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  1. S

    Sign Big Ben if Steelers cut him!

    The meltdown from the yinzers would make it so worth it no matter what he does here. The hilarity would be ChiefsSuperBowlLosersInARoutPlanet-level! Do it! :D:D:D
  2. Pape

    OT/ Hall of Fame Game

    The participants on the 2021 HoF Game have been announced... we will all be treated to seeing the bloated tick Ben Rothlisberger & the Sihtsburgh Stillers take on the Dakattack-Less Dallas Cowboys... I am assuming here that Dak Prescott will not be playing in the game, given the severity of...
  3. yukon cornelius

    The Pouncey twins go out together

  4. C

    “You Know What I Heard About Kordell Stewart???”

    I was never a fan, then he knocked us out of the playoffs 7-6 with that cheap TD run. Gut punch loss, hated him after that. It's easy to forget these guys are people too. Didn't hear about this at the time, but this was a really good read...
  5. BobDigital

    Wildcard Weekend Wrap up

    6 games in the books and we're down to the elite eight... mostly elite. Here are my thoughts this weekend. Feel free to post your own as they will be scatter shot. Maybe a break down will come later but few games deserve it this week IMO. In case you need a reminder it was IND 24 @ BUF 27...
  6. Triumph

    2020 Wild Card Weekend

  7. B

    Bucs vs WAS/NYG and CLE vs PIT the two prime time wild card games

    Interesting choice of prime time wild card games. The two games that are selected for the wild card prime time games are........... Bucs at Washington or NYG on SAT Night Browns at Steelers on Sunday Night It seems Tom Brady is still a HUGE draw as I can't help but think he is the sole...
  8. jmt57

    NFL Week 17 Discussion

    Maps are not out yet, but based on what games are on it should be somewhat easy to figure out what games will be broadcast in your area. Not sure about Canada and other countries as of yet either. This is the one time when there are two early games as well as two late games in all markets. CBS...
  9. jmt57

    Week 16 other NFL Games

    No Thursday Night Football this week, but we do get six nationwide games (if you call Amazon/Twitch a 'nationwide telecast'). On Sunday most of the US will receive Colts at Steelers early on CBS and Rams at Seahawks late on Fox. In the early time slot Fox reverts to pumping the Giants game...
  10. Joey007

    RIP Kevin Greene

    Damn. That’s a shocker. RIP Kevin.
  11. MoreBellhorn

    Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers MNF 12/21/20

    Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers Discussion about the game here!
  12. italian pat patriot

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 14 other games

    Let s discuss...
  13. P

    NEW ARTICLE: LOGUE: NFL Picks For Week 14

    LOGUE: NFL Picks For Week 14 Ian Logue Here are my picks for this week, but best of luck to everyone else as we head into Sunday's set of games for Week 14. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  14. Triumph

    OT - Steelers got screwed by the Refs vs Team from DC.

    Their fans are always complaining about the Refs out to get them. This time they have a case.
  15. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Kinda OT: Who would you rather win the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers?

    Who would you be able to stomach more winning the superbowl? Chiefs or Steelers? Try not to say neither because I think its obvious we want our Patriots to win. I'm just curious on the opinions on everybody here and your view on both franchises. On one side, the dynasty talks for Chiefs...
  16. oldrover

    MNF Early Game: Swamp Things versus Rustbuckets

    At least I know who I'm rooting for... ...and against. ;)
  17. Ian

    OT: Week 13 Picks Contest - PIT/WAS

    I had failed to move the date to tomorrow, which I know prevented a couple of people who may not have picked it. It's now updated and you have until 4:59pm ET on Monday to make the pick. It shuts down at 5:00pm ET, so make sure you make your pick by then. But it's back open for those who...
  18. Ian

    Ebron Unhappy About Steelers' Schedule, Already Predicting a Trip to Tampa

    He spouted off while complaining about the fact they're forced to play 3 games in 12 days, talking about how he would rather have lost a game check than for things to end up going the way they did (although, I don't blame him for being frustrated with that). However, he then went on to make a...
  19. B

    Semi-OT: Steelers Quest for Perfection. What would you like to see happen?

    I'll be honest, obviously I've known the Steelers have been undefeated but I never really considered a perfect season as a serious reality....until today. At 11-0 while I still don't think it will happen it at least deserves to be discussed as a possibility. Now, I can pretty sure guarantee...
  20. Ian

    So ... who is going to (hopefully) do it? (EDIT: NEVERMIND - Down goes PIT vs WAS)

    So here's a look at Pittsburgh's remaining schedule: 12/7 - vs Washington 12/13 - at Buffalo 12/21 - at Cincinnati 12/27 - vs Colts 1/3 - at Browns Looking at this, it feels like maybe Buffalo or possibly on the road against Cleveland. But if ever there was a chance that we could see them...