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  1. oldrover

    Best memories of attending a Pats game?

    I've got two... how about you? 1. My first game ever... my Dad (God rest his soul) took me to see them in 1977, playing the Bills. OJ had just gotten injured... we thought we'd see a win GUARANTEED. That's when the immortal...
  2. SammyBlueCat

    Is there hope for PatsFans???

    This team has given us so much joy for so many years. What do you think of their future?
  3. vuudu

    How is 2021 so far?

    2020 season was batshit crazy, but the writers of 2021 are outdoing themselves so far. Wow. No one should say happy new year again to me. Today I tried to move out of a the way of someone who was driving at fast speed in opposite direction a one way street. I ended up with two flat tires. I am...
  4. 203Pat

    Cheer me up

    I'm sad. I know the run was awesome but it ended earlier than it should have. I am used to at least a couple playoff games and AFC championship trophies propping doors open at Gillette Stadium. I miss Bill’s utter disgust as he is handed the Lamar Hunt trophy. He cant wait to get it out of his...
  5. betterthanthealternative

    Ruminating on experience of recovering from COVID

    So it turns out I'm in day 11 of COVID, or at least of having noticeable symptoms. Docs say that when the symptoms are clear, ignore negative tests (of which I had one). And, that the virus has weakened in potency while becoming more contagious, a standard developmental pathway for viruses. The...
  6. oldrover

    Glad traffic is still strong here... we're Pats fans, dang it!

    Reminds me of pre-2001 days... more like early-mid 70's days... ...all of the hope... lacking a bit in team talent... still a heckuva lot of fun. :)
  7. Ian NFL News Page(s)

    I put this together over a month ago and I've been tweaking it as it kind of sucked on mobile but I think it's finally a little more user-friendly: It took a while to put together and I had started compiling all the local news sources for each club back in May...
  8. SammyBlueCat

    I am so Blue :(

    Hard times for my beloved Patriots
  9. P

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Watch Stephon Gilmore Surprise Family of Patriots Fans With Special Phone Call of Support

    VIDEO: Watch Stephon Gilmore Surprise Family of Patriots Fans With Special Phone Call of Support Robert Alvarez Stephon Gilmore surprises Patriots fans with a message of support after losing a loved one to cancer. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit...
  10. robertweathers

    OT: The Dude STILL Abides By The Patriot Way

    I am incredibly saddened Jeff Bridges has lymphoma. My dad had it a few years ago and he beat it. Hoping Jeffery Lebowski does the same. Been super busy with work, golf, summer vacations, family and sick and tired of COVID and political discussion so stayed away. A bit down on the NFL...
  11. KontradictioN

    Where they at?

    @robertweathers and @supafly? Robert last logged in 9/22 and supafly last posted 9/26. Given what’s going on in the world, I hope they’re alright.
  12. Ian

    OT: Gwedd Shows Us How It's Done

    Anyone who ever says they can't battle through something only needs to look at @Gwedd. With everything he's gone through (see this pinned thread), he still comes fighting back and ends up being one of the picks champs in Week 5. He's unstoppable and never gives up. That's how it's done :D...
  13. Pape

    We should do something really stupid

    to show our support for the Pats... we should drive up to the stadium, lock up route 1 in front of the stadium and just blast car horns and assorted loud things ... makes some noise ... an impromptu tailgate on the highway... tellin the guys that while we aren't there, we are behind them
  14. M

    Not Much Use Of The Bottom Of The Roster

    I don't even pay much attention to the bottom of the roster until near game time. At that point I know who is on the roster. Is it just me? In the past, many have agonized about Roster position 51, 52 and 53 and who to put on IR to make room. And yes, this year, we can activate a couple of...
  15. Simpelton

    OT:Just got my first paycheck today!

    Thought I'd celebrate with my forum friends. 3 years of utter brokitude are finally at an end! If you're curious I got WFH job with AT&T for mobile service tech support. Pay is not enormous but mobile service is relatively recession and pandemic proof so hey
  16. rjw

    Long time member checking back in after a long while.

    As my title says, I've been around here for awhile, since 2009. I used to spend a good few hours a days around here, mostly reading, sometimes posting. But I moved states and outside life took over. Lost my dad to end stage dementia in Aug of 2019, then about seven months later, my kitty/best...
  17. A

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score RESULTS, Week 2 NE @ SEA

    Great game! Many are happy we did unexpectedly well (50 picked Seattle), we almost won. But I think only one person should treat the game like a victory: tasmlab. Congratulations to this week's Predict the Score winner tasmlab! Actual: Seahawks 35 - 30 1. tasmlab...
  18. Billsfanonapatsforum

    kudos to the mods and members on the forum here

    Been around for a while and it's nice to see a well managed forum. The thread merging, people mostly commenting in a topic instead of making 10 about the same thing, a good balance of opinions and oversight, and most of the people are reasonable. I've been on forums since they were invented...
  19. P


    VIDEO: FRIENDLY RIVALS - Pats Fans vs. Bucs Fans Robert Alvarez The Patriots and Bucs fans from "NFL Fan Therapy" discuss the impending start of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Tampa Bay in "Friendly Rivals". Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the...
  20. Simpelton

    OT: Moving to Portland Maine EDIT: NOT moving

    Got a job down in that part of the state and I look at rents in the area and Hooooooooooly hell. Just a tad bit pricier than I was expecting So yeah. Anyone got some tips on a cheap place to crash down there while I get myself sorted? Anyone in the area need a roommate with a booming voice...