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  1. 1960Pats

    Cam Overreacts to Kid's Criticism

    I see that a kid was giving Cam some grief at a camp, calling him "poor" and "ass," and Cam started to interact with the kid. Cam went back and forth with the kid repeatedly telling him he's rich. He also asked the kid where his dad is. Cam could have handled that a lot better and shown more...
  2. Biffins

    Mahomes' media love for incomplete passes

    Am I the only one sick of all this adulation about Mahomes' play in the Superbowl and how he was the only one fighting and so much ooohing and aaaahing about 2 incomplete passes. For god sake, there have been tons of crazier and more meaningful incomplete passes in history. Passes that would...
  3. S

    Tick tock Bill

    Get to work. No more N‘Keal Harry‘s or Cam Newtons or nonsense like that. Talent wins. Your former QB just did THAT. Learn from this. I hope we we some progress starting next season. Looking forward to it.
  4. D

    The Boston Sports Media Sucks

    This almost certainly doesn't deserve its own thread but I couldn't help myself after seeing this headline. What a spoiled, gutless, cowardly reaction.
  5. H

    HornetFB Jump To Conclusions/Overreaction 2021 Plan

    Kinda....On Offense at least: First: Lock up Thuney and Andrews Second: Sign one of Kenny Golladay, Allen Robinson, Will Fuller, or Chris Godwin. Third: Sign one of Hunter Henry or Jonny Smith. Fourth: Draft DeVonta Smith from Alabama Fifth: QB...not real sure yet RB: Harris and Michel...
  6. SammyBlueCat

    Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did

    Can we extend him? Is there another Super Bowl window of opportunity open with him around? Cam Newton feeling the love Tom Brady never did
  7. M

    The Need for the "Fun" Guys

    Part of what has helped past Super Bowl runs are guys like Gronk and Blount balancing Brady's intensity. There is plenty of blame with the offense's performance to go around, but Brady is also making mistakes out there and his frustrations with everyone else -- but seemingly not himself -- are...
  8. kurtinelson

    Is it too early to start the Chase Winovich DROY talk?

    The answer is yes. But I'll be the first one to dedicate a thread to the idea since I've been wearing rose colored glasses since the Super Bowl.
  9. 1960Pats

    4 Games to Glory I

    With a loss to Pitt on Sunday, the Pats could very easily drop to the 3rd seed in the playoffs. The Texans have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way. That could leave something like this; 1 - KC (13-3) 2 - Houston (12-4) 3 - Pats (11-5) 4 - Pitt (10-5-1) 5 - LAC (12-4) 6 - Tenn or Miami...
  10. thecore762

    Hogan should get cut this year...

    He has regressed so much this year it’s not even funny. Even Dorsett deserves to be moved ahead of Hogan IMO. We really miss Amendola, the guy along Julian has been rock solid for us when not injured. Just been a disappointing performance this week.
  11. M

    Pats need a reboot or no?

    Pats need a reboot or no? >>Days ago you were saying the rest of this season is a cakewalk. Now this? You need a boot in the hind quarters. @Tunescribe Bring it
  12. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Week 10 Pats @ Titans

    Let's go Pats!!!! A win today gets us to 8-2 with the bye. No injuries please !!!!! Lets discuss
  13. DarrylS

    "BB was awfully critical of Aaron Rodgers while talking to the Patriots defense"

    Never really been a fan of the Pats against the world stuff, but this is a pretty good example.. a headline that does not reflect the some innocuous comments.. Trying to pin something on BB for some in game management, is a tad duplicitous and another click bait article.. he says one thing in...
  14. HailHydra

    An Interesting Article [Are we seeing Brady's inevitable decline?]

    Are we finally seeing the start of Tom Brady’s inevitable decline? By no means am I saying that Brady is becoming noticeably worse or poorer. It's just interesting to analyze the statistics since this article does provide a relatively comprenehsive review of his passing accuracy. Just from...
  15. Brady_to_Moss

    Gronk not at practice today

    Guess an ilness is going around but also ankle/back issues could be it. His last presser was..weird. Not sure if he retires soon or not but I wouldn't be surprised...just MO
  16. Joey007

    SNF Michael Jordan Promo For Packers at Patriots:

    SNF Michael Jordan Promo For Next Week: Here we go.... are we really going to paint a picture of this game as if whoever wins it is considered the GOAT? Give me a break.
  17. cstjohn17


    I hope this becomes an area of focus, Brady is on pace to throw the most interceptions in his career and there have been a lot of fumbles. In the second half on the season I would like to see this turnaround.
  18. ashley1992

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread Week 7 Pats @ Bears

    Hoping to continue our win streak today and get to 5-2 with the Bills next week. Our offense has played really well the past few weeks. Go Pats!!!! Let's discuss. Doug Kyed‏Verified account @DougKyed 27s27 seconds ago Patriots inactives: TE Rob Gronkowski TE Jacob Hollister OT Marcus Cannon...
  19. M

    The Mahomes talk today reminds me of the Manning talk during 03, 04

    Mahomes is awesome, for sure. He is going to be great for a long time. But the talk reminds me off when all the sports people nationally talked about how no one could beat the high powered Manning Colts back in 03 and 04, even after we had beaten them in both regular seasons it was like "how...
  20. M

    Fire our Kick Off Coach

    Just sayin