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  1. N

    Losing our 3rd rounder... another farcical punishment for a non-football operation misstep...
  2. B

    Vrabel Intentional Penalty: Genius Move

    Sorry, I'm not as frequent a poster here as I'd like to be, so my apologies if this was already posted (but after a quick look I didn't see it). Mike Vrabel, coach of the Titans and former Pats player/BB student, made a genius coaching decision that should be getting more attention. Situation...
  3. T

    Can someone explain the penalty on Gronkowski catch?

    Gronk caught a pass and rumbled another 10 to 15 yards. The play was negated by some sort of blocking penalty, on 83 Dwayne Allen, I believe. The senile commentators barely mentioned it and failed to explain it. Was it legit or not? If so what was the infraction? Looked totally bogus to me but...
  4. goheels22002

    Edelman fined over $26k by NFL for hit against Bills

    Patriots WR Julian Edelman fined $26,739 by NFL for rough hit
  5. Joey007

    Al Riveron is such a stooge.

    Anyone else getting sick of him trying to justify these calls every week? I get the vibe he’s never played a down of football in his life. His voice annoys me too.
  6. B

    One last Gronk Suspension Question

    First and foremost, if you read any of my messages this past week I 100% agree with Gronk being suspended. It was an awful play. It was well after the play was over, was on a defenseless player who wasn't even looking, and resulted in an injury. So that's not up for the debate, but the...
  7. QuantumMechanic

    Poll: What punishment will the NFL give to Gronk?

    Put your hats in the ring on what the NFL hands down to Gronk. My own expectation is a one-game suspension.
  8. P

    Three Reasons Why Gronkowski May Be Suspended

    Three Reasons Why Gronkowski May Be Suspended Ian Logue Rob Gronkwoski's actions on Sunday were certainly out of character, but it's looking more and more like the Patriots may be without his services when New England plays next Monday night down in Miami. Continue reading... (If you...
  9. P

    Gronkowski May Have Put Himself in Harms Way For Rematch With Bills

    Gronkowski May Have Put Himself in Harms Way For Rematch With Bills Ian Logue Rob Gronkowski's fourth-quarter hit on Tre'Davious White may have put himself in harms way with the NFL in terms of a suspension, but that may not be the only thing Gronkowski has to worry about before this season...
  10. P

    Gronkowski Apologetic, But Frustrated Over "Crazy" Calls After the Game

    Gronkowski Apologetic, But Frustrated Over "Crazy" Calls After the Game Ian Logue Rob Gronkowski isn't known as a player who loses his cool, and after Sunday's game he wasn't pleased with himself for letting his emotions get the better of him. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry...
  11. P

    Gronkowski Likely Facing Penalty From NFL After Hit On Sunday

    Gronkowski Likely Facing Penalty From NFL After Hit On Sunday Ian Logue Rob Gronkowski isn't normally one to let his temper get the best of him, but unfortunately he lost his cool on Sunday out in Buffalo and it may end up costing him. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit...
  12. PScottman

    The Gigantasuarus in the Room...

    Is this 2003 again? Are the rest of the league using the Ty Law/Rodney Harrison approach to pass defense against Patriots WRs and particularly Gronk to disrupt our offense? How many times have we seen the uncalled "pull one arm down right before the ball gets there" multiple times per game...
  13. oldrover

    Intentional grounding by Tampa?

    Patriots-Buccaneers: So what exactly is intentional grounding? The cheerleader on the left is ducking... that's where the pass went... the receiver is on the right. How does this not draw a flag? o_O
  14. goheels22002

    Poll: Hypothetical Post Route Chad Ochocinco vs Stephon Gilmore

    This is the nightmare that woke Bill Belichick up on Sunday night covered in a cold sweat.