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  1. jmt57

    April 9th in Pats History: Doug Beaudoin

    Today in Patriots History April 9 Day Two of the 1976 NFL Draft Roosevelt Hotel in New York City; Rounds 8-17 8.217 -- traded away previous year, for S Steve Freeman 8.235 -- RB Stu Betts, Northern Michigan 9.243 -- S Doug Beaudoin, Minnesota 10.270 -- WR Ricky Feacher, Mississippi Valley...
  2. jmt57

    April 8th in Pats History: Mike Haynes and the 1976 Draft

    Today in Patriots History April 8, 1976 Day One, Rounds 1-7 of the 1976 NFL Draft Originally scheduled to be held in February, the '76 draft was postponed for two months. The two expansion teams (Seattle, Tampa Bay) were concerned that the NFLPA would attempt to prevent the NFL expansion...
  3. jmt57

    April 7th in Pats History: Trivia Answer to 'who was traded for Logan Mankins'?

    Today in Patriots History Obscure Tight Ends, and other April 7 Birthdays Happy 31st birthday to Tim Wright Born April 7, 1990 in Wall Township, New Jersey Patriot TE, 2014; uniform #81 Wright is most well known for being the player that the Patriots received when Logan Mankins was traded to...
  4. jmt57

    April 6th in Pats History: The CT Patriot LB Who Died Saving Two Lives

    Today in Patriots History Frank Robotti Happy birthday to Frank Robotti Born April 6, 1939 in Stamford, CT Died August 14, 1971 at the age of 32 Patriot LB, 1961; uniform #51 Robotti was a linebacker and fullback from Stamford CT and Fairfield Prep; he moved northeast to play for Mike Holovak...
  5. P

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Best Of Bill Belichick's Draft Day Calls

    VIDEO: Best Of Bill Belichick's Draft Day Calls Robert Alvarez Check out the best draft day phone calls from Bill Belichick. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  6. jmt57

    April 5th in Pats History: Happy 79th Birthday, Jon Morris

    Today in Patriots History Jon Morris Happy 77th birthday to Jon Morris Born April 5, 1942 in Washington DC Patriot center, 1964-1974; uniform #56 Pats 4th round (29th overall) selection of the 1964 draft, from Holy Cross Jon Morris | Patriots Hall of Fame Jon Morris played 11 seasons for the...
  7. jmt57

    April 4th in Pats History: Happy 70th Birthday, John Hannah

    Today in Patriots History John Hannah Happy 70th birthday to John Hannah Born April 4, 1951 in Canton, Georgia Patriot LG, 1973-1985; uniform #73 Pats 1st round (4th overall) selection of the 1973 draft, from Alabama 9 Pro Bowls 10 All Pro selections Pats All-Decade Team of the 70s Pats...
  8. jmt57

    April 3 in Pats History: Happy 68th Birthday, Russ Francis

    The old "Today in Patriots History" thread has been retired, but perhaps on slow news days like today I will periodically post a single-date version. Today in Patriots History AWTE There was an old blog that has since been devoured by defunct hard drives, but the fact that I actually...
  9. Actual Pats Fan

    Letter to Patriots Hall of Fame Selection Committee on Julius Adams

    I am calling to verify their direct address prior to sending it. I will post a copy of my letter for you when I send it. My impression is, the more of us do this, the greater the chance we will be heard and taken into consideration. Thanks for...
  10. Chevy

    Top soundbites of the dynasty era

    Could be a coach, player, announcer. A statement or exclamation. To start - Chris Collinsworth "Oh, you got to be kidding me" (one of our favorite plays)
  11. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Flashback Friday: Ty Law Remembers The Patriots First Super Bowl Parade and Rally "Dance Off"

    Flashback Friday: Ty Law Remembers The Patriots First Super Bowl Parade and Rally "Dance Off" Robert Alvarez Ty Law looks back at the Patriots first Super Bowl parade following Tom Brady's seventh with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Tuesday. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry -...
  12. P

    2003 Column in the NY Times written by Bill Belichick

    Bill Belichick wrote this after Super Bowl XXXVII: OK Champ, Now comes the hard part... 37 thoughts for the victorious Coach on today's national holiday: Opinion | O.K., Champ, Now Comes the Hard Part (Published 2003)
  13. P

    10 Most underrated Patriots Super Bowl plays

    Ranking the Patriots’ most underrated Super Bowl plays Over the past two decades, the New England Patriots produced countless highlight-reel moments en route to six Super Bowl victories. But while the big plays — from the Malcolm Butler interception, to the Edelman catch, to Adam Vinatieri’s...
  14. Ian

    How did he catch this?

    I could watch this 1000 times...still just crazy:
  15. P

    Patriots who played for the 9 gap years when they didn't win a Super Bowl (2005-2013)

    Pretty long article and interviews with past Patriots ‘Gap Years’ Patriots on the Brady-Belichick Super Bowl Drought Because New England won six titles in an 18-season span, many forget about the nine-year “Super Bowl drought” in Foxboro. Those who were there didn't. Players from those...
  16. Ian

    Something a little crazy...

    Pulled out an old computer that was in the garage and bought an adapter to try and salvage what was on the hard drive. It actually worked for about 10 mins before it died, but not before I managed to pull a bunch of old family photos, along with stuff from the first couple of years of this...
  17. S

    Flashback: 2004 AFC Divisional playoff vs Colts

    2004 AFC Divisional Playoff Game: Patriots vs Colts - YouTube That team was freaking awesome! Almost shutting out the record setting Colts offense - are you kidding me? I'm trying to find the Cut That Meat chant lol and can't find it lol. I forgot about serenading Fivehead with O Fortuna...
  18. DropKickFlutie

    Tampa GM: Belichick had liked Brady early in 2000 draft Licht explains he was a regional scout and at least observed. Belichick was watching Brady from the 3rd round onward before taking him finally in the 6th. This makes sense. To have a 3rd round rating isn't bad especially when Brady split snaps his senior...
  19. P

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Tales of the Threads - An Inside Look A Patriots' Jerseys Through History

    VIDEO: Tales of the Threads - An Inside Look A Patriots' Jerseys Through History Robert Alvarez Learn the history of the New England Patriots jersey combinations and a behind-the-scenes look at the team retail operations in "Tales of the Threads". Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry...
  20. oldrover

    Best memories of attending a Pats game?

    I've got two... how about you? 1. My first game ever... my Dad (God rest his soul) took me to see them in 1977, playing the Bills. OJ had just gotten injured... we thought we'd see a win GUARANTEED. That's when the immortal...