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  1. PatsBoy12

    They're Back . . . My Ode to the Start of Training Camp!

    Suspension or no suspension, WE ALL WE GOT! Stand up and support the franchise that has epitomized excellence and WINNING!
  2. P

    VIDEO: Matt Damon Talks Tom Brady Suspension, Deflategate

    VIDEO: Matt Damon Talks Tom Brady Suspension, Deflategate Robert Alvarez Matt Damon shares his thoughts on the Brady suspension. Continue reading...
  3. DaBruinz

    FOOTBALL is BACK.. Pats Rookies report today..

    So, the Pats have 2 open spots on their 90 man roster. Nate Ebner is heading to RIO for the Rugby 7's as part of the Olympics. Good Luck to him and Team USA. And the Rookies have reported to Gillette. Who is YOUR binkie? Jersey numbers for the new Patriots.. Doesn't include Kerbyson who...
  4. A

    Training camp first time advice

    Hi all, First off thanks for reading. I’m a big Pats fan from Ireland, married to a Mainer and currently living in the Middle East. I’ve lurked around PatsFans for the last 8 years or so, and was hoping to get some advice from all the posters I’ve enjoyed reading over that time. I’ll be in...
  5. Clonamery

    Article: Miguel is NFL worthy (my judgement)

    How one Patriots fan made himself a salary cap guru Nice article...hope you get to live your passion, Miguel.
  6. B

    Opinion Thread: When do we draw the line?

    **before this gets started, I'd just like to please ask that we all be respectful of each other's opinions. Everyone has a different one and would like to hear them all** Good evening, everyone. I had this discussion with a fellow Pats fan at work Friday afternoon, and I am curious on...
  7. signbabybrady

    Who is going to Cleveland with me?

    All I want to know is whose coming with me?
  8. S

    OT: Breaking news from this board: Pats might trade Bledsoe

    Link: - The Ultimate Pats Fan Playground This board at the start of the 2001 SB run: - The Most Active New England Patriots Fan Discussion Forum Online I love the wayback machine :D
  9. cupofjoe1962

    New study ranks the NFL best and worst fan bases

    If they didn't hate us already......... lol New study ranks the NFL's best and worst fan bases; where's yours? I am going to email this to Felger, Mazz, Borges, Shaunghnessy and Tomase.......
  10. P

    Patriots Fourth And Two Podcast: AFC East Preview

    Patriots Fourth And Two Podcast: AFC East Preview Russ Goldman In this episode, we discussed and analyzed all the teams in the AFC East. Continue reading...
  11. M

    Transport to Gillette Stadium + Tailgate questions

    Hello Pats Fans! We are two patriotsfans from Sweden that are going to our first Patriotsgame at the 18 september vs Dolphins. We have some questions that we will be very happy if somebody could help us with. * Transport to Gillette Stadium from Downtown Boston. We can find three solutions...
  12. M

    Drive for Five Campaign

    A long-time family friend, my youngest sister's best friend, is on the board of directors of a soup kitchen and food pantry in Malden, Massachusetts that provided in 2015 the equivalent of 1,030,000 meals to hungry, homeless and isolated people. I am asking that if you have found my salary cap...
  13. K

    Season tickets arriving shortly?!?

    They came fair early last year. I want to say I got mine on the 13th of July, but could be mistaken. I cannot wait to cherry-pick a few games, and offer the rest to family and friends. 2 more months... and then life will be good again :)
  14. Halifax_Pats_Fan

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Since I am not American (even though I have lived and worked in MA for years) I feel like another US poster should make a thread and this should be merged into it. Hope you all have a great day with family and friends...may as well haul out your Wilfork moves in front of the bbq today and...
  15. Ian

    New Site For Miguel Coming

    Just a quick note since I've been a little scarce in here lately, I'm working on helping @Miguel with a new site upgrade to help make it more complete and allow him the ability to do some more things with it. The new version will also be mobile friendly and will work better across each platform...
  16. P

    Friday Daily Rundown 6/24: New England Patriots News and Notes

    Friday Daily Rundown 6/24: New England Patriots News and Notes Ian Logue Here's a look at this morning's top Patriots stories for Friday, June 23rd, 2016. Continue reading...
  17. KDPPatsfan85

    Kid trolls Steve Smith with "Go Patriots" chant

    This is great! Hilarious Kid Trolls Ravens’ Steve Smith Sr. With ‘Go Patriots’ Chant
  18. LivinLovin&Breathin_Brady

    Ben Affleck Goes off about Deflategate.

    So Ben Affleck was on Ben Simmons' HBO show and he just went off about Deflategate and how stupid it was and now the chumps at TMZ, I'm sure the rest of the media will be joining them shortly, are criticizing his slurring and his red face, insinuating that he is drunk. Sad.
  19. Gumby

    Ed Reed, Jills Coach, father of a Patriots fan

    LOL, I guess all those Ground Round dinners BB bought when he was courting impressed somebody. . . Just not Ed. Ed Reed has a simple explanation for why his young son is a Patriots fan