady were...
  18. D

    The Defense: Why I'm Relatively Optimistic

    I would suggest that Patricia and Belichick allow the defense to play more aggressively and blitz more against mobile QBs. The defense, without a doubt, looked at their best against New Orleans. While Alex Smith isn't Mike Vick, he's mobile and Belichick has played him as he plays other mobile...
  19. P

    What needs to change?

    Win or not, there are serious problems. 2-2 with TB, Atl, Oak in the next few weeks. First off, losing to KC and Car at home? Unacceptable. No excuses. You gotta beat those teams. Now TB, Oak, Atl in next few weeks? There are serious concerns. What does BB do? OT, but the offense took way too...
  20. XLIX

    Pats 1 for 6 on 3rd/4th and 1

    If memory serves, the Patriots are 1 for 6 on 3rd or 4th and 1. This is a very disheartening statistic. A team should be able to get 1 single yard more than 17% of the time. These are possession downs. Failure to convert 4th and 1 is no different than a fumble lost. I swear, I feel better...