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  1. D

    Harris' Usage Against Texans

    Sorry if this has already been covered, but what happened with Harris against Houston? I think most assumed he got dinged or reaggravated an injury, but he recently made an Instagram post saying, "the bigger the obstacle, the greater the glory in overcoming it" (or something along those lines)...
  2. F

    If you could ask Josh to change one thing about how he calls a game, what would it be?

    He runs on first down more than any other OC in football....would love to see him occasionally change that up!
  3. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Monday Observations: Running Backs Key Patriots Big Win Over Mistake-Prone Raiders 36-20

    Monday Observations: Running Backs Key Patriots Big Win Over Mistake-Prone Raiders 36-20 Steve Balestrieri Observations From Sunday Afternoon’s Win Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  4. J

    Remember this is still the Patriots pre-season

    I fully expected a very rough start to this season, and ultimately an 8-8 type year because of so much turnover - QB1, TE's, WR's, entire LB corp... The first month of the season was much like an extended preseason for the Patriots to figure out the roster, but this year it is legitimately a...
  5. P

    The Middle Eight

    Very interesting article: The Middle Eight
  6. long distance

    LA Chargers @ NE Patriots divisional game rewatch thread

    LAC @ NE Divisional . re-watch . thread This re-watch should be pure joy. One of the most amazing & complete performances by any team I can remember. Coming from “struggling team“ vs “most balanced“ team makes it all the more intriguing. Above all - the strengths of this performance should...
  7. R

    Keys to victory: Chargers.

    Offense: I think we need to pound the rock. Run it down their throat like the rams did to the cowboys tonight. Gus Bradley will have to come up with a different gameplan for Brady than he had for Lamar Jackson. Jackson is not a proflific passer. I heard they liked to use seven DB packages which...
  8. raduray

    If You Called a Run On First Down, You're Screwed

    You Called A Run On First Down. You’re Already Screwed.
  9. Mountain_Commando

    Pats' concerning trend of D collapse during crunch time of crucial game. Why?

    We've all witnessed these moments. Credit to @Kargetina for cataloging this. Long story short. Pats have consistently displayed a trend of crunch time defensive collapse during the final minutes of ALL our super bowl victories, as well as several AFCCG's, and also numerous meaningful regular...
  10. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the final edition

    Lots of interesting things happening around the league today. Unfortunately, nothing really interesting about the game today. The Jets would be undermanned with a full roster. They didn't even seem to have that today. So while the run game was adequate (13o odd yards) and the passing game...
  11. I

    Brady and Pass Distribution

    Got this idea from some comments in other threads about how Brady is locking on to just a couple of receivers. Looking at the last five seasons, trying to see how Brady is distributing the ball. The last five seasons featured two Super Bowl-winning seasons, a Super Bowl loss, and AFCCG loss...
  12. Joey007

    James White?

    Where has he been in this offense lately? He was lethal catching the ball out of the backfield earlier in the season. Now it seems like we rarely give him anything. Is he hurt? Is it scheme changes? Are teams figuring him out? What’s the deal?
  13. M

    Chargers' 2 point conversion call

    Do we love it because it worked? Would we have hated it if it did not work? Inherently, good call or awful? Vrable did the same thing was that a good call? I think the Mahomes factor is not necessarily enough to justify it, but it was one of the coolest moments of the season. What are you...
  14. P

    Patriots Week 14 Report Card: A Very Mixed Bag in the Loss to Miami

    Patriots Week 14 Report Card, A Very Mixed Bag in the Loss to Miami Steve Balestrieri Tannehill isn’t throwing the ball 75+ yards in the air and even if he does, the team just signed 6’4 Obi Melifonwu who has a 40-inch vertical leap and can run like a scalded dog. Continue reading... (If...
  15. P

    Five Takeaways From Sunday's Patriots Loss at Miami

    Five Takeaways From Sunday's Patriots Loss at Miami Ian Logue It's not often you see a game where a Bill Belichick-coached team beats themselves, but Sunday's showing down in Miami is a game that will have people second-guessing this one all week. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this...
  16. 1960Pats

    This loss is mostly on the coaches

    I've always believed that coaches don't win games, players do. Coaches can only lose them. This game was a great example. First let's start with the play call on 3rd down from the 4 yard line with a two point lead and under a minute left. If the Pats go for the TD there and succeed the game is...
  17. patfanken

    Idle thoughts - the "mental toughness" edition

    Its after Thanksgiving and we expect to see our team start to play "Patriot Football". For almost 2 decades now the Pats have OWNED December. Since 2001 the Pats have won around 64 games in December and the #2 team (Pitts) isn't close. BTW- It's not like the Pats suck in September, October...
  18. M

    Brady's Strength - Beating the Blitz?

    In last years, blitzing against the patriots meant and successful day for the Brady and the passing game. Brady is considered one of the best of all time against the blitz. In 2018, Brady does NOT have the best QB rating against the blitz. He has the WORST.
  19. P

    Patriots Week 10 Report Card: Titans Tune Up the Pats in Music City

    Patriots Week10 Report Card, Titans Tune Up the Pats in Music City Steve Balestrieri How did Josh McDaniels NOT target Malcolm Butler in this one' Everyone has been feasting on him and the Patriots avoided him like Revis Island in his prime. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry -...
  20. M

    Overlooking the Hot Hand

    I wanted to see everyone else's thoughts on the Patriots having a tendency this season to overlook the hot hand. A key aspect of Patriot success over the years is a combination of building around player strengths and riding those on a hot streak (rather than forcing the issue with players in a...