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  1. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Just turned 25 today and was wondering

    How old were you guys when you became Patriots fans? Kids? Teens? 20s? 30s? Etc? Turning 25 made me curious about age and fandom and never saw this question asked here when I was here. Also: When do the body pains begin? :eek:
  2. Bradyking12

    18 Years ago today, the fist of the Dynasty broke ground

    First press conference as Patriots Head Coach
  3. PatsBoy12

    Mike Vrabel Being Considered for HC

    I was very pleased to hear just a minute ago on the radio that Mike Vrabel is making some short lists as a possible HC candidate around the league. A few teams have expressed interest. As far as I know, he is the ONLY player that BB said NEVER made a mistake or was out of place in his whole...
  4. B

    Brady closing in on Testaverde's record for most difference receivers with TD reception.

    Alright, so this is an update of an offseason thread in which it was discussed that Brady could possibly catch Testaverde (70) for most different receivers to catch a TD pass from him. So now we're down to the last game of the regular season, and Brady currently sits at 68 different receivers...
  5. RayClay

    What's wrong with Tom Brady? A comparison for newer fans

  6. S

    All Retread Pats Team (Good and Bad)

    From the Belichick era only. First the bad. What's the most complete team you can make from players with the most accomplished career before coming to the Pats with the least amount of contributions as a Patriot? Rodney Harrison for example wouldn't count due to actual accomplishments as a...
  7. aluminum seats

    Pats Skill Players Challenge: Read Carefully (New title due to confusion)

    Just followed a link to the Herald Pats mailbag, and someone asked the following, which I think is sort of fun/challenging: "Create a QB/RB/WR/WR/TE combo using a Patriots player from the 1970s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘10s." If you start with the idea that Brady and Gronk tie up this century...
  8. IcyPatriot

    When greatness becomes routine

    Analysis | When greatness becomes routine: The powerful Patriots show no signs of slowing down
  9. Uptown

    Brady’s last 10 seasons vs AFC Playoff teams

    Past ten seasons by Tom Brady against the possible AFC playoff teams: PIT 7-1 JAX 4-0 KC 2-2 (not including 2008 opener) BAL 7-3 TEN 3-0 LAC 6-0 BUF 17-1 (not including 2014 finale w/o starters) Total 46-7
  10. S

    Pats have 3rd most wins since the merger

    If Pitt goes into the tank for a few years and the AFC East doesn’t get its act together... could the Pats really be the winningest team of all time post merger in a few years? Wow!
  11. oldrover

    NFL record: 8 straight seasons with 11 or more wins...

    The rest of the league is the wall... ...the Patriots are the tank. :)
  12. Nikolai

    Pats Bounceback After Loss? A Statistical Analysis

    I don't post a lot of threads like this, but I wanted to kinda throw out something out there in the lead up to one of the biggest regular season games we've had in a long while. We've seen all week, and I've repeated often in the office the old mantra, "the Pats are gonna bounce back from this...
  13. J

    "Pats don't play anyone in the regular season"

  14. T

    OT: Happy 35th Anniversary to the Snow Plow Game

    December 12, 2017, one of Don Shula’s happier moments.
  15. Bradyking12

    1985 Patriots Or 1996 Patriots

    If you could choose which one wins the Super Bowl in their respective seasons instead of losing to who they lost to which team would you pick and why 1985 Patriots 11-5 Road to Super Bowl XX HC Raymond Berry/GM Billy Sullivan (QB Tony Eason/QB Steve Grogan) Wild Card Patriots Defeat Jets 26-14...
  16. P

    2001 Patriots

    I enjoy football history, and the first time is usually the sweetest. Did you think they were going to beat the Rams in the Super bowl? Or were you just happy they got to the big game? Obviously pundits and the media didn't give them a big shot. With 1:20 left, did you ( at the time) agree with...
  17. Joker

    The Bill Belichick Trade...Some Christmas Candy For My Patriot Brethren

    Nuff many nuggets of delicious satisfaction. To this day I still still can't believe our good fortune ..
  18. Mack Herron

    RIP Ron Meyer

    Old timers will recall.
  19. Hop Hop Schaefer City

    We Aren't Who You Thought We Were

    What it's like to be a real Pats fan.
  20. BobDigital

    Drew Bledsoe's top 10 Patriots games

    We are enjoying the twilight of Tom Brady but I think it be nice to have a thread to remember some of the great moments Drew Bledsoe gave us. Here are imo the top 10 Drew Bledsoe games. This will be a bit long but Bledsoe deserves it! #10 - Cleveland - 1995 season - week 1 - A gutsy 17-14...