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  1. Biffins

    Mahomes' media love for incomplete passes

    Am I the only one sick of all this adulation about Mahomes' play in the Superbowl and how he was the only one fighting and so much ooohing and aaaahing about 2 incomplete passes. For god sake, there have been tons of crazier and more meaningful incomplete passes in history. Passes that would...
  2. BobDigital

    Full Breakdown of Mahomes Performance

    There has been a lot of talk about how Mahomes choked or how he played heroically against a D that gave him no chance. I'll be going by drive drive. Rewatching the whole game and telling you my thoughts. Drive 1 @ KC 33 - The first 3 plays of were fine. First play, got it out fast with a...
  3. P

    NEW ARTICLE: Loss to Brady Leaves Mahomes Stunned, "It Hurts a Lot"

    Loss to Brady Leaves Mahomes Stunned, "It Hurts a Lot" Ian Logue Patrick Mahomes isn't used to losing very often, let alone by a big margin. Continue reading... (If you enjoyed this entry - hit the Thumbs Up/If not, hit the Thumbs down in this thread)
  4. StockingAnarchyNumber12

    Mahomes will never be better than Brady

    Mahomes is a fantastic player and he is more gifted than him in some areas, but this game in my opinion ended any SLIM possibility of Mahomes passing Brady as the GOAT. Brady is 3-2 versus Mahomes and 2-0 versus him in playoffs and owns a Super bowl win over the guy. You could argue Brady led...
  5. Ian

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL Super Bowl Bucs/Chiefs Game Thread

    Less than an hour until kickoff :cool: #LetsGo
  6. Triumph

    The 2020 Super Bowl pregame thread

    Chiefs open as 3.5 favorites. Super Bowl 55's matchup of Chiefs and Buccaneers now set, 32 things we learned from championship games Excellent, excellent. Keep not believing in Tom Brady.
  7. Ian


    Game two, here we go :)
  8. upstater1

    Anyone ever have 5 different streaming devices on at the same time?

    Today, I had the following all playing at the same time: 12p UConn v. Creighton college basketball on iPad 12p AC Milan v. Sassuolo soccer on computer 1pm Patriots v. Dolphins on TV 1pm Bucs v. Falcons on Android phone (had to use GPS emulator to watch) 2:30p Napoli v. Lazio soccer on iPad...
  9. S

    MVP odds

    Russell Wilson continues to fade as MVP candidate - ProFootballTalk ( I hope Mahomes wins MVP that means they're not repeating. lol Is now a good time to put a hundred on Cam Newton for a 10 million dollar payday that I'm sure some book is offering somewhere? LOL
  10. S

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 12: Other NFL games discussion

    Wonder if Patricia's job is on the line today.
  11. P

    How the Patriots slowed down the Chiefs, article by Brad Kelly Excellent stuff
  12. C

    There is a video of Gilmore and Mahomes hugging after the game Monday night

    Mahomes should be in quarantine for 14 days.
  13. S

    Only team to not allow a first half TD to the Mahomes Chiefs

    Your New England Patriots
  14. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chiefs

    Hoping to shock the world tonight!!! Maybe get a few turnovers, can anyone say a special teams Td? Since I've been following the Pats, I don't remember us ever been this big of an underdog. Who knows, that's why they play the game. Also hoping for no injuries. Let's pound it down their throat...
  15. S

    Lamar/Mahomes the next Brady/Manning rivalry

    Seeing this comparison a lot. I couldn't disagree more. The reason why Brady/Fivehead was a rivalry for the ages is that it was polarizing. Brady had the wins (including some big ones over Fivehead's team in the playoffs) and rings. Fivehead had the stats and MVPs. So who was better? That was...
  16. T

    We are on to Kansas City

    Any hope in beating the Chiefs next week? Right now they are killing the Ravens...even if Baltimore comes back (down 27-10 at the half), Kansas City is going to be a handful...
  17. oldrover

    MNF: Squaws versus Kakapoos game thread... who are we rooting more against?

    Chiefs to win and get overconfident before next week? Ravens to win and beat the physical stuffing out of KC? I can’t decide. BTW, if you were not aware, the kakapoo is a kind of bird. I choose to use it in reference here to the Ravens, because, apparently, I have the mind of a third grade...
  18. thecore762

    Ravens QB Lamar Jackson improving

    He is getting better and better as a passer, sure they beat the lowly Browns but I think the Ravens are the real deal, I can see things coming down between the Chiefs and Ravens for the afc this year. I can’t stand either teams...but damn they look ways better than any other teams. We shall see...
  19. F

    McCoy says____ Is Best QB He Has Played With

    Sorry if this is considered inappropriate since Brady no longer plays for NE, but I wanted to share. People have short memories. How quickly most forget that Brady outperformed Mahomes twice in 2018: once in regular season and again in AFCCG
  20. doctahwhodat

    Cam top 5 AFC QB or no?

    Who is better? 1. Patrick 2. Ben? 3. anyone in AFC East? 4. Carr? -no Who you got?