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  1. jmt57

    Week 15 NFL Maps: No Bucs in Boston; 5-8 vs 4-9 gets major coverage

    With the college regular season over, the NFL is now able to have games on Saturdays. That brings this week's total of nationwide broadcasts up to five. NATIONAL BROADCASTS Thursday Night: LA Chargers @ Las Vegas (FOX/NFLN) Saturday 4:30 ET: Buffalo @ Denver (NFLN) (Adam Amin, Mark Schlereth)...
  2. jmt57

    September 27 Weekend TV Coverage

    Looking ahead to next week's games, a fair amount of out of town fans will be able to enjoy watching the Pats play the Raiders - even though it is one of several early games. The game will definitely be televised in all of New England (including Hartford), in Nevada (current Raider territory)...
  3. betterthanthealternative

    Need some help solving a multi-state Patriots watching challenge

    Thanks in advance. My son is in NJ across the river from Philly, and I'm in DC. We normally find a way to hang out a few weeks a year, and the pandemic has put a dent in that. This morning we decided to watch all of the Pats games together while on videochat. What are our options for both of...
  4. H

    I'm all in.

    When the Panthers unceremoniously released Cam Newton I knew that I would need to reevaluate my consumption of the NFL. I had been a fan of the Carolina Panthers since 2001, sat through 2 heart crushing Super Bowl Loses, (the second of which made it difficult for me to enjoy football in general...
  5. Steve85

    Help - NFL Streaming Sites

    Hey guys, I remember there being a few really good sites last year that people used to stream games. However, they have slipped my memory and I’d prefer not to go through every site on google that says it streams NFL games because obviously some of them suck or are sketch. I get a lot/most of...
  6. J

    First time visitor

    Hi all.. New poster here - but have been reading for the last 10 years or so.. I am a guy from Denmark, going to Gilette for my first game ever on November 24th against the Cowboys, and was hoping that i could get some pointers and advice on what to do on gameday, and how to get to Foxborough...
  7. D

    Patriots v Dallas 11/24

    Hi , I’m coming over for this game from Scotland, staying in Boston.I’m looking for some advice on meeting up with some Patriot fans before the game. I’m travelling solo, as this was a birthday gift from my wife, and she can’t make it. I’ve booked the 1.30pm bus from Boston to Gillette on game...
  8. Arialgg

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time...

    Going to a Patriots game @ Gillette for the 1st time... I’m will be in Boston over Sept 22nd, and am planning on going to the Jets & Patriots game... I am a NFL live game virgin. You pros that have tips or wisdom to impart, I’m all ears. Here are some of my most pertinent...
  9. wizwor

    NFL Network on Pluto TV

    Just a heads up for all of you wondering how to watch the Pats replays... Pluto TV If you have a device that streams Pluto TV, you can watch on your television. Quality is lacking, but the price is right. Pats vs Jets from 12/21/14 is coming up tonight. For all of you cord cutters, take a...
  10. F0nSY

    Spanish guy at Gillete Stadium !

    Yeah guys ! I am glad to say that I will attend a New England Patriots game. It will be 11th october against the New York Giants on Thursday Night Football... It could be a insignificant new for you but I live in Spain and I've never been in the United States of America... I am very excited to...
  11. Patriot's Eh!

    Hello from Manitoba!

    Hello from Winnipeg, Manitoba! A Winnipeg Jets fan and of course New England Patriots fan up here in the north! Attending my very first NFL game and super excited to see our awesome team the PATRIOTS on September 22nd. I have some questions that I'm hoping some folks can help me with. The...
  12. PatsfanTN

    Nashville preseason game, who’s coming down?

    I met the plane and then had great seats to that dismal game last year. Got another shot to see the Pats down here and I’m going to take my oldest daughter to her first game. Just wondering how many other Pats fan might be there.
  13. Q

    My first training camp visit, and my impressions

    Flew to Boston with my 25 year old daughter and 19 year old son, both diehard Patriot fans like their father. And here are my impressions: 1. We went to the first padded practice of the year, Saturday morning. Amazed at how many people there were. Atmosphere more like a small college home...
  14. PatsloverstuckinSeattle

    9/8 Home Opener tickets

    Any suggestions on how to get 3 tickets for the 9/8 Home Opener against the Steelers?
  15. T

    Australian looking for Pats tickets vs. Jets

    Hi all, I'm an Australian Pats fan who is in the USA in September for a couple of weeks. I'm trying to organise to sneak to Boston for a day just to watch the Pats and am wondering the best way to get tickets The only game I can get to is the September 22 match versus New York Jets. I've...
  16. U

    Yup, I did it. 1st Pats game at Gillette

    I pulled the trigger, burnt up the savings, 1st game at Gillette, Section 103. Opening Night, Sunday Night Football. I get the chance to thank my Wife for introducing me to the best next passion (or first depending on time of the month) in my life by taking her along. I don’t know what it is...
  17. M

    Gametime Tailgating in Kansas City

    Gametime Tailgating in Kansas City What time is everyone getting to the stadium? I will be tailgating. Go pats!
  18. Triumph

    Anyone going to the KC game? Get advice from the horses mouth

    Hotels, BBQ, Attractions. 22 years experience. Youve come to the right place. Triumph travel wont steer you wrong.
  19. G

    KC Pep Rally?

    Anybody know if there is a Pats pre-game rally planned for Saturday night in KC? There was a good one in Nashville, but I'm not sure if they're a regular occurrence.
  20. W

    Questions about '19 Regular Season Game vs. Steelers

    I know the schedule hasn't been released yet, so I don't expect anyone to know the date, but my wife and I were thinking of making the trip to Foxborough to see the Patriots vs. Steelers game next season (She's a Steelers fan. I know I know, it'll look odd with me in Patriots gear and her in...